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Preston 28 February 1980
Love Will Tear Us Apart (1980 Martin Hannett Versions)
Les Bains Douches 18 December 1979
Still (Collector's Edition)
Closer (Remastered)
Closer (Collector's Edition)
Unknown Pleasures (Remastered)
Unknown Pleasures (Collector's Edition)
Joy Division Aug 15, 2019
Stephen Morris discusses the Reimagined video for Interzone at the YouTube Space London. "When we wrote the songs, I had an image in my head of what was going on in the songs and [Interzone: Reimagined] sort of coincides with it, mostly because it's dark. All our songs, to my mind, took place at night"
Joy Division Aug 11, 2019
Fans reflect on hearing Unknown Pleasures for the first time and what it's like listening back now.
Joy Division Aug 09, 2019
Candidate: Reimagined. Watch now: Dir. Amos Poe. Selected works include 'The Blank Generation' (1975 with Ivan Krall - the first punk film, featuring Patti Smith, Richard Hell, Iggy Pop and Talking Heads); 'The Foreigner' (1978 - featuring Debbie Harry); 'Empire II' (2012).
Joy Division Aug 09, 2019
The reimagined video for Candidate will premiere on Joy Division's YouTube at 3pm BST today.
Joy Division Aug 06, 2019
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Factory Communications, Warner Music are releasing two box sets ('Use Hearing Protection: Factory Records 1978-1979' and 'Factory: Communications 1978-1992'), both of which feature Joy Division. More info on the sets and pre-order available here:!joydivision
Joy Division Jul 28, 2019
The reimagined video for Interzone explores the dream and nightmare of Hollywood in its two short minutes.
Joy Division Jul 26, 2019
Here with the full mini documentary of Peter Hook & The Light & Manchester Camerata’s Joy Division Orchestrated from the debut Royal Albert Hall concert earlier this month. The show comes to Australia end next week for dates beginning Sydney Opera House Fri 2nd Aug, then Perth Concert Hall & Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MTEC) the following weekend.
Joy Division Jul 25, 2019
The new reimagined video for Interzone is out now 💫 Watch here: dir. James Dimmock
Joy Division Jul 25, 2019
The reimagined video for Interzone will premiere at 3pm today on Joy Division's YouTube. Set a reminder and tune in live ⏰
Joy Division Jul 19, 2019
Peter on listening back to Unknown Pleasures for the first time. Watch in full:
Joy Division Jul 11, 2019
The reimagined video for Day Of The Lords. Watch now: Dir. Feargal Ward and Adrian Duncan.
Joy Division Jul 11, 2019
The reimagined video for Day Of The Lords will be premiering on YouTube from 3pm today. Tune in then to watch together live 📺
Joy Division Jul 05, 2019
Stephen, Peter and Bernard discuss the origins of the Unknown Pleasures artwork in a new 'Transmissions' episode. 🎥 Watch in full on YouTube:
Joy Division Jul 01, 2019
Extra seats have been released for this Friday’s Peter Hook & Manchester Camerata - Joy Division Orchestrated at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Check venue website for availability here -
Joy Division Jun 30, 2019
40th anniversary Unknown Pleasures t-shirts are now available on the Joy Division store. All profits will be split between The CALMzone and Big Change MCR (Street Support Network). Buy now:
Joy Division Jun 28, 2019
The new reimagined video for 'Insight' is up now 🐌 dir. Makoto Nagahisa
Joy Division Jun 28, 2019
The next 'Reimagined' video for Insight will premiere at 3pm BST today. You can join the chat now.
Joy Division Jun 26, 2019
We will be live streaming a conversation between Stephen Morris, Peter Saville and Jon Savage at around 7.45pm BST today. Set a reminder and tune in live. #UnknownPleasures40
Joy Division Jun 23, 2019
Unknown Pleasures is not only number one on the Official UK Charts Vinyl Chart, but also the fastest selling vinyl album of 2019 so far. Order your copy here: #UnknownPleasures40
Joy Division Jun 22, 2019
Stephen at the launch of 'Unknown Pleasures: Reimagined' at YouTube Space London yesterday. Next video coming this Friday (28th).
Joy Division Jun 21, 2019
‪Thank you to all the fans who have listened to Unknown Pleasures over the past 40 years. ‬ ‪It now sits at number 5 on the Official UK Charts as well as being the fastest selling vinyl album of 2019, having previously peaked at number 71 in August 1980. "Amazing that 40 years after release, new generations are still discovering and listening to our debut album. The timeless sound of Unknown Pleasures continues to live on in a way we never expected" - Bernard Sumner. #UnknownPleasures40‬
Joy Division Jun 21, 2019
GOODHOOD have teamed up with Factory Records' iconic art director Peter Saville, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Joy Division’s seminal 1979 album Unknown Pleasures. The highly limited 13-piece collection launches on June 28th at 11:00GMT – Enter for the chance to purchase via Goodhood's launches platform now: #UnknownPleasures40
Joy Division Jun 20, 2019
Introducing a new three-part interview series - 'Joy Division: Transmissions'. In the first episode, Bernard, Peter and Stephen talk about the recording process behind Unknown Pleasures. Watch in full: #UnknownPleaures40
Joy Division Jun 19, 2019
Bernard, Stephen and designer Peter Saville spoke to British GQ about the making of Unknown Pleasures. #UnknownPleasures40
Joy Division Jun 18, 2019
Stephen has written completely new editor's notes on Unknown Pleasures for Apple Music ✍️ Read them here and listen now: