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Jonathan Jackson Aug 18, 2019
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson Aug 17, 2019
I’ve got another brand new lyric video out for my song #oneinamillion check it out and be sure to hit like and subscribe for more new music and content! It helps a ton!
Jonathan Jackson Aug 14, 2019
Here’s a clip of my song “Better” feat. Matt Dally of Superchick! Check out the full version and brand new lyric video at the link below!
Jonathan Jackson Aug 13, 2019
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson Aug 13, 2019
I’ve got a brand new lyric video out for my song “Better” feat. my buddy Matt Dally of Superchick! Check it out and be sure to subscribe to my channel! #jonathanjackson #christianpop
Jonathan Jackson Aug 10, 2019
“You hear a million prayers at one time, some how you hear my, One In A Million”
Jonathan Jackson Aug 07, 2019
Rock on Water is coming up on September 8th at 4pm! I’ll be playing along with Unspoken, Carrollton, Cochren and Co. and Hush Harbor on The Jeffersonville Riverstage! Don’t miss this free, family friendly concert!
Jonathan Jackson Aug 06, 2019
Had an amazing time teaching songwriting to students in Mexico last week at “The Institute” through an amazing non-profit called “Hands Offering Hope”. The students even had the opportunity to perform 2 songs on Friday night for their community! #songwriting #mexico
Jonathan Jackson Jul 28, 2019
Headed to Mexico today to work with Hands Offering Hope and teach songwriting to an amazing group of students, gotta love the early am wakeup calls ✌️#letsgo #songwriting #handsofferinghope
Jonathan Jackson Jul 23, 2019
Still one of my favorite songs from the last record! #evenmore #jonathanjackson #christianpop
Jonathan Jackson Jul 15, 2019
Hey friends, have you subscribed to my YouTube channel yet? It’s one of the best ways to be notified of brand new content that I release and it really helps for awareness as well!
Jonathan Jackson Jun 12, 2019
I just wanted to say.......That I am deeply grateful to everyone on this page(and beyond) for your support of my music, whether you’ve come out to a show, bought a cd, downloaded a song or just streamed it, your support matters. I really appreciate you. That’s all 😁😁😁
Jonathan Jackson May 31, 2019
Check out my brand new lyric video for "Forever and A Day" Here! A little bit of pop music goodness as you get ready for the weekend 😁😁😁
Jonathan Jackson May 31, 2019
I wrote this song over a year ago and then I decided to put it really didn't make a ton of sense next to the records that I had released before and was making then but the message was everything to me and it needed a voice. This song is about real life, real relationships, commitment, struggling, sticking with it, it's the first song I've written for my wife, it's about us and it's a part of our story but I imagine that we aren't alone in our mistakes, our struggles and hopefully our triumphs. Keep going, it's not easy but it's worth it. Peace and love friends. #foreverandaday #popmusic #reallife
Jonathan Jackson May 31, 2019
Surprise! Dropping a brand new lyric video tomorrow! 🙌🙌🙌#latenightannouncements
Jonathan Jackson May 15, 2019
This song is about the intersection of faith and doubt, wrestling with truth and the questions that come when life gets hard. It's not about answering all of the questions, it's about reminding ourselves of what's true, it's a simple prayer for when we feel like God isn't there, when it feels like he's distant, "I wanna hear Your voice" #christianmusic #jonathanjackson #popmusic
Jonathan Jackson May 15, 2019
Another brand new lyric video from my latest EP, it also happens to be my most streamed song on Spotify! If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out here!
Jonathan Jackson May 07, 2019
I’ve got a brand new lyric video for you, the lead track from my latest EP “Even More”! Head over to YouTube in the link below, check it out and subscribe to my channel! If you subscribe you’ll hear the music first and will get access to a lot of special content that I’m releasing over the next 4 weeks!
Jonathan Jackson May 07, 2019
I wrote this song over a year ago with the realization that I wanted to love God but found myself falling short. We can never do enough to earn God's love, but He steps in and gives us everything for nothing. This song is a desire to love the one who has given us everything with even more than what we thought we could give and pour out our love to the one who poured out His love for us. Stream or download the song "Even More" at any of your favorite digital music retailers and streaming services. Spotfiy: Apple Music: iTunes: Written By: Jonathan Jackson, Riley Friesen, Matt Dally Produced and Mixed By: Riley Friesen Mastered By: Nate Dantzler at The Hit Lab Drums: Lester Estelle Guitar: Derek Mount Lyrics: I know I know Heart ache I made i made Mistakes How could be what I was made to be How could I see what you see in me See in me Tired of my - heart breaking Tired of pain All of this- time wasted On things that fade I wanna love you Give you all my heart I wanna love you Cuz You loved me from the start How could I give you more Than what I have been giving And with all that I am With every breathe I take I wanna love you love you even more No more No more Apologies No more excuses You’ve forgiven me My good intentions will not set me freer I ready now for a change More than a feeling All that I want - Yeah All that I’m needing, needing I’ll Find right here Oh - oh - oh #jonathanjackson #popmusic #christianmusic
Jonathan Jackson May 04, 2019
Working on some brand new music 🎶 stay tuned ✌️
Jonathan Jackson Apr 23, 2019
“So many problems in the world that are bigger than mine, still YOU hear ME” #oneinamillion
Jonathan Jackson Apr 08, 2019
This is still true 🙌🙌🙌
Jonathan Jackson Mar 26, 2019
Rock on Water 2019 is September 8th at 4pm at the Jeffersonville River Stage in Jeffersonville, IN! I’ll be playing along with Hush Harbor, Carrollton, Michael Cochren and Unspoken! Put it on your calendar and make sure you don’t miss this great family friendly event!
Jonathan Jackson Mar 06, 2019
Proud to be partnering up with “Generosity Rocks “ with my friends in Citizen Way! “Generosity Rocks empowers musicians to go and proclaim the Gospel and inspire generosity in Jesus name. Generosity Rocks provides artists with the tools necessary to effectively do what God has called them to do. Generosity Rocks artists inspire generosity by giving a percentage of their live show proceeds directly to local organizations meeting community needs.” Go to the website to find out more and how you can partner with us and this amazing organization to help proclaim the Gospel and inspire generosity in Jesus’ name!
Jonathan Jackson Feb 28, 2019
Jonathan Jackson