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Selectors 004
Apex with Joy Orbison at Cobalt Studios (January 18, 2019)
Venue: Cobalt Studios (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) Find tickets
III Points Festival III Points Festival 2019
Venue: Mana Wynwood (Miami, FL, US) Find tickets
Joy Orbison Nov 05, 2018
's cover photo
Joy Orbison Nov 05, 2018
Photo - Rob Glassett
Joy Orbison Oct 12, 2018
My new EP '81b' is available on now and all good record shops next week :-) Px
Joy Orbison Sep 24, 2018
Joy Orbison Sep 19, 2018
Very honoured to be playing at fabriclondon's 19th birthday next month alongside a huge line up ! Hopefully see you there x
Joy Orbison Jan 22, 2018
such a fun day! Jon K & I will be doing this again at a few more spots this year including brum in march - hopefully see you there x
Joy Orbison Dec 31, 2017
Had the privilege of playing with the Hessle Audio guys for about 8-9 years now. Pretty sure I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for their Sub FM show back in the early days and the continued support they've shown my music over the years. Couldn't imagine starting 2018 in better company, catch us all down at the Oval Space on NYD alongside rRoxymore, Peverelist, Joe, Gwenan & Charles Drakeford
Joy Orbison Dec 01, 2017
Joy Orbison Nov 28, 2017
My Dekmantel Selectors compilation is now available on vinyl and download, bit of spotify action too - Hope you like it x
Joy Orbison Nov 23, 2017
Photo by Bon Walsh
Joy Orbison Nov 02, 2017
I'm off to Switzerland tomorrow to join Timnah Sommerfeldt at Elysia Basel. Then on to Berlin for Berghain / Panorama Bar where I will be back downstairs in bergers for the first time in 7 years (!) alongside Peverelist, MARCEL DETTMANN & many more !
Joy Orbison Oct 13, 2017
Had so much fun with Jon at Dekmantel festival so really looking forward to playing b2b with this guy again. Catch me and Jon K at La Cheetah Club in Glasgow tonight all night long. I'm told they've held a load of tickets back for the door so come down early if you fancy it x
Joy Orbison Oct 06, 2017
Manchester tonight for Stone Island alongside Omar-S & Kirk Degiorgio !!
Joy Orbison Sep 28, 2017
The UK at its best is a celebration of diverse cultures intertwining and creating beautiful results. Hopefully this collection of music can document a piece of that. Now more than ever, it seems important to acknowledge and celebrate this.
Joy Orbison Sep 14, 2017
This ones actually not a remix, it's a demo James & I made together one rainy day back when he was living above Deptford market, I'm guessing in 2010? I've just arrived in New York and happy to say I'll be joining James Blake and the whole 1-800 Dinosaur crew for a little reunion in a warehouse somewhere in Brooklyn, hopefully see you there!
Joy Orbison Sep 07, 2017
LOVE RAVE !! I'm off to rural Catalonia this weekend to celebrate Four Tet's B'day ! What kind of present should I get?!! tickets etc -
Joy Orbison Aug 10, 2017
Joy Orbison Aug 07, 2017
Out to top boy Jon K, those fine people at Dekmantel festival and all the lovely dancers that came along to the greenhouse x
Joy Orbison Jul 30, 2017
my mate had a flat really near to this pub and would pop in there for toilet paper if he ran out (think it was closer than the shop) now there's a soundsystem in there ! very chuffed to be playing with Craig, what an honour :-))
Joy Orbison Jul 05, 2017
Jon Rust
Joy Orbison Jun 28, 2017
Barnt & Joy Orbison @ Nachtdigital 18
Joy Orbison Jun 05, 2017
i'm not sure of the exact date but at a guess i'd say this pic is from 2010 ish (??), one of my earliest shows at fabriclondon and probably my first time in Room 1. very happy to say i'll be back in that room this weekend (sadly without them cheek bones) alongside the mighty Craig Richards and my good friend / killer selecta FOLD hopefully see some of you down there x