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Earth Is Sleeping
Summer Dancing
Anthology: Part One
Live at WM Jazz
Fragile E.P
Every Sentimental Moment
Talking With Strangers
Judy Dyble Apr 11, 2019
Lovely 😊
Judy Dyble Apr 02, 2019
Here is a blatant plug for my shop which now contains three items which are no longer available anywhere else (as far as I know!) and when they are gone they are completely gone!! These items are 'Gathering The Threads'- the original 3 CD set anthology 'Flow and Change' CD 'An Accidental Musician' -Autobiography - co-written by me and Dave Thompson So if you want these, signed by me you can buy them here .
Judy Dyble Mar 26, 2019
Brilliant band, brilliant music, I am so honoured to be even slightly connected to Big Big Train. New album 'Grand Tour' out on 17th May and it will be fabulous :-)
Judy Dyble Mar 11, 2019
Early moi! :-) (shared from Colin Harper with thanks :-))
Judy Dyble Mar 04, 2019
Here's a bit of my wanderings-down-strange-and-interesting-pathways past :-D
Judy Dyble Feb 22, 2019
Lovely Prog Podcast! Talking about many Prog things including my gig at the Troubadour. I do love Prog...<3
Judy Dyble Feb 09, 2019
Tickets are still available for this birthday thing so I am yelling about it once again :-) It's IN THREE DAYS TIME!!!!
Judy Dyble Jan 25, 2019
Thank you Prog :-D x
Judy Dyble Jan 25, 2019
Show only tickets are now available :-)
Judy Dyble Jan 20, 2019
Exactly one year ago on this date I was singing songs with Andy Lewis, Robert Rotifer, Ian Button, Liz Lewis and Alison Cotton at the Union Chapel Daylight Music event. Ian Woodger sent me this picture to remind me. It was a lovely day even though it was very cold and very rainy :-)
Judy Dyble Jan 04, 2019
Judy Dyble Dec 21, 2018
That's lovely :-) x
Judy Dyble Nov 13, 2018
Photos by Michael Jones, taken at the Union Chapel, Daylight Music event on the 10th November 2018
Judy Dyble Nov 11, 2018
I don't think I've seen this before, it's the film made by Darren Hayman when we visited Upper Slaughter, one of the Thankful Villages. It has photos of Beautiful Betty Blue and of the village and is soundtracked by the song Darren and I wrote together..
Judy Dyble Nov 06, 2018
I am really looking forward to being part of this next Saturday 10th November Do come and join us at the Union Chapel in Islington from 12 pm to 2 pm :-)
Judy Dyble Oct 24, 2018
This is very nearly sold out.. !!!
Judy Dyble Oct 22, 2018
And the final gig of this year is next weekend 27th October with the Band of Perfect Strangers, plus The Curator and Steve Bingham and the Ad Hoc Strings, for Coast Arts, at the Belfry Centre, Overstrand Norfolk NR27 0AJ Information and details here
Judy Dyble Sep 24, 2018
Lovely new review of Earth Is Sleeping in Goldmine magazine :-)
Judy Dyble Aug 31, 2018
sharing this again. because I love it :-)
Judy Dyble Aug 31, 2018
Acid Jazz Records
Judy Dyble Aug 29, 2018
watch closely and you'll see my bit in this :-)
Judy Dyble Aug 24, 2018
I have a Q&A session with Mike Barnes and a lovely photo by Duncan Everson in this current edition of Prog Magazine. Plus of course there is lots of good stuff to read. (I still can't do the crossword though!)
Judy Dyble Aug 18, 2018
Just wanted to let you know about the next gigs I am a-doing of. These will be the last ones I do this year. Unless something else turns up :-) Friday October the 12th Folk In the Foyer Conquest Theatre Bromyard HR7 4ll Saturday October 28th The Belfry Theatre Overstrand Cromer Norfolk, as part of a festival,I will be appearing with the Perfect Strangers,The Curator and the Ad Hoc Strings Tickets are not yet available for this. will put up a link nearer the time And November the 10th I will be singing my Upper Slaughter Thankful Village song at Darren Hayman's Thankful Villages concert at the Daylight Music session at the Union Chapel Hoping to see some of you at these events :-)
Judy Dyble Jul 29, 2018