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The Soul Sessions, Vol. 2
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Mind, Body & Soul
The Soul Sessions
Joss Stone Aug 22, 2019
Daily Vibes
Joss Stone Aug 20, 2019
Joss Stone Aug 13, 2019
A really magnificent moment for the Total World Tour when we visited the beautiful continent, Antarctica, last year. It took us two days to get there by boat and we are so glad to have had the experience to come here, nothing compares to it. There were so many highlights and it really was a dream come true. Surrounded by natural beauty and some friendly penguins we could not have asked for a better setting to sing one of Leon's songs. Leon is from a band called The Drop which plays mainly Reggae, dub and roots music. Have a listen and we hope you enjoy! Team Joss x
Joss Stone Aug 11, 2019
Stunning fireworks after our show in Portugal at the Meo Sudoeste festival, thanks so much to everyone who joined us along the way . This is the last show I will play for just a little bit. I have to go cuddle my doggies for a good while now and sleep a bit. Lots of love to all of you who have been supportive through out this world tour . We're not done yet .... Stay tuned .... And in the mean time enjoy the fireworks :)
Joss Stone Aug 09, 2019
An amazing charity helping children in need, hopefully, the power of numbers can get young Cayla's fight closer to the target for treatment. Please donate if you feel you can spare or even a share. Lots of Love Joss x
Joss Stone Aug 06, 2019
Interesting to look back just a few years and see where my head was at. Not much has changed, I still have the same wish.
Joss Stone Aug 02, 2019
A few pictures taken from our show at FANTASTIVAL Dinslaken , Germany. Good times. 📸 Tonic Designagentur
Joss Stone Jul 26, 2019
Heaven!!! ♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️
Joss Stone Jul 22, 2019
Get planting people !! Xxx
Joss Stone Jul 22, 2019
Joss Stone Jul 21, 2019
A lovely day in #Switzerland. Another beautiful part of our planet . Thanks for having us x
Joss Stone Jul 19, 2019
Thank you so much to everyone who got involved with the remix artwork competition. There are so many great ones it was very hard to choose one! We are excited to announce the winner of the competition is Ricardo Alemán and the runner-up is Diego Omega. We can't wait to release the remix album. Once again thanks a million for those who took part. Team Joss x
Joss Stone Jul 16, 2019
Turkey, is one of my favourite country’s to visit , the people , the food , the colours the culture of friendliness.... I am so glad to be able to return here time and time again . Fingers crossed I can always visit this lovely place. Teşekkür ederim
Joss Stone Jul 12, 2019
Hahaha!!! This guy is cracking me up so much. Please share and have many laughs . This guy is super talented but mostly bloody hilarious. 😂
Joss Stone Jul 11, 2019
A little clip from our show at FANTASTIVAL Dinslaken, Germany. What a wonderful time we had. Thanks for having us 🎥 Tonic Designagentur
Joss Stone Jul 10, 2019
Reeps One ! You are light ! Thank you for sharing it with us when we were playing our total world tour show in the UK . So so lovely to connect with you . Can we please do this again some time soon... Aww that was such fun times x london #uk #gig 12th #twt #totalworldtour #voice
Joss Stone Jul 07, 2019
Always Help Someone
Joss Stone Jul 05, 2019
A little clip from our gig the other night in #barcelona #spain #mylovegoeson #music #goodfeeling continue s regardless. My dad took this from the side of the stage after making a surprise visit to see us. How nice 🤗 thanks Dad ! We're playing in #poland tonight , I hope it will be just as lovely in it's unique polish way. Happy Friday everyone x
Joss Stone Jul 03, 2019
So , our very last country on the list was Iran . We were aware there couldn’t be a public concert as I am a woman and that is illegal in this country. Personally I don’t fancy going to an Iranian prison nor am I trying to change the politics of the countries I visit nor do I wish to put other people in danger. However, it seems the authority’s don’t believe we wouldn’t be playing a public show so they have popped us on what they call the ‘black list ‘ as we found out when we turned up to the immigration hall. After long discussions with the most friendly charming and welcoming immigration people the decision was made to detain us for the night and to deport us in the morning. Of course I was gutted. So close yet so far, this moment broke a little piece of my heart. Then I realised the silver lining was bright. I told them my story and explained my mission, to bring good feeling with what I have to give and show those who want to look, the positives of our globe. All with the understanding that public performance wasn’t an option in this scenario. I still have to walk forward towards that goal some way some how. And of course music is my driver. Doesn’t mean we have to brake any laws though. There is music everywhere. Even here, we just have to play by there rules and they have to believe we will. It’s a trust thing. They were so kind to us, at one point I started to question it. The question whirled around my head, were they just luring is into a false sense of security so we would walk into our jail cells quietly with out a drama? Nope , these people are genuinely nice kind people that felt bad that they couldn’t over ride the system. They didn’t speak English so well so the translator