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Mama Earth
Water for Your Soul
The Soul Sessions, Vol. 2
The Best of Joss Stone (2003-2009)
Introducing Joss Stone
Mind Body & Soul (Special Edition)
Mind, Body & Soul
AOL Sessions – EP
The Soul Sessions
Joss Stone at Burgtheater (July 8, 2019)
Venue: Burgtheater (Dinslaken, Germany) Find tickets
Joss Stone at Philharmonie im Gasteig (July 10, 2019)
Venue: Philharmonie im Gasteig (Munich, Germany) Find tickets
Burt Bacharach, Joss Stone, and George Benson with Marc Almond at Eventim Apollo (July 16, 2019)
Venue: Eventim Apollo (London, UK) Find tickets
Burt Bacharach, Joss Stone, and George Benson with Marc Almond at Eventim Apollo (July 17, 2019)
Venue: Eventim Apollo (London, UK) Find tickets
Joss Stone Feb 18, 2019
Last year we met up with the amazing Matibeye Geneviève from Chad, she sings about love, equality, forgiveness and peace. Her songs are usually in French, Arabic and a local language called Gambaye. Spending time with Matibeye and her friends was a real pleasure, we feel so grateful to have met them all. Thanks for having us. Check out the collaboration and share if you wish. Team Joss x
Joss Stone Feb 16, 2019
I want a owl! Are they the kind that if you let them out the will have a little fly and a hunt and then come back if they love you . Like cats ? They are so so cute !
Joss Stone Feb 15, 2019
Power of Positivity
Joss Stone Feb 14, 2019
A perfect song for valentine's day. On our 136th country, we visited Eritrea and met up with the group BoBa Pro and performed the Kemey’Leki’ song in the local language Tigrigna. There is something special singing about love and if you're one of those people counting down the days and someone is always on your mind. This love is meant to be. Love and music really is the universal language. Watch the video and see what you think! Team Joss x
Joss Stone Feb 13, 2019
Morning, everyone. Good memories of how a beautiful morning inspired me to write this song. X
Joss Stone Feb 12, 2019
Many moons ago, we met up with the lovely, flautist and vocalist Ashwin Srinivasan from India. Listening to Ashwin play the flute was an incredible moment for us, with his soulful melodies and a mix of Indian classical music, it was all so pleasing to the ear. Thanks for introducing us to some wonderful sounds. It was a great pleasure to meet with Ashwin. Here is the full video, we hope you enjoy. Team Joss x
Joss Stone Feb 11, 2019
A lovely song - Teardrops
Joss Stone Feb 10, 2019
What we wish for those we love
Joss Stone Feb 09, 2019
Joss Stone Feb 09, 2019
Sometimes we forget just how lucky we are . Take a moment to remember
Joss Stone Feb 08, 2019
Our charity visit, back in 2016. Serbia's Forgotten Paws is a positive and determined group of like-minded volunteers who simply refuse to sit back and accept the lives these animals are forced to endure. They do an amazing job in rescuing and re-homing unwanted, abandoned animals, mainly cats and dogs. We took a tour of the grounds, a tour that took us up close and personal with the dogs, we saw so many animals that would have been left to die on the streets, now walking around. The volunteers have so much passion, all of whom dedicate their lives to helping as many animals as they possibly can. We want to give a massive thank you for showing us around. Keep up the good work. Calling on all animal lovers! If you looking to adopt an animal please consider Serbia's Forgotten Paws, by adopting one or more of them you can help keep them healthy, happy and safe. For more info please visit their website: Team Joss x
Joss Stone Feb 07, 2019
Caught Series
Joss Stone Feb 06, 2019
We met up with the lovely singer-songwriter Drew Dean from the beautiful islands of St Kitts & Nevis, sat on a stunning beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea was the perfect setting to do a collaboration. Drew and his fellow musicians were a delight to be around, singing about love and positive vibes was a good feeling, especially being in paradise. Drew, describes his style as Eclectic Soul, he merges elements of R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop & Reggae to create a unique sound. Have a listen and see what you think. Team Joss x
Joss Stone Feb 05, 2019
In November last year, we partnered up with SKIO Music to create a remix contest using stems from the album 'Water For Your Soul' We are excited the winners of the remix contest have now been announced. Thank you to everyone who entered, after listening to so many creative, well-produced remixes, it was a difficult decision to make. Congratulations to all the winners on your inspired work. Great to see so many countries represented. The winners include: Underworld 1st: #Lunareef (Finland) 2nd: #JayFunksta (Denmark) Clean Water 1st: Gooseberry (Germany) 2nd: #GreyFACE (Germany) Honorable Mention: #SteveDeParr (USA) Cut The Line 1st: #MagicGoat (Serbia) 2nd: #Voskhod (Ukraine) Molly Town 1st: #KilltheController (South Africa) 2nd: (India) Way Oh 1st: #GParty (Belgium) 2nd: #SYA (United Kingdom) Sensimilla 1st: #KarimGhariani (Tunisia) 2nd: Atmosphreal (Italy) Harry’s Symphony 1st: #SelectedSound (Netherlands) 2nd: #Mecnics (Germany) The Answer 1st: Lephin (Republic of Korea) 2nd: #LauteHarfe (USA)
Joss Stone Feb 04, 2019
A lovely collaboration in a stunning part of Africa. Namibia you are beautiful, indeed. We were all so lucky to meet up with the Namibian musician, Elemotho and his friends. Sat by a lake surrounded by natural beauty and the sounds of sweet melody made our day. His genre is a mix between African Acoustic Roots and World Music. A real gent and his music is not to be missed. Watch the video and see what you think! Team Joss x
Joss Stone Feb 02, 2019
Another beautiful country to add to our total world tour list. Guyana covered in rain forest, you were certainly a feast for the eyes. It really wasn’t like anywhere else so far. Thanks for coming along to the gig, the atmosphere felt like a nice get together with friends , so mellow and relaxed, glad we could have a giggle together too. You lot were brilliant, buzzy, and welcoming. We had a great time and we'll definitely come back!!! This was one of those totally memorable nights. Team Joss x
Joss Stone Feb 01, 2019
Our 170th country visited as part of the #totalworldtour Thanks for having us! #suriname🇸🇷 📸 by Stokography
Joss Stone Feb 01, 2019
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Joss Stone Jan 30, 2019
Joss Stone Jan 29, 2019
South America, love this continent. This time we went to #Guyana. Thanks for having us! #JSTWT🎼🎶🌻💕🎤 📸 by @stokography
Joss Stone Jan 29, 2019
Haiti, a new country for us to visit. The experience was interesting and in the end very uplifting. The beginning of our journey it was crazy and slightly misleading, as soon as we got to the people with music in their souls, calm was restored. The love of music does bring everyone together, the moment we stepped on the stage we were greeted by lots of smiles and happiness which was a wonderful feeling for us all and an incredible experience to share together. We laughed, we sang and had a good eve. The band that played after us blew our socks off ! Amazing ! Thanks to everyone who came to the show and gave their support to Pap Jazz , we hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did! Team Joss x
Joss Stone Jan 29, 2019
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Joss Stone Jan 28, 2019
The Daily Goalcast
Joss Stone Jan 27, 2019
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Joss Stone Jan 26, 2019
Wow ! See!!! People are beautiful. What a massive help they have provided for the whole family.