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Made In Vienna
Pulp Fiction (Future House Dubs)
Cumbia Madness EP
Titel: "Kabinenparty" Remixes
Joyce Muniz at The ENDUP (April 25, 2019)
Venue: The ENDUP (San Francisco, CA, US) Find tickets
Joyce Muniz at Desert Hearts Spring Festival (April 27, 2019)
Venue: Desert Hearts Spring Festival (San Diego, CA, US) Find tickets
Joyce Muniz at Suicide Circus (May 14, 2019)
Venue: Suicide Circus (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Joyce Muniz at Unknown venue (May 18, 2019)
Venue: Unknown venue (Prague, Czech Republic) Find tickets
Joyce Muniz (Official) Apr 23, 2019
Since a couple of months some people are chasing me and asking me when this tune will be released !! The time has come ! GIVE ME THE TASTE feat. Kim Anh 🔥will be released this friday on DJ Hell´s label International Deejay Gigolo Records . You Pre order via Beatport now !
Joyce Muniz (Official) Apr 19, 2019
Before I became a house music Dj & producer I was a Drum & Bass dj back in the early 2000 .16 years later i am finally able to make a proper D&B sound . I have been through many different styles & vibes . But now it’s time to go back to my real roots 🙌🏾 this make me happy 💗
Joyce Muniz (Official) Apr 16, 2019
I’m looking forward to my upcoming shows 💃🏽 After 2 weeks being in the studio and making some new tracks . I can’t wait to play it out and LOUD .
Joyce Muniz (Official) Apr 13, 2019
Enjoy you weekend and have a little dance ! #tb Footworks
Joyce Muniz (Official) Apr 10, 2019
Listen back to Episode NUMERO 10 of my Rinse FM residency ! Enjoy some fresh tunes from my promo box ;) FREE DOWNLOAD
Joyce Muniz (Official) Apr 05, 2019
Hi everyone this month i am celebrating 12 years of radio host at Austria’s Premiere radio FM4 . In the first place i would like to say thanks to FUNCTIONIST, Beware & Sebastian Schlachter for helping me to become a better selector and also for the trust . I have learned a lot with you . That’s why launched this email for newcomer producers to send me their promos I would like to give young people some support ! '[email protected]' ATTENTION please the music has to be mastered . i am looking forward to hear your music ! love joyce
Joyce Muniz (Official) Apr 01, 2019
During my last visit in New York i met the guys from Electric Vibes magazine for a little nice chat ;)
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 29, 2019
Spring is almost here and I cant wait . Enjoy my new chart ! Incl. some sweet dope tunes :)
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 26, 2019
Thanks Insomniac Events For Choosing Shadow Child Killa Remix of Strange Girl feat. Little Boots as Their Track Of The Day <3 ! You Can Grab It Now On Exploited Rec
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 25, 2019
Hanging with my bro Black Loops and we are celebrating his remix of ‘Strange Girl ‘ feat. Little Boots which came out today Exploited Rec incl. a killa remix by Shadow Child Grab it here 👉🏽
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 19, 2019
Thanks to my bro Black Loops for this sweet remix of ‘Strange Girl’ feat. Little Boots ! Pre order is available now 👉🏽 Enjoy the sexy vibes 💗Full Premiere via Chase The Compass
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 16, 2019
I promise my mum that I will use less black clothes in 2019 . As you can see I’m really making some progress . Off to Hamburg City at BAALSAAL tonight
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 15, 2019
Hey music lovers ! You can listen back to my last show on Rinse FM incl. dope tunes from Black Loops La Fleur Locked Groove DJ Haus / Unknown To The Unknown Marquis Hawkes Dachshund Makossa & Megablast and many more ! Enjoy the vibes !!
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 14, 2019
Cooking at Namito kitchen ! Messing around with Peak Novation we are cooking another tune for you ! my lime face by the end of the video 😆
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 12, 2019
You can listen now to my latest show on radio FM4 feat. Namito ! The first our of my set includes bunch of sexy old school tunes ! enjoy the music and the lovely interview with my homie !
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 11, 2019
Aint No Stopping 🔥 ! We never stop ! Always going with the flow
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 10, 2019
Just a little Sunday flea market record shopping in Berlin. Thanks @landr for the perfect sized bag! If you haven’t checked out my custom sample pack on landr, you can still download it for free. It’s packed with analog samples you can use in your own productions. #sundaymood #recordshopping #samplepack
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 04, 2019
i am happy to see strange girl getting so much ❤️
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 04, 2019
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 02, 2019
Checking out my playground for tonight @wkualalumpur ! An office with a view i am really looking forward 👌🏾
Joyce Muniz (Official) Mar 01, 2019
My new chart is up now ! Right for the weekend ;) Have a good ones ! love from Malaysia
Joyce Muniz (Official) Feb 28, 2019
Sing Sing Theater was absolutely sick 🔥specially when I dropped my new tune on Exploited Rec ‘Ain’t No Stopping’ . Thanks for the love Bangkok can’t wait to come back 🙏🏽 Tune :
Joyce Muniz (Official) Feb 27, 2019
If you want to find out what I really like to do when 'Beyond The Booth' - head over to Dancing Astronaut where I chatted to them about my kitchen skills! Thanks guys!
Joyce Muniz (Official) Feb 27, 2019
Bangkok Tonight 😎
Joyce Muniz (Official) Feb 25, 2019
Happy Release Day . I am back on Exploited Rec with this sweet tune Strange Girl Little Boots . Incl. bonus bomb track Aint No Stopping ! enjoy :)