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The Racing Collection
Tomb Raider (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The Journey: Hunter Returns (Original Game Soundtrack)
Distance Between Dreams (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe]
Deadpool (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Run All Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Mad Max: Fury Road (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
300: Rise of an Empire (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Divergent: Original Motion Picture Score
Paranoia (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Paranoia (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The Sims 3 Re-Imagined (EA Games Soundtrack)
Booming Back At You
Cities In Dust
Need For Speed: Prostreet (Original Soundtrack)
Music from SSX Blur (Original Soundtrack)
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Junkie XL Apr 08, 2019
Put together this playlist for PlayStation featuring a collection of recent film score work, along with some old favorites from past films - plus a mixed selection of music I'm digging right now! Check it out! 👉🏻
Junkie XL Apr 04, 2019
‪Join me LIVE on YouTube to talk SCORE Academy - ask me anything you want!‬ ‪👉🏻
Junkie XL Apr 02, 2019
Join me tomorrow on YouTube! I'll be sharing more information on The SCORE Academy and answering any questions... come ready!! 👉
Junkie XL Mar 31, 2019
Sampling. 🤓
Junkie XL Mar 28, 2019
Today marks a very special day for me. I'm excited to introduce the SCORE Academy! Learn more and apply here. 👉
Junkie XL Mar 25, 2019
Junkie XL Mar 20, 2019
Junkie XL Mar 18, 2019
My Mortal Engines score is available now on 180 gram vinyl! Get it here:
Junkie XL Mar 15, 2019
I'll be giving a Q&A keynote at the first ever Synthplex Burbank 2019 in a few weeks! Hope to see some of you there.
Junkie XL Mar 14, 2019
I've (finally) answered your questions about the Alita: Battle Angel score!! WATCH:
Junkie XL Mar 12, 2019
Elimination Leads to Creation: Junkie XL on His Score for 'Alita: Battle Angel'
Junkie XL Mar 11, 2019
The final Studio Time on Alita: Battle Angel! This one explores Ido's theme - extracting elements from Alita's theme and recontextualizing them for a new character. WATCH:
Junkie XL Mar 08, 2019
Throwback 🤓
Junkie XL Feb 27, 2019
🚨 STUDIO TIME - Alita: Battle Angel Today's episode covers themes that overlap into character moments and key scenes in the film. And don't worry, no spoilers. ;) #AlitaBattleAngel WATCH:
Junkie XL Feb 25, 2019
🚨 STUDIO TIME - Alita: Battle Angel Today we cover some the main antagonist themes, have a look at what went into the music for these 'bad' characters! WATCH:
Junkie XL Feb 20, 2019
🚨 STUDIO TIME - Alita: Battle Angel 🚨 Part II dissects the big, heroic ending theme of the film! WATCH:
Junkie XL Feb 19, 2019
‪Here’s a sneak peak at the upcoming Alita: Battle Angel Soundtrack vinyl, available in April. Stay tuned for more release info!‬
Junkie XL Feb 18, 2019
‪In case you missed it, I had a really fun talk and studio tour with producer and YouTuber Warren Huart (Produce Like A Pro)‬. ‪WATCH 👉🏻
Junkie XL Feb 15, 2019
My Alita: Battle Angel score is out today! Download or stream here 👉 You know the drill... #AskMeAnything and I'll answer your questions in upcoming videos!
Junkie XL Feb 14, 2019
🚨 STUDIO TIME - Alita: Battle Angel 🚨 This first of several episodes covers the new film, which is out TODAY! WATCH:
Junkie XL Feb 13, 2019
In case you missed it, I sat down with Rick Beato - Everything Music for a fun hang and conversation at the studio - talking all things film scoring, working in Hollywood and tons more.
Junkie XL Feb 12, 2019
Have an inside look at the music behind Alita: Battle Angel, out in theaters this Thursday!
Junkie XL Feb 11, 2019
I'm super excited to finally share my Alita: Battle Angel score with you all! It's out everywhere this Friday. Make sure you go see the film in theaters this Thursday!
Junkie XL Feb 06, 2019
Pleasure meeting Dua Lipa yesterday at the Alita: Battle Angel premiere! Had a great experience working with her on the title track Swan Song.
Junkie XL Feb 05, 2019
🚨 NEW STUDIO TIME Today's episode is one many of you've been waiting for: Expression Mapping! WATCH 👉