Mohamed, who clearly had a lovely soul conveyed the message that they hoped we would go to embassy to sort it all out and come back, they were refusing us entry with a heavy heart and were so sorry. After Mo had left, the officers kept telling us sorry. They said sorry all the way through this process and kept saying this till we got on the plane they were sending us away on. We were the ones that should have been apologising for not having our correct paper work. So the ball was dropped on this one and it wasn't them. They were just doing their jobs with the utmost class and compassion. So I guess the saga continues. When I left home for this leg of the tour I felt very emotional and tearful that the end was on my door step, achieving the goal in completeness is something I have dreamed of and worked towards but a part of me didn’t want it to end, this tour has given me more purpose than I have ever had before. Every experience has good all over it and the lightness that has been found in what we assume is a dark place has been eye opening and for me life changing as my understanding of reality is now so much more informed and based on more facts than I previously had to go by. So my small feeling of worry that it would end is no longer because Iran will not allow it to end. Not yet anyway. And that’s ok. Its all about the journey not the destination.So I waved good by to the police men that escorted us onto the plane with a comfort in the knowledge that yes, there are good people in every single country on our planet. This I can finally say, I know. I have to say I never imagined that being deported in Iran would be such a delightful human experience. This is a situation that could have been so so very different. It solidifies my belief further. People are good. Go with goodness and you will be met with goodness even if you make mistakes along the way.
Joss Stone Jul 01, 2019
Next stop #yemen #totalworldtour #gig199
Joss Stone Jun 30, 2019
Hello Everyone! We've already had some amazing album covers come through. Only two full days left to enter. Head to for more details: Big Love! Team Joss x
Joss Stone Jun 30, 2019
We made it to #tripoli #libya for our #198thgig on the #totalworldtour with the help of the most welcoming and courageous team 'expertise consultancy' Tamim is the reason any of this could be possible. We sang some songs in the park and hopefully everyone had a nice day of frivolous fun and laughter. It seemed that way. It was nice to see everyone relaxing and feeling free for a moment. Thanks so much to everyone we met along the way . I will post more piccys of the charity that we met . You won't believe there story and just how brave and Nobel they all are . We found the good , it was everywhere . Xxoxox
Joss Stone Jun 26, 2019
Oh #saudiarabia how we love you so ! I cannot wait to tell everyone I meet to go visit this beautiful place filled with beautiful people yet again, pleasantly surprised. Took me a while to figure out how to keep this wrap from falling off and then when I finally got it I realised that I didn’t even have to wear it. What a shame ! So I wore it anyway because I love it. I love the different cultures we get a chance to come across and become part of, even if it’s for just one small tiny moment. It means so much. The women here are strong and exercising there choice to be free, wear what they want and do what they want, their want may be different to what we experience at home but there ain’t nothing wrong in that. To each her own. I spoke to female doctors , managers, directors, vocal specialists, hearing specialists, carers, a singer/performer/artist and they all tell the same tale. The horses mouth has spoken. Yes there are horrible things going on all over the world in many different corners and crevasses but these women individually felt they were not oppressed , they were highly educated and free to choose how they lived there lives. I can only ever speak of those that I have met I will not comment on what I have not seen with my own eyes because I have no right to. Assumption really is not something I wish to entertain. if you don't know , go have a look for yourself have a look for your self. I have come away from this inspired. Not just by the women but the men too with how they are celebrating the changes that are happening in Saudi Arabia they are not fighting against it as so many might assume . It seems to me that they are all walking forward together trying to make there world a better place. This is the feeling I got from my personal experience. I would really like to go back one day and explore this place further . Thanks for having me #saudiarabia
Joss Stone Jun 23, 2019
Total World Tour myth busters strike again ... You don't know till you go #SaudiArabia
Joss Stone Jun 23, 2019
Not long ago we visited D.R.Congo, what a place to visit, we love coming to Africa and it never fails to excite, from the beautiful scenery to the many beautiful people we meet. The D.R.C was unforgettable. The show had fantastic energy and so much love with a warm and friendly audience and the young children from Bana Congo who danced and sang made the night extra special it was the most joyful amazing thing I have seen in a long time. A great experience for us all from the moment we arrived, to the moment we left. Having discovered this gem of a country, we hope to visit again soon. An absolutely amazing first time experience, thanks for having us. Check out the pics from the eve… Team Joss x