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Arthur Buck (feat. Joseph Arthur & Peter Buck)
Redemption’s Son (15th Anniversary Edition)
Days of Surrender
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Redemption City
The Ballad of Boogie Christ Act II
The Ballad of Boogie Christ
The Graduation Ceremony
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Could We Survive
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Redemption's Son
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Joseph Arthur Jun 25, 2019
In A Fight That Never Ends Spray. Paint. Mix. Ship. Being an artist is more difficult Than most jobs. I know right?! Turns out it’s the truth. It was meant to be wild nights of folly Where we measured our abandon with What we can’t control And as it turned out We couldn’t control anything. Especially ourselves. Being an artist was meant to be like Becoming the paint at the end of Jackson pollack’s brush Where you simply got flicked into the oblivion of a masterpiece To meet the canvas of immortality It was meant to be Having a skull Like the one on Keith’s finger Banging strings Like a drunk bangs the wall of cell he’s been put in to sleep it off. We were meant to be made of steel Until finally we met our maker, Or stuffed our mattress full of bills, Like Rimbaud at the end of his short life refusing to write another word, Because humanity doesn’t deserve it, And regretting the words that he did. Or was that just an excuse? It was meant to be easy But I practically worship every failure Cause Every hardship is a measure of Gods faith in you to overcome, to transcend To be more than you once were and lift yourself off the canvas again. Being an artist was meant to be easy (after a limited period of struggle) But as it turns out It’s a lot like being a boxer In a ring with no bell Against more than one fighter In a fight that never ends. And Thank God. ‘In A Fight That Never Ends’ mixed media on paper 22x30” #art #painting #poem ps. Today’s a celebration, mastering my first solo record in too many years. Coming out in October!!
Joseph Arthur Jun 25, 2019
Lucky number #7 of The Come To Where I’m From podcast with Comedian Ian Fidance (Ian Fidance Comedy)! he road in on his boom box bike from brooklyn and quickly displayed why he has become a regular on ‘You Up’ with Nikki Glaser ,cause he brought sweat and comedic heat and smokes and that generous spirit that had us cracking up from the word go! Thanks Ian. Check out this ultra fun episode on YouTube and all the other podcast places. Now!! #podcast #cometowhereimfrom #ianfidance #josepharthur
Joseph Arthur Jun 24, 2019
Los Angeles coming to podcast and play a show in your town. Hope to see you Thursday June 27th Library Bar at The Mayfair Hotel for an intimate acoustic show plus art! #music #art #nocover
Joseph Arthur Jun 22, 2019
Full Joan Osborne Episode live on Youtube and everywhere else Podcasts are Streamed, check it out, Subscribe and Support!!!
Joseph Arthur Jun 22, 2019
Full James Maddock Episode live on Youtube and everywhere else Podcasts are Streamed, check it out, Subscribe and Support!!!
Joseph Arthur Jun 21, 2019
Joan Osborne episode live now! on the ‘Come To Where I’m From’ podcast. We went into some intense realms across a few different spectrums, but wound up reading spirit cards with helium voices and sang Ho’oponopono together, (we will make a clip of just that cause her voice is magic) which lifted us up. Hopefully the whole thing will lift you up!! Check it out !! Thanks Joan for coming through. Check out her new album of excellent Dylan covers called ‘Songs Of Bob Dylan’ out now! Episode up now on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and all the other podcast joints in town. #podcasts #cometowhereimfrom #joanosborne #josepharthur 📷 @ehud_lazin
Joseph Arthur Jun 18, 2019
Don’t think I ever had as much fun disagreeing with anyone as I did with James Maddock as this teaser clip shows. We also agreed on a few things too! Super fun podcast with him live now and if you don’t know his songs do yourself a favor and check out ‘Insanity vs. Humanity’ it’s a great display of a brilliant songwriter at the top of his game. Thanks again James for coming through! Live now on YouTube and iTunes, Spotify and all the other podcast places. Rock on! #podcast #cometowhereimfrom #jamesmaddock #josepharthur
Joseph Arthur Jun 14, 2019
Full Dave Hill Episode live on Youtube and everywhere else Podcasts are Streamed, check it out, Subscribe and Support!!!
Joseph Arthur Jun 14, 2019
The time has come to #freedavehill !! Recently banned from Twitter, the brilliantly hysterical Dave Hill joined us on the ‘Come To Where I’m From’ podcast and as you can see in this teaser we had a bit of fun, but also went to some more serious realms. Thanks Dave for lighting up our podcast! Check it out!! Live Now!! Episode #04 on all platforms; iTunes, Google podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, Simplecast & Pocket Casts, watch the full Episode on YouTube here: #johnoliver #sammyhagar #davidleeroth #davehill #josepharthur #podcast #cometowhereimfrom
Joseph Arthur Jun 13, 2019
LA I will be out that way end of the month! June 27th Mayfair hotel. No cover! Plus small art show with a new print or two. Intimate acoustic affair featuring new songs from my upcoming album ‘Come Back World’ along with some fan favorites. Hope to see you there!! RSVP short link - Thank you!
Joseph Arthur Jun 11, 2019
We were blessed to have Craig Wedren as our guest for Episode three of the ‘Come To Where I’m From’ podcast A total original Daring and brave. And painted with an unusual brush as all the best artists are in my opinion. He’s kissed death and lived to tell about it. And predicted Instagram with his newly released book of excellent polaroids called ‘My 90’s’ highlighting his time with Shudder To Think. We talk about it all here with a good dose of laughter. Going live NOW!! Check it out!!! #podcast #cometowhereimfrom #craigwedren #josepharthur PLEASE SUPPORT US ON PATREON: Stream of Download the podcast on: iTunes, Google, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, Simplecast and Pocket Casts, please rate us and subscribe.
Joseph Arthur Jun 07, 2019
Good morning! Here’s something for that commute! Today on the ‘Come To Where I’m From’ podcast. The wonderful Holly Miranda check it out now!! Link in the bio. Watch all episodes on the Official YouTube Page: Stream or Download on Simplecast: Support on Patreon: #podcast #podcasts #hollymiranda #josepharthur #cometowhereimfrom
Joseph Arthur Jun 07, 2019
Absolute joy having Holly Miranda on ‘Come To Where I’m From podcast’ today. Out TODAY! on all the podcast places. Healing sounds mantras stories of survival, transition,conspiracies,consciousness and more!! Check it out! Watch the full Episode here:
Joseph Arthur Jun 06, 2019
Watch all episodes of Joseph Arthur's new podcast Come To Where I'm From here: Official YouTube Page Stream or Download on Simplecast Support on Patreon
Joseph Arthur Jun 04, 2019
Everyone is invited to this party. It’s ongoing and lively. Evoking the spirit. Evolving quite nicely. Shout outs to @mandessa and @donnie.graves888 and @atlgrandma for that intro beat. We out here doing this not out to compete. And thank you Jesse Malin for putting that rock n roll dream at all your friends feet. Big love from me to you! Ep 1 In the books. Check it out now on YouTube (link in bio and below) and check back twice weekly (Tuesday and Friday) for fresh Eps of ‘Come To Where I’m From’ #rocknroll #jessemalin #josepharthur #podcasts #evolution #revolution #keepswinging
Joseph Arthur Jun 03, 2019
Super excited to announce the launch of the ‘Come To Where I’m From’ Podcast!!! this weeks episodes are @jesse_malin Tuesday 6/4 and @hollymiranda Friday 6/7. Next week is @craigwedren 6/11 and @mrdavehill 6/14 We will be releasing episodes every Tuesday and Friday, Watch full episodes of ‘Come to Where I’m From’ on my official YouTube channel. Stream or download full Episodes of ‘Come To Where I’m From’ on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts and Simplecast and please support us on Patreon/cometowhereimfrom #podcasts #rocknroll #music #comedy #art #health #recovery #spirituality #space #time #hooponopono #love #josepharthur #thankyou 📷 @davedoobinin
Joseph Arthur Jan 24, 2019
LA! Just arrived and looking forward to an early show tomorrow night with @jesse_malin and Adam Weiner at @thehotelcafe and then The Clash/Joe Strummer tribute at The Roxy on the 26th!
Joseph Arthur Jan 19, 2019
Yesterday Peter and I visited the Palapa Society and played for the kids there and got to answer some questions about music and life in pursuing your dreams. We also were treated with an excellent musical performance from some of the students. It was extremely gratifying and lead into an evening of music making that excelled expectations. So grateful to be here and to be given the chance to share and exchange on this level. Feeling blessed.
Joseph Arthur Jan 15, 2019
Couple of dates coming up in Los Angeles! January 24th Hotel Cafe. January 26th at the Roxy for the Joe Strummer tribute. Both will be star studded and full of adventure. Hope to see you there!
Joseph Arthur Jan 12, 2019
New song. Come see me and Peter Buck tonight at the Todos Santos Inn starting at 8 for a show benefiting The Palapa Society which is providing an education for the local children here in Todos! I will be painting live and auctioning the results for that same charity. And beyond all that it’s gonna be a blast!!
Joseph Arthur Dec 19, 2018 Two years ago I was asked to record a version of this song for Michelle Obama’s food is fuel campaign to help Americans struggling with hunger. It was very much an honor. Here’s a link to the PSA which featured that version. I was thinking of what my favorite holiday song is and usually I pick ‘Little Drummer Boy’ but I also hear this song around the holidays a ton and so I think it’s becoming a holiday favorite. Here’s a video of me reminding myself how it goes. Hope you enjoy it and I hope the holidays are wonderful for you. Upcoming dates: Dec 29th. D.C. Dec 30th - Philly Jan 1st - NYC
Joseph Arthur Dec 17, 2018
Link here to a new song called "To The Ones Who Are Already Gone" Sung with the wonderful Kaissa in our green room before singing at The Coalition To End Trafficking In Women Gala recently in NYC. Three upcoming shows this month into the New Year. Hope to see you there and Happy Holidays! December 29th D.C. Dec 30th - Philly Jan 1st - New York
Joseph Arthur Oct 22, 2018
Spend your New Year's Day with Joseph Arthur at City Winery NYC for his 9th Annual New Year's Day show. Tickets on sale now:
Joseph Arthur Sep 24, 2018
Final show of the Arthur Buck tour is tonight in Minneapolis! "Forever Falling" is the "Song Of The Day" for The Current Grab a free download of it here: