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Riceboy Sleeps
Jónsi & Alex Oct 14, 2018
Jónsi & Alex Apr 27, 2018
long-deleted 33-minute ep from Jónsi & Alex, ‘all animals’ was released as a limited edition bonus cd within the initial pressing of 2009’s ‘riceboy sleeps’ album. after a #recordstoreday2018 vinyl release, it is now available digitally too:
Jónsi & Alex Apr 27, 2018
's cover photo
Jónsi & Alex Apr 23, 2018
today at 10am eastern time, for those in the united states and canada, "all animals" by Jónsi & Alex #recordstoreday vinyl will be available to purchase via XL Recordings in limited numbers (along with other Sigur Rós, Alex Somers vinyl) buy: the Sigur Rós record store day competition:
Jónsi & Alex Apr 17, 2018
available this saturday as part of Record Store Day UK, the long-deleted 33-minute ep from Jónsi & Alex, ‘all animals’ was released as a limited edition bonus cd within the initial pressing of 2009’s ‘riceboy sleeps’ album. never before been made available on vinyl. details: #recordstoreday
Jónsi & Alex Jun 11, 2017
Alex Somers
Jónsi & Alex Jun 06, 2017
Alex Somers provided the soundtrack to Dawson City: Frozen Time - it will be screened in los angeles and new york city over the coming days - details via the link below "The only sounds we hear are the hypnotic chords of Alex Somers's score, which reaffirm Frozen Time as a requiem for a continent of ghosts who refuse to be buried"
Jónsi & Alex Sep 05, 2016
"Dawson City: Frozen Time", a film by Bill Morrison premieres today at the Venice Film Festival - Alex Somers made the soundtrack
Jónsi & Alex Jun 28, 2016
A new song from Alex, featuring Jónsi, premiered on Pitchfork today
Jónsi & Alex Jun 08, 2016
New music from Alex Somers
Jónsi & Alex Nov 20, 2015
help support our friend thomas fekete of Surfer Blood, details of fund raising and an auction are available (including a one-off alex somers vinyl) here:
Jónsi & Alex Sep 07, 2014
j&a are writing the score for the new tv series "manhattan". the boys talk scoring and potion making in this interview:
Jónsi & Alex Sep 01, 2011
just a heads up - these very limited edition suckers are almost sold out!
Jónsi & Alex Aug 02, 2011
a handful of these tshirts are available from soundscreen's latest installment of their "musician as designer" series.
Jónsi & Alex May 18, 2011
last year, Jónsi & Alex took part in "the morning line" event in instanbul, this year the event takes place in vienna. jónsi and alex won't be at this years event - but it should still be a great event:
Jónsi & Alex Dec 25, 2010
Jónsi & Alex » Blog Archive » Happy holidays! Here are some ringtones.
Jónsi & Alex Dec 22, 2010
heads up: we are sending a free download to our mailing list tomorrow as a christmas gift!
Jónsi & Alex Dec 21, 2010
morning hot chocolate 3 tablespoons raw cacao powder 1/4 heaping teaspoon vanilla powder 2 or 3 tablespoons of your favorite honey 1heaping tablespoon of coconut oil tiny bit of maple syrup tiny bit of agave syrup a pinch of salt 2 cups of hot water, not toooooo hot : ) … blend everything until it's just right… enjoy!! -j&a
Jónsi & Alex Nov 24, 2010
concert stream (from Q2) of the first ever riceboy sleeps performance, plus photos
Jónsi & Alex Nov 16, 2010
live audio webcast of credo by kjartan and riceboy sleeps by jónsi & alex starting now! (will be on demand afterwards)
Jónsi & Alex Nov 15, 2010
tonight some pieces from 'riceboy sleeps' will be performed live in new york city. the concert will be live streamed on NPR radio. the event starts at 7:30pm (new york time) tonight.
Jónsi & Alex Oct 18, 2010 is running a competition for some of the "rain down my favourite songs" promo cds - you enter by leaving a comment on their site...
Jónsi & Alex Sep 08, 2010
some works from 'riceboy sleeps' will be performed in nyc on the 15th of november - details in the link .....
Jónsi & Alex May 13, 2010
Jónsi & Alex Apr 04, 2010
Jónsi & Alex » Blog Archive » Dress rehearsal for Jónsi’s live show