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Off to the Races
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Safe Travels
Everything Under the Sun (Bonus Version)
Jukebox the Ghost at Black Sheep (December 13, 2018)
Venue: Black Sheep (Colorado Springs, CO, US) Find tickets
Jukebox the Ghost Dec 10, 2018
Ben here... I thought I would share our little Spotify infographic with a bit of context. Firstly, the number of fans doubled this year for us. Thank you new record! And thank YOU new fans and old. But mostly as I've watched other bands post and compare numbers I realized that it really meant something beyond the new album bump. Compared to other bands who play in the same venues as us and draw the same number of people to their shows - our spotify numbers are actually low. But our fan to play ratio is REALLY HIGH. Each "fan" as spotify describes it, which i think means individual listener, apparently averaged listening to 21 songs this year. Which means when you all listen to us you REALLY listen to us. And that's huge for us. And we are grateful. So much of the industry right now is measuring artists by their spotify spins - and that can be fair and accurate or in our case, a bit misleading. A lot of festivals will choose bands with more plays than us even if it means fewer ticket buyers. But look - we know you all come to our shows and we know you listen to our music. And because of that we are going to tour and tour and make music til our music-makers are sore...and be grateful to our wonderful, dedicated, passionate fans forever. So thank you, thank you for listening so much and being on this journey with us. Much love and gratitude - and thank you for a kickass year.
Jukebox the Ghost Dec 05, 2018
Reminder: our last show of the year is NEXT WEEK in Colorado!! Colorado Springs, we comin’ for ya!! ❤️ ya, 103.9 RXP Stay tuned for more exciting announcements... 2019 gonna be a good one.
Jukebox the Ghost Dec 04, 2018
To the stranger who edited our Wikipedia page: Thank you.
Jukebox the Ghost Nov 30, 2018
You may have missed this scene in The Force Awakens, but boy did we appreciate our dear friend Harrison giving us a shout out. Want his look? Preorder a Jukebox the Ghost beanie!!!
Jukebox the Ghost Nov 26, 2018
Winter is here... so hell yes you can order a Jukebox the Ghost beanie with a pom pom on it!!!! And: some older stuff is on sale on our web store! Ever wondered how our ghost logo would wear a beanie? Well, here’s how.
Jukebox the Ghost Nov 21, 2018
COLORADO!!!! We're coming back!! Tickets on sale NOW: 103.9 RXP PS: Some $10 tix avail right now...
Jukebox the Ghost Nov 13, 2018
During holiday break in 2007, we spent all of our summer job money on a week’s worth of time at a recording studio in North Carolina. Ben had come back from a semester abroad with a half dozen love songs, and Tommy had written a concept album about the apocalypse, so we decided to squish it all together for our debut album, ‘Let Live and Let Ghosts’. We released it in 2008... and somehow, ten years have already flown by. So to celebrate, we are releasing a remastered version of the album in January on vinyl! With bonus tracks! There are 2 pre-order options available starting TODAY! 1. Just vinyl w/ poster (comes inside the vinyl!) and 2. Exclusive t-shirt bundle w/ vinyl w/poster! We still love these tunes and can’t believe it has been a decade already. Happy 10th birthday, Victoria. WEBSTORE: JUST VINYL:
Jukebox the Ghost Nov 09, 2018
Friends, we are proud to be a part of history. Because today marks the unveiling of the world’s first ever dog directed music video!! Some fans and friends were kind enough to take their dogs into manhattan and let us strap a go-pro to ‘em to give them a dog’s eye view of rush hour. The result: some of the best cinematography the world has ever seen. Thanks to Vinnie, Riggins, Aly, Auri, Laddie, Theo, and Benjals - we couldn’t have filmed this video without these remarkable new directors. And also: Jesse, the master of text placement. AND! We have some more exciting news dropping on Monday... Watch the video here: B/T/J
Jukebox the Ghost Nov 08, 2018
Earlier this year, we were proud to be part of the world’s first ever music video directed by dogs. A handful of Jukebox fans were kind enough to bring their dogs into Manhattan at rush hour and let us strap go-pros to their backs for a DIY filming experience. The results...are legendary. Full video is out tomorrow!!! Thank you Vinnie, Riggins, Aly, Auri, Laddie, Theo, and Benjals — we couldn’t have done this without you. B/T/J
Jukebox the Ghost Oct 31, 2018
Only a handful of tickets left for HalloQueen in Denver and LA! Get ‘em while they still exist! We are so, so pumped. From a plane, B/J/T
Jukebox the Ghost Oct 29, 2018
Hanging out at 91.9 WFPK’s epic music library in Louisville in advance of Equestricon tomorrow at Mercury Ballroom! Still tickets left for Louisville, Denver (HALLOQUEEN!) and LA (also HALLOQUEEN!), but get ‘em now! Can’t wait to see you all this week!!!
