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Thump Sessions: Expanded Edition
Off To The Races (Deluxe)
Off To the Races
Long Way Home: Live
Jukebox the Ghost
Let Live & Let Ghosts
Safe Travels
Safe Travels (Bonus Track Version)
Everything Under the Sun (Bonus Version)
Jukebox the Ghost Jun 01, 2019
We had our first rehearsal with the Louisville Civic Orchestra last night and we are still buzzing... (show on June 26th in Louisville!)
Jukebox the Ghost May 24, 2019
In case you hadn't heard the news... We are playing Firefly Music Festival! And not only are we playing a full festival set -- we're also playing an exclusive, intimate set as a HalloQueen teaser...
Jukebox the Ghost May 13, 2019
It has been ELEVEN years since we last played at Cape Girardeau, MO (I know, that's an insanely long time) and we are pumped to finally be heading back in September for the Shipyard Music Festival. TIX:
Jukebox the Ghost May 04, 2019
looping back just to ask DID YOU LIKE IT??
Jukebox the Ghost May 03, 2019
11 years ago, we released our debut album... A mix of songs about love and a concept suite about the apocalypse. Some of you might have heard our acoustic “Thump Sessions” — well, we went back for some songs from Let Live and Let Ghosts! A ukulele and organ version of Hold it In? Beady Eyes as a solo acoustic version? Good Day stripped down to just Rhodes? You got it!! (We hope you like it/we had fun recording it!) Ben/Tommy/Jesse
Jukebox the Ghost Apr 17, 2019
A huge thank you to everyone that showed up to our Making Friends Tour with the Mowglis! See you soon
Jukebox the Ghost Apr 10, 2019
As the first-ever photo of a black hole makes its way around the internet, we’d like to take this moment to remind you all that we accurately predicted the contents of a black hole on the Mr. Peabody & Sherman show on Netflix a few years ago...
Jukebox the Ghost Apr 04, 2019
It's here... our SPRING MERCH SALE!! Wooo!! Use code "5PRING5ALE" for $5 off!!
Jukebox the Ghost Apr 03, 2019
Ben here with a real life dream come true moment... this summer we are playing a show with a full orchestra! About a year and a half ago Jason Raff, the Artistic Director of the Louisville Civic Orchestra reached out to me with the crazy (beautiful, wonderful!) idea of putting on a show with JTG and an orchestra. At several points we didn't think it would be possible...but I am thrilled to say that it's happening!!!!! In addition to the sheer joy of performing with them, I am writing a handful of the arrangements - so I am getting to try my hand at writing for an orchestra for the first time as well. (what to do with the bassoon...?) Oh Joy Oh Joy! Plus, it's in my hometown of Louisville, KY and the show is being put on by 91.9 WFPK Independent Louisville, the radio station I grew up listening to and discovering music through. (Can you tell I am losing my mind a little here?). So to summarize: Wednesday June 26th, Louisville Waterfront - Jukebox The Ghost show with a full orchestra.
Jukebox the Ghost Apr 02, 2019
Missing this tour already...
Jukebox the Ghost Apr 01, 2019
We've made it home after another incredible national tour and my heart is full. The Mowgli's were the best bus travelling companions and co-headliners we could have asked for. Thank you to everyone who came out - I truly believe our fans are some of the best in the world. Every band that opens for us (looking at you Twin XL and Arrested Youth) always says how great and special our audience is. You all show up early, you dance, you listen... you are amazing and you are a huge part of how and why we keep making music. And now as we head into the strange abyss between touring on one album and making another I'll be carrying this feeling of love and excitement with me. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Photo by Ruby Red Specs : Photography By Cortney Armitage
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 29, 2019
‪Best fan art ever? ‬Thanks Maddie! ❤️ ‪Only two shows left! Burlington and Providence: we are coming for you!!!‬
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 26, 2019
So hyped for tonight’s SOLD OUT show in Ithaca! Don’t get shut out — there are still tickets available for Brooklyn, Boston, Burlington and Providence! (Photo by Dave from The Mowgli's)
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 25, 2019
We’ve been getting so much rad fan art on this tour and it makes our hearts SO HAPPY. This paper collage by @whaledoneartaz! Ithaca is sold out but still tickets for NYC, Boston, Burlington and Providence... See you there?? xo
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 24, 2019
Jesse waves his drumstick o’ victory high. Pittsburgh! Ithaca! Brooklyn! Boston! Burlington! Providence! We are coming for you!!! Photo by Dave Appelbaum.
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 22, 2019
Ben and his brand spanking new GRAND PIANO THING are ready for you!! This weekend: Cleveland (sold out!), Columbus and Pittsburgh! Still some tix left for the latter two but not many... let this be your friendly warning...! Remaining shows: 3/22 - Cleveland, OH 3/23 - Columbus, OH 3/24 - Pittsburgh, PA 3/26 - Ithaca, NY 3/27 - Brooklyn, NY 3/28 - Boston, MA 3/29 - Burlington, VT 3/30 - Providence, RI xo B/T/J
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 20, 2019
‪Our keytar boi hard at work. Photo by Dave Appelbaum of The Mowgli's! Tickets still available to all remaining shows... for now! You coming?? 3/19: Turner Hall – Milwaukee, WI‬ ‪3/20: Metro – Chicago, IL‬ ‪3/21: El Club – Detroit, MI‬ ‪3/22: Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OH‬ ‪3/23: Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH‬ ‪3/24: Mr. Smalls – Pittsburgh, PA‬ ‪3/26: The Haunt – Ithaca, NY‬ ‪3/27: Brooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY‬ ‪3/28: Royale – Boston, MA‬ ‪3/29: Higher Ground – Burlington, VT‬ ‪3/30: The Met – Providence, RI‬
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 18, 2019
We’ve reached the part of tour where Jesse starts wearing an onion ring as a bracelet.
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 16, 2019
Coming to see us in the next few weeks? Midwest and northeast, we are COMING FOR YA!! Photo by The Mowgli's own Dave Appelbaum. And yes, there are still tickets for all remaining shows! 3/16: The Truman – Kansas City, MO 3/18: Varsity Theatre – Minneapolis, MN 3/19: Turner Hall – Milwaukee, WI 3/20: Metro – Chicago, IL 3/21: El Club – Detroit, MI 3/22: Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OH 3/23: Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH 3/24: Mr. Smalls – Pittsburgh, PA 3/26: The Haunt – Ithaca, NY 3/27: Brooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY 3/28: Royale – Boston, MA 3/29: Higher Ground – Burlington, VT 3/30: The Met – Providence, RI
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 13, 2019
In case you were wondering... YES WE DO HAVE A DENVER SHOW! And it involves all of our favorite things. EGGS, KEGGS and KTCL. It is called, believe it or not...Kegs & Eggs! It's an early show. And we mean early... 7am doors! Let's all start our day off together with a balanced musical breakfast.. More details below.
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 10, 2019
Ever wanted to see Ben play a BIG piano thing instead of a tiny piano thing? This tour is your chance. Seattle tonight! Portland tomorrow! Tickets still available — but get ‘em quick!
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 06, 2019
Ben here and for better or for worse... I made us a music video!! I had never made one before now but thought - I’ve got an iPhone, let’s see what happens!! The video was created and edited almost like the song itself, through experimentation and mini journeys into absurdity. Thanks to Tommy and Jesse for jumping in place in absurd outfits and letting me run with this ridiculous idea and all of my ridiculous ideas. Hope you all enjoy!!
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 06, 2019
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 05, 2019
We have a brand new toy for tour, and it’s heavy as hell. Check out Ben rocking the hell out on his BRAND NEW TOURING PIANO THING!! Tonight: Phoenix! Tomorrow: LA! (Tickets still available for both!)
Jukebox the Ghost Mar 05, 2019
Day off in El Paso on our way to shows in Phoenix and LA. WHO YA GONNA CALL??