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Notes on a Dream
Wired for Madness
The Unforgotten Path
Levin Minnemann Rudess
All That Is Now
Christmas Sky
The Road Home
Under a Spell (feat. Jordan Rudess & Peter Rajkai)
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Rhythm of Time
An Evening With
Feeding the Wheel
Liquid Tension Experiment 2
Liquid Tension Experiment
Jordan Rudess Apr 23, 2019
Let me take you through all of the tracks on my new solo album, Wired for Madness. In this video, I discuss my concept, inspirations and what I set out to achieve. Wired For Madness is out now, order your copy:
Jordan Rudess Apr 22, 2019
Wired For Madness is OUT NOW!! Available on CD. double black vinyl and limited edition red/blue vinyl (300 copies, exclusive to the MLG store). Only a few left, so get it while you can! Click the link below to go to your preferred store!
Jordan Rudess Apr 21, 2019
Just released, my new solo rock album, Wired for Madness. I composed all of the music and lyrics, play keys, geoshred, guitar and sing on the album.
Jordan Rudess Apr 20, 2019
It is my pleasure to feature Marjana Semkina, the wonderful singer from the group Iamthemorning, on Wired For Madness. She plays the role of the Angel on the title track. I can’t imagine a more beautiful voice to play this part. Here she is in the studio making this magic happen! Recorded at Noatune Studios, London Video by Natalia Tarasova
Jordan Rudess Apr 19, 2019
Wired For Madness RELEASE DAY!
Jordan Rudess Apr 18, 2019
Tomorrow, it’s finally time for my madness to be released!! Join me tomorrow for a Wired for Madness Live Q & A release event on Facebook at 11:00am EST.
Jordan Rudess Apr 18, 2019
Excerpt from Wired For Madness - For the first time I see an expanse that defies all reason. Infinity. Going to throw myself into the horizon with everything I have. Perhaps this is goodbye. #wiredformadness is out tomorrrow! (credit: Peter Rajkai)
Jordan Rudess Apr 18, 2019
TODAY I’ll be in NYC for the CD signing of Wired For Madness! See ya there!
Jordan Rudess Apr 16, 2019
Join me in NYC on April 18th for my Wired For Madness album signing and Q&A event. It will be held 6pm at Guitar Center on 14th street and the admission is FREE.See ya there!
Jordan Rudess Apr 15, 2019
Wired For Madness is coming. HERE’S A TEASER! On April 19th the music and madness of Jordan Rudess will be unleashed to the world.
Jordan Rudess Apr 15, 2019
Excerpt from Wired For Madness - Want my life back. I'm supposed to be the pilot and this machine my assistant. Turn this fucking thing down! They're going to fix this, right? If they can't get me back to normal and get this whole crazy ordeal over with, I want out. #wiredformadness is out this Friday! (credit: Peter Rajkai)
Jordan Rudess Apr 15, 2019
In my office! @korgofficial custom designed Kronos 88, @roland_us Custom AX Edge Keytar, @officialhammondorgan XK-5 @hakenaudio ContinuuMini, @apple iPad
Jordan Rudess Apr 15, 2019
Jordan Rudess Apr 13, 2019
I’ll be doing an album release-signing and Q&A event on Thursday, April 18th at Guitar Center on 14th street in New York City. Free admission- starts at 6pm. Hope to see you there!
Jordan Rudess Apr 13, 2019 Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater is bringing his KeyFest experience back to Sweetwater! With three days of jamming alongside, hanging out with, and learning from Rudess and guests David Rosenthal (Rainbow, Billy Joel, Cyndi Lauper) and Otmaro Ruíz (solo artist, John McLaughlin, Abraham Laboriel), KeyFest is an event no keys player should miss.
Jordan Rudess Apr 12, 2019
Watch the full video on YouTube: Trust the cards if you dare... Guitarist, Vinnie Moore, and I trade burning leads in “Why I Dream”, the lyric video release from my upcoming solo album. Also joining me on this track are Brothers Page on background vocals, Rod Morgenstein on drums. Alek Darson on bass. Wired for Madness serves up a full range of my styles and influences. In “Why I Dream”, you get a blend of prog rock and fusion with tinges of musical theater. Enjoy!
Jordan Rudess Apr 11, 2019
Excerpt from Wired For Madness - Losing total personal control was not supposed to be part of the equation. This transition was supposed to be an enhancement, and extension of my being, not the machine locking me out of my own life. #wiredformadness (credit: Peter Rajkai)
Jordan Rudess Apr 10, 2019
Here is another review of Wired For Madness
Jordan Rudess Apr 10, 2019
Rockin in Boston! Photo and Roland AX Edge custom Keytar design by Jerry LoFaro.
Jordan Rudess Apr 09, 2019
Check out this new review of Wired For Madness.
Jordan Rudess Apr 09, 2019
Timeline Photos
Jordan Rudess Apr 08, 2019
Jordan Rudess
Jordan Rudess Apr 06, 2019
Join me tomorrow, April 7th for a Facebook Q&A live event at 11:00am EST, (5:00pm CET). I’ll be speaking about my new solo album Wired For Madness (April 19th release date) and I’ll take Dream Theater questions as well!
Jordan Rudess Apr 05, 2019
Excerpt from Wired For Madness - I'm speeding through a kaleidoscope, each universe its own cosmic carnival. I explode into a huge chamber covered with flashing symbols & neon spheres. Every particle of my body is electrified. I'm taking off and landing in an ocean of color. Then I am suddenly overwhelmed and everything goes dark. #wiredformadness (credit: Peter Rajkai)
Jordan Rudess Apr 04, 2019
Wired For Madness review.