Jukebox the Ghost Oct 28, 2018
let’s get spooky. 101 WKQX
Jukebox the Ghost Oct 27, 2018
Why our fans are the coolest people on earth, exhibit A: (courtesy of @enjoysydneybri on Instagram) (HALLOQUEEN is TOMORROW in Chicago! Then LOUISVILLE, DENVER and LA!!)
Jukebox the Ghost Oct 22, 2018
uhhhh hell yes we are playing a horse racing convention in Kentucky next week!! oct 30th at mercury ballroom in still available: ...will there be Queen? hmmmm
Jukebox the Ghost Oct 18, 2018
We made a "Fred Astaire" dance playlist on Spotify - tweet us your dance playlists that include "Fred Astaire" and we'll RT our faves! OUT DANCE US WE DARE YOU!
Jukebox the Ghost Oct 08, 2018
andddddd the third HalloQueen show is... CHICAGO!! A free show sponsored by the excellent folks at 101 WKQX - info below:
Jukebox the Ghost Oct 02, 2018
Jesse here. Did you know I've been writing songs and singing them for years as Jesse Dylan & the Scaredy Cats ?? No? Well I won't do this often, but I've released a new music video today for my side project so you should check it out! Made the video myself and recorded this song and 11 others with some seriously talented friends.. I'll release the full album.. let's see.. ah 10.18.18 works. Thanks for watching/listening !! xx J
Jukebox the Ghost Sep 25, 2018
Thanks for the kind words New England Sounds! Portland, we had a blast!! Check out more dates here:
Jukebox the Ghost Sep 24, 2018
Now that tour is over, we have an announcement to make: the band has all been sorted by the official Pottermore sorting hat. Ben: Hufflepuff Tommy: Gryffindor Jesse: SLYTHERIN . . . . . . . . (Also... uh, I guess I should mention that HalloQueen tickets for Denver and LA are still on sale?)
Jukebox the Ghost Sep 22, 2018
Well that was a big adventure… Last night what I thought was stomach pain associated with eating raw garlic before the show turned out to be a hernia I gave myself while coughing on stage. At around 630am after a few hours of unsuccessful sleep I tried to call a taxi/uber/etc to no avail and instead woke up hero-bandmates Tommy and Jesse to get the keys to the van. They refused to let me go alone and took me to the ER and hung out and gave moral support while a doctor spent a lot of time pushing my intestine back where it belonged. It actually took two different sessions of pressing the thing back in - and the second time the doctor came back playing Everybody’s Lonely on his cell phone. (We had just heard from the lobby… “yeah this is their song….I’ve got the hernia 80% reduced” ) I am fine now - we’re all just a little groggy from a night spent at the ER. So no further cause to worry. All this to say NOTHING can stop us from playing Portland tonight and I’ve got really wonderful bandmates… The show must go on!
Jukebox the Ghost Sep 21, 2018
Yep: it’s the final niche meme of tour. New England, we are coming for ya! Holyoke tonight, Portland tomorrow. Tickets still available for both!! Jeez this tour has been fun. Thanks y’all. xo T/B/J
Jukebox the Ghost Sep 20, 2018
Last night Ben lost his voice towards the end of the set, so we did a little audience-led karaoke. Carleena’s expression before singing Victoria was... priceless. And: she crushed it. See you tonight, Rhode Island! Tix still available!!
Jukebox the Ghost Sep 18, 2018
...Did we mention we are having fun on this tour? (author’s note: we are having fun on this tour) See ya tomorrow, Syracuse! Then RI! Then MA! Then closing in Maine! Tickets still available for all shows — come hang! Xo B/T/J
Jukebox the Ghost Sep 17, 2018
ok, fine: one more canadian meme. cuz you asked so nicely. (Tonight at Horseshoe Tavern! Still tickets available!! We love you Toronto!!)
Jukebox the Ghost Sep 16, 2018
Yeah, we went there. Canadian memes for days. See you tomorrow, Toronto! Tickets still available!