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Thump Sessions: Expanded Edition
Off To The Races (Deluxe)
Off To the Races
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Everything Under the Sun (Bonus Version)
Jukebox the Ghost at Madison Theater (October 5, 2019)
Venue: Madison Theater (Covington, KY, US) Find tickets
Jukebox the Ghost with Zach Jones at Mohawk (October 18, 2019)
Venue: Mohawk (Austin, TX, US) Find tickets
Jukebox the Ghost with Zach Jones at The Crocodile (October 19, 2019)
Venue: The Crocodile (Seattle, WA, US) Find tickets
Jukebox the Ghost at The Sinclair Music Hall (October 25, 2019)
Venue: The Sinclair Music Hall (Cambridge, MA, US) Find tickets
Jukebox the Ghost and Zach Jones at Webster Hall (October 26, 2019)
Venue: Webster Hall (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
Jukebox the Ghost at Union Transfer (October 30, 2019)
Venue: Union Transfer (Philadelphia, PA, US) Find tickets
Jukebox the Ghost Aug 17, 2019
*low ticket warning* NYC & Seattle! Austin, Philly, DC you're next! Don't miss the magic, the drama, the beautiful royal catastrophe that is The Great British Rocking Show
Jukebox the Ghost Aug 14, 2019
HalloQueen 2019 tickets are coming in hot and going out hot..ter!! Boston’s already sold out and NYC & Seattle are almost there y’all. Now is the time to grab your tix before these shows sell out and your Queen dreams bite the dust! So don’t miss out now, don’t miss out cuz we’re havin’ a good time HAVIN’ A GOO- “Sir, we are pleased that you are satisfied with your dining experience with us, but can you PLEASE step aside so we can help the next Taco Bell customer in line?”
Jukebox the Ghost Aug 09, 2019
wow. big if true. PS: do you have tickets to Halloqueen yet? if not, WHY NOT U TURKEY
Jukebox the Ghost Aug 09, 2019
Jukebox the Ghost's cover photo
Jukebox the Ghost Aug 07, 2019
New show alert!!! Playing the Kentucky's Edge Bourbon Festival on Oct. 5th!! 🥃🥃🥃
Jukebox the Ghost Aug 06, 2019
working on some BRAND. NEW. JAMS. this week in Los Angeles... For a BRAND. NEW. ALBUM!! But in the meantime, putting finishing touches on a fun pre-HalloQueen surprise... any guesses as to what that could be? (PS: if you don’t have tickets, get ‘em quick! We just got some ticket counts...Boston is sold out and NYC, DC, Philly, Austin and Seattle are close behind...!)
Jukebox the Ghost Aug 04, 2019
Happy birthday to our very own Ben aka Benny Mercury. In lieu of flowers, he simply requests that you DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER TO GET HALLOQUEEN TICKETS!! Boston is sold out but the rest are still available for now...!! ok xoxo
Jukebox the Ghost Aug 02, 2019
Happy Friday, Brian May here. Yes, this is totally Brian May. Why did you think it wasn’t? Just posting to ask HAVE YOU GOTTEN HALLOQUEEN TICKETS YET?? (It’s gonna be epic — Boston is sold out, the others will sell out too. Don’t wait!!) tix at: (Photo by Greeblehaus!!)
Jukebox the Ghost Jul 31, 2019
Ok, folks. Time to get real with you — Boston Halloqueen sold out already, and the others are close behind. So: Seattle, Austin, NYC, Philly, DC... get on it while you still can!! For those who don’t know — our Halloqueen shows are two full sets of music, one of Jukebox originals and one of Queen classics. It’s literally our favorite thing to do as a band. Trust us: you won’t wanna miss this. Tickets at: xoxo B/T/J
Jukebox the Ghost Jul 19, 2019
Does Queen-fever ever really begin or end? Nope, never. Celebrate the best time of year with our 5th annual HalloQueen Tour! An invitation you can't decline. Extraordinarily nice! On Sale NOW:
Jukebox the Ghost Jul 19, 2019
Jukebox the Ghost's cover photo
Jukebox the Ghost Jul 19, 2019
New ghostie heart summer tanks are here! Perfect for a beach day or a couch day! Wear your heart on your lack of sleeves!
Jukebox the Ghost Jul 17, 2019
We couldn't be more excited to announce our supremely talented friends Zach Jones & the Tricky Bits will be supporting the HalloQueen tour as Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers!! 💘💘 The music of Freddie Mercury AND Tom Petty performed on the same stage in one night?? It’s happening this fall in all of these dang fine towns. Now the waiting is the hardest part...
Jukebox the Ghost Jul 16, 2019
Under pressure? Do you want to break free and ride your bicycle? We won't stop you now. Join Jukebox the Ghost as they celebrate the 5th annual HalloQueen tour in costume, performing live as Queen! ON SALE FRIDAY!!! AUSTIN, TX - 10/18/19‬ ‪SEATTLE, WA - 10/19/18‬ ‪CAMBRIDGE, MA - 10/25/19‬ ‪NEW YORK, NY - 10/26/19‬ ‪PHILADELPHIA, PA - 10/30/19‬ ‪WASHINGTON, DC - 10/31/19‬
Jukebox the Ghost Jul 15, 2019
Still not over our performance with the Louisville Civic Orchestra last month. Love that city, love that river view on summer nights, and love our friends, near and far, old and new 💜 And yes, on occasion we celebrate HalloQueen midsummer, just to make sure all those notes are where we last left them... and maybe this is teasing something for this year?? 📸: @eeveebitch
Jukebox the Ghost Jul 02, 2019
Today is our in-house guitarist/songwriter/doodler’s birthday —- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY!! (photo by Cortney Armitage)
Jukebox the Ghost Jun 26, 2019
Tonight’s gonna be a special one, y’all. This is from soundcheck — our first time playing with an orchestra, thanks to the amazing folks of the Louisville Civic Orchestra!! See you tonight, Louisville!! (So excited!!!)
Jukebox the Ghost Jun 25, 2019
We have printed a special poster for the orchestra show tomorrow and a portion of the proceeds go to the incredible all volunteer Louisville Civic Orchestra! This never would have happened without them so pick one up and help support them!
Jukebox the Ghost Jun 25, 2019
Jukebox the Ghost Jun 25, 2019
Win tickets to see us at this year's Shipyard Music Festival in Cape Girardeau, MO!! Enter Here:
Jukebox the Ghost Jun 21, 2019
We are super excited to be returning to Nashville for Lightning 100 Live On The Green festival! Awesome event run by an awesome radio station, plus we’ve got a handful of good friends playing as well. See ya there! x
Jukebox the Ghost Jun 20, 2019
Guys, we are so excited for the days ahead: FIREFLY FESTIVAL on Sunday! Including a special Halloqueen preview set (!!)... and then, next week we play a free outdoor show in Louisville with a full orchestra!! WHATTTTT! Hope to see ya there, B/T/J (Photo by the great Cortney Armitage)
Jukebox the Ghost Jun 01, 2019
We had our first rehearsal with the Louisville Civic Orchestra last night and we are still buzzing... (show on June 26th in Louisville!)
Jukebox the Ghost May 24, 2019
In case you hadn't heard the news... We are playing Firefly Music Festival! And not only are we playing a full festival set -- we're also playing an exclusive, intimate set as a HalloQueen teaser...
Jukebox the Ghost May 13, 2019
It has been ELEVEN years since we last played at Cape Girardeau, MO (I know, that's an insanely long time) and we are pumped to finally be heading back in September for the Shipyard Music Festival. TIX: