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From the Grave
Juliet Simms Jun 29, 2019
Juliet Simms Jun 18, 2019
Juliet Simms May 03, 2019
@thejulietsimms ✨ #julietsimms #julietbiersack
Juliet Simms Apr 21, 2019
@thejulietsimms said: play your heart, through your guitar🎸🖤 #songwriter #nashville #music #musician #julietbiersack #julietsimms
Juliet Simms Apr 21, 2019
@thejulietsimms said: play your heart, through your guitar🎸🖤 #songwriter #nashville #music #musician #julietbiersack #julietsimms
Juliet Simms Apr 19, 2019
My loves ♥️
Juliet Simms Apr 17, 2019
Happy Anniversary 🎉
Juliet Simms Apr 17, 2019
@andyblack said: Happy Anniversary to my incredible wife @thejulietsimms It’s hard to adequately express my gratitude for all that you have done for me and the joy and inspiration that you have brought into my life. It has been a long journey from the early days of us being rock and roll crazy asses and stowaways on one another’s buses, holding hands and falling in love on the grounds of Warped tour, through to that day 3 years ago when I got to stand in front of you while you wore the most amazing dress of all time and share our vows. On that day we began this journey together and I love you even more now then that day and I’ll love you more tomorrow and the day after until my final day and beyond. I owe you an immeasurable debt for everything you have taught me and the countless ways you have helped me and given me your love and devotion. Thank you for being my best friend and my “person” for life. Here’s to forever 🖤 #julietsimms #andyblack #andybiersack #julietbiersack
Juliet Simms Apr 15, 2019
Juliet said: same person, favorite person. stealing a few hours together before my flight to record in Nashville and before his show. i miss you already...and you’re only in the loo <3
Juliet Simms Apr 06, 2019
@thejulietsimms 👑 📸 @lilliehand 💄 @jaredlips 💇🏼‍♀️ @_douglasjack
Juliet Simms Apr 02, 2019
🦞<3🦞 #andyblack #andybiersack #julietsimms #julietbiersack #andyandjulietbiersack
Juliet Simms Apr 02, 2019
Juliet said: “but it's all so easy. all you got to do is try, try a little tenderness”🌻🦋 #behindthescenes shooting with the beautiful @lilliehand 📸 make up by the sweetest @jaredlips & hair by the lovely @_douglasjack
Juliet Simms Mar 30, 2019
Get well soon @andyblack ♥️ #andyblack #andybiersack #julietsimms #julietbiersack
Juliet Simms Mar 28, 2019
@thejulietsimms said: take another little piece of my heart now, baby💔🧜🏻‍♀️ #julietsimms #julietbiersack
Juliet Simms Mar 25, 2019
📸 @filthymouthcreative 💄 @nikkinouvelle ✨hair @chrisvirzi #polaroid #film #rocknroll #rockstarmusic #rockandroll #rockstardisrupt
Juliet Simms Mar 23, 2019
Juliet said: flip makers🎶🥇 we’ll show you ours if you show us yours🖕🏻 #studio #writing #album #whateverelse #idgaf
Juliet Simms Mar 18, 2019
Juliet Simms ✨ #julietsimms #julietbiersack
Juliet Simms Mar 16, 2019
Juliet said: experimenting with apps and i didn’t plan on posting this...clearly...given the eye gels and all but fuck it. here’s meeee makeup-less, attempting to rid myself of eye bags, and learning a new song on guitar. sort of an abridged version of what learning a new song looks like. #loveonthebrain #rihanna
Juliet Simms Mar 13, 2019
Juliet Simms ✨ #julietsimms #julietbiersack
Juliet Simms Mar 11, 2019
Family ♥️
Juliet Simms Mar 09, 2019
@thejulietsimms said: happy International women’s day to all of you strong and brave women out there. these days it feels as if the gap between how women are treated and what is right and just is getting better but there are still many chronic issues that we are faced with on a daily basis. for instance; it’s common knowledge at this point that a woman could be the same age and skill level as their male counterparts but are often seen as less than in professional settings both in business and art. it’s often more difficult for women to strive in male driven industries and are looked down upon for things like physical ability and age however in many cases men do not have those same limitations put on to them. women are often subjected to emotional and physical harassment and it’s well noted the struggles that girls of every age in the entertainment industry have to face in order to be taken seriously and seen and not simply objectified or dismissed. i am proud of my femininity and urge all of you to remember just how strong and talented you are. don’t let someone say you can’t do anything that you want to simply because you aren’t the traditional gender stereotype. thankfully we are in a day and age where things are getting better but just remember that you are a woman...and that’s like being a superhero. There’s nothing you can’t do🦹‍♀️🦹🏻‍♀️🦹🏼‍♀️🦹🏽‍♀️🦹🏾‍♀️🦹🏿‍♀️ #happyinternationalwomensday #internationalwomensday #julietbiersack #julietsimms
Juliet Simms Mar 06, 2019
The beautiful Juliet Simms ✨ #julietsimms #julietbiersack
Juliet Simms Mar 04, 2019
Juliet Simms said: don’t change, do evolve⚡️⭐️⚡️ #julietsimms #julietbiersack
Juliet Simms Mar 02, 2019
@andyblack said: It is an absolute honor to share with you guys that I will be on the cover of Alternative Press for the March 2019 issue. Growing up in southern Ohio and reading AP religiously I was so excited when I realized that this was an Ohio based publication and to have the chance to be involved with the magazine through the years whether it’s via interviews, hosting the APMAS or being able to be featured on the cover means the world to me. In this issue I go in depth about the creation of “The Ghost of Ohio” graphic novel and the record. Thanks to @ptgrw for such a fantastic interview experience and allowing me to talk all about my hopes for this album, the comic book and my life in general. There’s tons of content like my early “Ghost of Ohio” character sketches and concepts as well as artwork by Eryk Donovan taken from the final version of the book. This issue also features a detailed look at the music and lyrics that make up the album. Head to Alternative Press and pre-order the mag or pick up one of the bundle packages they are offering. Thanks again for all of your support and interest in #theghostofohio it means the world to me! 🆎🖤 #andyblack #andybiersack #theghostofohio