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Waiting On the Sun
Friendly Enemies
Jule Vera Aug 09, 2019
DON’T TIP-TOE AROUND IT Out at midnight!
Jule Vera Aug 08, 2019
Tracking vocals for the new songs coming soon 🥳🤐
Jule Vera Aug 06, 2019
DON’T TIP-TOE AROUND ... Can you guess the name of this next song?
Jule Vera Aug 04, 2019
August 9
Jule Vera Jul 20, 2019
UK/EU have you gotten your exclusive merch yet??
Jule Vera Jul 11, 2019
B-Sides & Badlands
Jule Vera Jul 11, 2019
Hear us talk about our latest track, AROUND below ⬇️
Jule Vera Jul 01, 2019
happy monday🤪 have you listened to AROUND yet??
Jule Vera Jun 30, 2019
AROUND in a photo
Jule Vera Jun 25, 2019
AROUND coming June 28!
Jule Vera Jun 22, 2019
only play the best Lanikai Ukuleles
Jule Vera Jun 21, 2019
June 28th... can you figure out the third track name? (I don’t think you can)
Jule Vera Jun 18, 2019
🎻@apple make a ukulele emoji
Jule Vera Jun 14, 2019
Yes it’s true it looks good on guys too. (And probably even better on European ones) UK/EU online merch store open now!
Jule Vera Jun 12, 2019
BIG NEWS UK & EU. For the first time ever we have an online merch store where you can order our stuff! Special shirts and hoodies just for you. 😘 Opening sale going on NOW. Click here->
Jule Vera Jun 11, 2019
Jule Vera Jun 10, 2019
took a break in #Kauai. back to work on some more songs tomorrow!
Jule Vera May 17, 2019
Jule Vera May 16, 2019
TIP-TOE coming tomorrow!
Jule Vera May 11, 2019
Can you guess the name of the song? Coming in 6 days..
Jule Vera May 03, 2019
Jule Vera's cover photo
Jule Vera Apr 30, 2019
Same, but with lights
Jule Vera Apr 25, 2019
do u or ‘don’t’ you like “DON’T”??? (sorry about that jake made me)