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Paranoia (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Paranoia (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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Cities In Dust
Booming Back At You
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Junkie XL Feb 15, 2019
My Alita: Battle Angel score is out today! Download or stream here 👉 You know the drill... #AskMeAnything and I'll answer your questions in upcoming videos!
Junkie XL Feb 14, 2019
🚨 STUDIO TIME - Alita: Battle Angel 🚨 This first of several episodes covers the new film, which is out TODAY! WATCH:
Junkie XL Feb 13, 2019
In case you missed it, I sat down with Rick Beato - Everything Music for a fun hang and conversation at the studio - talking all things film scoring, working in Hollywood and tons more.
Junkie XL Feb 12, 2019
Have an inside look at the music behind Alita: Battle Angel, out in theaters this Thursday!
Junkie XL Feb 11, 2019
I'm super excited to finally share my Alita: Battle Angel score with you all! It's out everywhere this Friday. Make sure you go see the film in theaters this Thursday!
Junkie XL Feb 06, 2019
Pleasure meeting Dua Lipa yesterday at the Alita: Battle Angel premiere! Had a great experience working with her on the title track Swan Song.
Junkie XL Feb 05, 2019
🚨 NEW STUDIO TIME Today's episode is one many of you've been waiting for: Expression Mapping! WATCH 👉
Junkie XL Feb 04, 2019
Excited to release my very own by NATIVE INSTRUMENTS pack to you all! Get it here: Whether you’re assembling a new dance track or scoring the next Hollywood blockbuster, you need inspiration. I'm always looking for new ways to share my process in hopes of reaching someone who is trying to dig deeper; someone who wants to elevate their music or their approach... or just trying something new all together! By sharing my sounds and techniques as part of the SOUNDS ORIGINALS series, my hope is that I can give music makers around the world a source of inspiration, and even a glance at my approach, that will hopefully help spark some truly creative results. Hope you enjoy! Happy experimenting... and curious to hear the music you guys create with this pack!
Junkie XL Feb 02, 2019
🚨New #StudioTime 🚨 The fifth (ha, and final episode) on my new #Cubase template explores The Mixer Window. Have a look here 👉🏻
Junkie XL Jan 31, 2019
This week’s #SeeMyStudio comes from... me! 🤓
Junkie XL Jan 29, 2019
🚨NEW EPISODE🚨 Let's have a look at the scoring folders in my new Cubase template. WATCH:
Junkie XL Jan 29, 2019
My Alita: Battle Angel score is out Friday, February 15th! Have an exclusive first listen to "The Warrior Within" here:
Junkie XL Jan 25, 2019
And we're back! Today's episode continues to explore my new Cubase template in detail and how I organize / write tracks. WATCH:
Junkie XL Jan 25, 2019
Coming to #NAMM2019? Find me at Orchestral Tools, booth 14522, tomorrow (Friday) @ 1pm! #NAMM
Junkie XL Jan 24, 2019
Happy to have a small contribution on Dua Lipa's new track Swan Song, based around the cue "Motorball" I wrote for Alita: Battle Angel. Check out the official music video that just came out today!
Junkie XL Jan 23, 2019
Video coming soon with Rick Beato!
Junkie XL Jan 22, 2019
‪The news is out! Excited to be developing my brass library - JUNKIE XL BRASS - with Orchestral Tools. ‬ ‪Learn more and keep up with this project here:‬ ‪🎺 🎺‬
Junkie XL Jan 18, 2019
New #StudioTime! 🚨We're continuing our discussion of my new Cubase template. Following up on last week's breakdown of the utility windows, let's start making some music now. WATCH:
Junkie XL Jan 18, 2019
's cover photo
Junkie XL Jan 17, 2019
Join me on YouTube now for a LIVE #AskMeAnything! See you there:
Junkie XL Jan 16, 2019
Less than a month away till Alita: Battle Angel hits theaters!
Junkie XL Jan 15, 2019
100,000 YouTube subscribers... and counting! To celebrate, I've got a little something planned this Thursday you should be a part of. Details 👉🏻
Junkie XL Jan 11, 2019
Ok, let's change it up! Beginning today, I'm going to walk you through my new Cubase template. This thing took FOREVER to program (but it was time well spent), so we're gonna split it up in a few episodes. The first one is live on my YouTube channel now. WATCH →
Junkie XL Jan 10, 2019
Coming to #NAMM this year? Be sure to stop by The Paramount Theater on Tuesday, January 22nd for a special conversation... and come say hello! RSVP →
Junkie XL Jan 04, 2019
A nice read in the paper this morning! Had a great chat with the Los Angeles Times recently, have a read yourself: