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Right Here Right Now
Jordin Sparks
Jordin Sparks Feb 15, 2019
My boys. So much love. ♥️
Jordin Sparks Feb 15, 2019
50 years of loving you...♥️
Jordin Sparks Feb 14, 2019
#OOTD I loved this outfit for @thedishonoz today! I felt hella cute! 💁🏽‍♀️ Bomber jacket: @hm Top: @caminyc Pants: @paige Kicks: @nike blazer mid rebel Jewels: @rjgraziano
Jordin Sparks Feb 13, 2019
It’s a sweet, sweet day @thedishonoz & we’re talking CHOCOLATE! Yesssss 😍🤤🍫 I’ve got an AMAZZZZING flourless chocolate blender cake that will wow you with flavor and how simple it is to do! Incredibly easy to impress the love in your life or to lovingly make for yourself! ♥️ And a blind chocolate taste test that surprised all of us! Come celebrate love day with us only on @thedishonoz! Check your local listings! @guarnaschelli @daphneoz @chefjamika #chocolate #valentinesday #galentinesday #love #bemine
Jordin Sparks Feb 06, 2019
One word: BACON. We’re talking all things bacon! Is turkey bacon worth it? What about the ‘Fakon’ craze? Does it hold up? We explore all these questions and mouth-watering recipes TODAY only on @thedishonoz! 🥓
Jordin Sparks Feb 06, 2019
I'm so excited to reveal some BIG news. I'm going to be starring in the new Freeform comedy series 'Besties'! Eeekshdisnsjdjs! The show follows newly-discovered half-sisters thanks to an online genetic test. I'm beyond grateful and happy to finally share the news with everyone! Keep an eye out and I'll let everyone know when to set your DVRs! 🙌🏽🤗
Jordin Sparks Feb 05, 2019
SO GRATEFUL & EXCITED TO FINALLY SHARE THIS! Come on 2019!!! LETS GO @freeform @bbrantly35 @mattshively 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Jordin Sparks Feb 03, 2019
9 MONTHS OLD! I can’t believe it. We love you so much DJ. You give the best kisses!! 💙🦋 SWIPE FOR THE CUTENESS!
Jordin Sparks Jan 27, 2019
‘Ain’t nobody got time for naps.’ Clearly. Lol 💙🦋
Jordin Sparks Jan 07, 2019
Monday 💛✨ 📸: Troy Jensen
Jordin Sparks Jan 03, 2019
LIL MAN IS 8 MONTHS TODAY! I can hardly believe it! He’s doing so much. He can crawl but prefers to stand and is almost walking. He loves to talk and his 2 top teeth are coming in. They. Are. So. Cute. He loves lights, doggies and anything that makes noise. AND HIS LAUGH AND KISSES ARE THE BEST! You just light up our life, DJ, and I am so grateful you chose me to be your mommy. 🦋🦋🦋 #8months #milestones #iloveyouforever
Jordin Sparks Jan 02, 2019
These mini calzones are a game day hit in our house! Sweet, savory, and vegetarian options for your watch party festivities! 🏈
Jordin Sparks Jan 02, 2019
We’ve got some delicious keto & paleo friendly recipes that you’re going to LOVE today on The Dish On Oz! Coconut beef & broccoli, low-carb 🍲 that will have you feeling full and satisfied all day, an amazing bacon hack and more! 🤤🤤🤤 Make sure you tune in! #thedishonoz
Jordin Sparks Dec 27, 2018
Wow....This has me speechless. 😳😭 You guys really make my heart smile. All of this without really being out there like that in a few years. I’m grateful that y’all are still listening/streaming/downloading/asking for new music. ilysm. 2019 is going to be amazing. New music is coming! Don’t sleep! Tell me, which song of mine is your favorite & why? 🧡 #2018wrapped
Jordin Sparks Dec 26, 2018
You guysss 😂 Dana got us good! This blind taste test was honestly so much fun! 😂😅
Jordin Sparks Dec 26, 2018
My day isn’t complete unless I’ve laughed and laughing with friends is the greatest! So what better way to induce laughter but by a BLIND TASTE TEST CHALLENGE!!! Hilarity ensues! Click link in my bio to watch! 😂
Jordin Sparks Dec 25, 2018
Merry Christmas from our little family to yours! Look at DJ’s little smirk! Just like Daddy. Omggg they both just make my heart burst! 🧡
Jordin Sparks Dec 24, 2018
This is a WORD. Whew! Someone needs this tonight. What does this look like to you? Tell me in the comments & be honest. #foodforthought #message
Jordin Sparks Dec 23, 2018
29. Thank you for the love. 🧡
Jordin Sparks Dec 22, 2018
GET INTO THIS! I am so proud of you, Elijah. This project is so dope, I don’t think we’ve stopped playing it since it came out. You are a true talent and I am in awe as always. Y’all go grab #Bijoux23 now! @sirelijahblake! Link in my stories! 🧡
Jordin Sparks Dec 20, 2018
#TBT 10 years ago OMG CAN YOU JUST LOOK!? I don’t remember where this was taken. But I do recall wearing that dress for the 2008 BET I must’ve gone to another spot afterwards! I was so geeked to be in the same room with these powerhouses. Everything was so new and exciting. Look at us @carrieunderwood & @tasiasword! We’ve come a long way. I’m so happy and proud of you both. Cheers to much more success and happiness in the years ahead! 🧡🥂
Jordin Sparks Dec 19, 2018
I love gifting experiences because you get the added bonus of quality time together, which is honestly what this season is all about! 🎁#holidayswithkin #KinCares
Jordin Sparks Dec 19, 2018
Good morning! Mommy hack! This little ball pit/play pen fits in his pack n play! He loved it! It helps keep him occupied while I get stuff done around the house or pump. It’s so much fun to watch him explore and discover things he likes. Don’t worry he’s always being watched while he’s in there and plays. What are some of your parenting hacks? 😄
Jordin Sparks Dec 18, 2018
We have too much fun! 😄 All NEW @thedishonoz tomorrow! You don’t want to miss the fun no-bake Pinterest worthy Christmas cookie hacks🍪, the gift to buy the foodie in your life🎁 and more! Check your local listings and tune in! 🎄@dr_oz @chefjamika @guarnaschelli @daphneoz
Jordin Sparks Dec 14, 2018
I got my gifts right here. I mean, look at those smiles! God has truly blessed me beyond measure. Watch us talk about our Christmas traditions for our little family of 3! Hit the link in my bio! OHMYGAHHH DJ IS JUST THE CUTEST. 🎄♥️