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Jonah 33 Apr 05, 2019
Andrew Schwab (Project 86)
Jonah 33 Apr 03, 2019
Who would be interested in us re-releasing the last JONAH 33 EP "Dead Man Walking"? Please share and spread the question ;-)
Jonah 33 Mar 11, 2019
Jonah 33 Apr 12, 2018
Check out our EX-label mates "Smalltown Poets" as they're releasing their new full length "Say Hello" on May 11th! Go say hi!
Jonah 33 Jul 17, 2017
Check Out "12 Stones" New Album! Head over to and check it out!
Jonah 33 Apr 26, 2016
NOW IS THE TIME!! The JONAH 33 EP "Dead Man Walking" will ONLY be available to buy for the next week!!! If you want to get it, now is the time!! It's only $4.95 on ITUNES! CLICK the link below to purchase!
Jonah 33 Jan 07, 2016
Hello- Have you ever wanted to "Book a show"? Bring in a national artist to your church or event or festival OR Living Room? We are currently looking to "Book" some shows for Vince Lichlyter in Spring, Summer or Fall. For more information please email [email protected] Vince would love to come to your town or "Living Room" and play for you and your friends or community! Thanks and Happy New Year!
Jonah 33 Apr 14, 2015
Make sure to pick up "Dead Man Walking" on ITunes Today!!
Jonah 33 Apr 05, 2015
Happy Easter!
Jonah 33 Feb 05, 2015
Check out "Dead Man Walking" on!!!
Jonah 33 Jan 29, 2015
Jonah 33's cover photo
Jonah 33 Jan 19, 2015
HM Magazine and JONAH 33 Team up to giveaway a free song from the band's E.P. "Dead Man Walking " CHECK IT OUT!!
Jonah 33 Jan 01, 2015
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Jonah 33 on!!! BEST NEW YEARS RESOLUTION????? Purchase "DEAD MAN WALKING" by JONAH 33 Buy here ::
Jonah 33 Dec 31, 2014
If you haven't yet.. MAKE SURE YOU PICK UP "Dead Man Walking" by JONAH 33 on ITUNES NOW!!
Jonah 33 Dec 25, 2014
Wow. What a year. From what I can remember anyway.... Releasing music, teaching lessons, being a husband and a father, a new job, a new church. Looking back, I'm grateful for friends and family that give support and unconditional love. Its really the thread that holds me together. But its also challenged me to strive to be better this coming year. To love deeper, forgive more and chase my passions with a reckless abandon. I hope that you and yours have the opportunity to do the same, I hope you have a Merry Christmas, and that you DOMINATE 2015!!!!
Jonah 33 Dec 24, 2014
EFFECT RADIO Is giving away Jonah 33 "Dead Man Walking" for Christmas at Effect Radio!!!!! Check it out!!! Happy Holidays!
Jonah 33 Dec 07, 2014
"Walking Dead Fans" would like "Dead Man Walking" by Jonah 33 this Christmas! ! Great gift for anyone!! Oh yea....."like us" here (it's just one click;)))) and our label P.s. best jonah 33 song ever???
Jonah 33 Nov 15, 2014
If you haven't picked up JONAH 33 E.P. Please do so now!! By clicking the link below; Thanks for your support!
Jonah 33 Nov 13, 2014
JONAH 33 NEEDS YOUR VOTE!! The voting link for the 103GBF Rocktagon New Song Battle featuring Jonah 33 vs XFactor1. This link WILL NOT go live until 6pm central this evening. Fans can vote as often as they like until 5pm tomorrow.
Jonah 33 Nov 04, 2014
Head over to : And enter to win "Dead Man Walking"!
Jonah 33 Sep 10, 2014
Heres a new online publication my older brother is starting. Please check it out and share!
Jonah 33 Aug 08, 2014
Jonah 33 Jul 04, 2014