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Dark Morph
2000 - 2004
Go Out EP
We Bought a Zoo (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Go Live
Live At The Wiltern (Live Nation Studios)
Riceboy Sleeps
All Animals
Riceboy Sleeps
Jónsi Aug 16, 2019
out now. ‘sigur rós presents liminal sleep’, a brand new Liminal playlist dedicated to nightly oblivion. “we like the fact that sleep remains defiantly mysterious; something we all do - all need to do - but can’t ever get fully inside. this playlist is a modest attempt to mirror the journey of a sleep cycle, with its curves, steady states and natural transitions." — Jónsi, Paul Corley & Alex Somers produced by Kjartan Holm and Paul Corley #sigurrosliminal
Jónsi Jul 06, 2019
ready for (in)action Liminal in paris (sunday) and london (tuesday) Jónsi Alex Somers Paul Corley
Jónsi Jul 01, 2019
riceboy sleeps de Jónsi & Alex Somers à la Philharmonie de Paris le 6 juillet – pour un concert unique. jónsi, le chanteur de Sigur Rós, et le compositeur alex somers présentent une version orchestrale de leur album riceboy sleeps à la philharmonie de paris samedi 6 juillet. une première performance en europe qui célèbrera le 10e anniversaire de leur chef-d’œuvre. billets disponibles // festival Days Off jónsi et alex somers seront accompagnés par le london contemporary orchestra, dirigé par robert ames, orchestré par david handler.
Jónsi Jun 30, 2019
good news: we know a lot of people were disappointed to miss out on tickets for the hyde park soundbath on tuesday week (july 9)...but we’ve got some good news – there will be some space beyond the main viewing area for you to bring a blanket and settle down to enjoy the liminal soundbath experience, albeit a little further away from the screen and sound. additionally, any unoccupied spaces in the ticketed area will be released on the evening at 8pm. see you there!
Jónsi Jun 28, 2019
Resonance 104.4fm talks to jónsi & carl michael von hausswolff about their recent "dark morph" project. - listen to the interview via "On view until 30 June 2019 at The Ocean Space as part of Venice Biennial, this sound installation is by Dark Morph, the newly formed duo of composer Carl Michael von Hausswolff and musician and vocalist Jónsi of Sigur Rós. The So(ng)qe/Tovuto Kyrrahafið Sound Field synthesizes diffracting patterns of sound waves with ocean waves, the sounds of whales, fish, crustaceans, and the wind recorded during Dark Morph’s expedition with The Ocean Space organisers the TBA21-Academy, to Fiji, South Pacific. We asked the duo, in a time of more urgent deconstructions of nationalism, how Icelandic the final sound was and how it is influenced by the lack of daylight in winter months." Krunk Records / The Vinyl Factory ⁣/ Ocean Space
Jónsi Jun 11, 2019
Jónsi Jun 10, 2019
'riceboy sleeps' by Jónsi & Alex Somers premieres in full for #VividLIVE at Sydney Opera House this coming tuesday 11 june with the sydney international orchestra and choir. some tickets remaining here: #riceboysleeps
Jónsi May 10, 2019
tonight in venice. dark morph
Jónsi May 10, 2019
Dark Morph released
Jónsi May 01, 2019
Dark Morph: Pre-order digital + vinyl: Track: BEKA YALO Details. Troubled by environmental injustices playing out in the oceans – affecting human and more-than-human lives – Jónsi (sound artist, chanteur and member of Sigur Rós, living in Los Angeles) and Carl Michael von Hausswolff (visual artist, electro-acoustic composer and King of Vargaland, living in Stockholm) have teamed up for a one-off collaboration as Dark Morph. Dark Morph is a collaborative project by Jónsi and Carl Michael von Hausswolff commissioned by TBA21-Academy / Ocean Space
Jónsi Apr 23, 2019
happy birthday Jónsi! photo: alastair thain
Jónsi Apr 12, 2019
this weekend Jónsi, Julianna Barwick and friends will be dj'ing at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club (palm springs, california) as part of #desertgold2019 - details
Jónsi Apr 12, 2019
Riceboy Sleeps at Dark Mofo Details below
Jónsi Mar 29, 2019
signup for details on
Jónsi Mar 24, 2019
unique Jónsi x-ray records to be auctioned as entries in the “library of dangerous thoughts” - a limited run of 10 seven-inch records, cut onto individual x-rays using a soviet-era recording lathe, are being auctioned on collectueurs to raise money for the University of the Underground. jónsi has made his specially recorded audio offering - alongside Massive Attack, Alex Somers, Noam Chomsky, Free Pussy Riot Now! (Putin, fear no art.) and more - to support the free educational institution in its mission to “raise awareness against censorship and encourage plurality of thinking”
Jónsi Mar 01, 2019
TB2 by Frakkur (aka Jónsi) // Frakkur was the artist name Jónsi from Sigur Rós used to define his home experiments in electronic music in the early years of the 21st century. TB2, taken from the forthcoming triple vinyl album 2000-2004, was made in Jónsi's small flat in the middle of Reykjavík, where he set up his first home studio in a cupboard, so that it could be packed away at night. He had a Yamaha RS-7000 with 32mb memory in the top drawer, which he called the Grey Machine and used to sample the beat-up toys he’d collect from local goodwill stores. Jónsi recalls it as a time "filled with blinding sunlight and pure fun creative energy”.
Jónsi Feb 23, 2019
Jónsi Feb 23, 2019
coming to paris as part of the festival Days Off in july, "riceboy sleeps" performed by Jónsi and Alex Somers with the London Contemporary Orchestra - july 6th. also at the festival - two performances of Liminal - july 7th. Liminal is the ambient soundbath experience featuring Jónsi, Alex Somers and Paul Corley on sale feb 28th:
Jónsi Feb 12, 2019
frakkur vinyl test pressings. sign up for information via #frakkur
Jónsi Feb 11, 2019
Vogue looks at the series of Liminal soundbaths and where it might go - “Now, thanks to a new performance series called Liminal, Birgisson, together with frequent collaborators Alex Somers and Paul Corley, is reworking Sigur Rós’s signature sound for a format that suits it perfectly: horizontal listening.” #shareliminal Paul Corley Jónsi Alex Somers Sigur Rós
Jónsi Feb 02, 2019
at the liminal soundbath last night at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County - #shareliminal listen to the full 3 hour ambient mixtape via Paul Corley Alex Somers Jónsi Sigur Rós Liminal
Jónsi Jan 25, 2019
"hundreds of days", released today by Mary Lattimore - Harpist features a 23 minute remix by Jónsi - other remixers include Alex Somers Paul Corley Sin Fang and Julianna Barwick - get it now via Ghostly International
Jónsi Jan 24, 2019
Amuse visits reykjavík to find out more about Jónsi and Fischer and their hand-made perfumes and more...
Jónsi Dec 30, 2018
volume 1, 2 & 3 of Liminal available to buy at at 35% discount via our Bandcamp page: - sale ends midnight PT on december 31st. volume 3 features an hour of brand new unreleased Sigur Rós music. #shareliminal Sigur Rós Jónsi Alex Somers Paul Corley Kjartan Holm ---- Sigur Rós have added an hour of brand new unreleased music to Liminal, their “endless ambient streaming mixtape.” Now in its third hour, the ever-expanding playlist has thus far comprised blissed-out versions of existing songs; contributions and remixes from friends and family; and a smattering of unreleased tracks and rarities. For the latest installment, however, the band are unveiling music and sounds to be found in Tónandi, their spatial computing experience designed in collaboration with Magic Leap. This latest hour of Liminal is the first to feature only Sigur Rós material, with much of it being drawn from songs still in development.
Jónsi Dec 06, 2018
Jónsi and Troye Sivan have been nominated for "Best Original Song - Motion Picture" at the Golden Globes. the awards ceremony is on january 6th. get the song here: