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Genera Magician EP
Summer of 86 a Story by Ahmad Taylor
History of Violence (feat. Boldy James, Guilty Simpson, Jon Connor, Pablo Skywalkin, Swifty McVay & Money Making ADEE)
Unconscious State
Jon Connor Dec 17, 2018
1,695 days...💔🤦🏾‍♂️ #Flint
Jon Connor Jun 14, 2018
We should all strive to be as humble & beautiful as the tree, that out of UNSELFISH LOVE for US, creates oxygen so WE can live and never asks for a “thank you” or brags about what it has done. Just my thoughts for the day... Spread love y’all
Jon Connor Jun 07, 2018
If you have time to complain, then you have time to find a solution.
Jon Connor Jun 05, 2018
Walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes. There is no need to explain or make sense of it. It's your life. Do what makes you happy.
Jon Connor Jun 04, 2018
‪Unnecessary words, pointless conversation and miscommunication are the enemy of progress. ‬ ‪Make every moment count. ‬ ‪Make every conversation one of growth, love and understanding. ‬ ‪Time wasted is equal to opportunities wasted.‬
Jon Connor Apr 25, 2018
Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. You will be knocked down, beat up, and told "no". It's on you to get back up, fight back, and keep working hard.
Jon Connor Apr 16, 2018
Had some time to reflect on another year... April 13, 1985: 33yrs on this planet and sometimes I feel like I’ve lived 3 different lives with all of the great experiences I’ve had and wonderful people I’ve met. I am grateful for every good time and every lesson I’ve learned from every bad time. I am humbled by the things that God has allowed me to see and do, and with every year that passes I like to think I am another year wiser and stronger. If you have ever been a fan of my music, thank you and I love u so much, if we have ever met by debating about WWE or met in passing or any woman I’ve dated or any woman that broke my heart I say thank all of you and I love you because life’s experiences are what shape us into who and what we are supposed to be. Thanks for any and all birthday wishes each means just as much as the next. I love y’all Connor
Jon Connor Apr 13, 2018
If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?
Jon Connor Apr 11, 2018
Another #WrestleMania in the books. Thank you New Orleans for memories that will last a lifetime. Remember to have fun y’all. We only get one shot at this thing called life so remember to put fun on the agenda every once in a while. #WrestleMania34 I had a blast!
Jon Connor Apr 09, 2018
Ya dig
Jon Connor Mar 16, 2018
Believe in yourself. Work outside of your habits. Know when to speak up. Collaborate more. Don't procrastinate. Keep learning. Find inspiration in everything. Ask for help. Learn to take criticism. Do your research. Always bring something to the table. Never give up.
Jon Connor Mar 13, 2018
I love anyone who has ever been a fan of mine.
Jon Connor Mar 13, 2018
Rest In Power, Craig Mack 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Jon Connor Mar 12, 2018
Life gets so much better when you stop caring about what other people think. #Connorism
Jon Connor Mar 10, 2018
Please watch the Netflix series Flint Town to fully understand where I’m from and what the people of my city are up against. Flint, I love you.
Jon Connor Mar 09, 2018
Sheeeeeeeesh My bro Royce 5'9" went IN on FUNKFLEX
Jon Connor Mar 07, 2018
Most people don't know how awesome they are until you tell them Be sure to tell them Tag someone who's awesome Let's spread some love today
Jon Connor Feb 19, 2018
Happy Birthday to the good Doctor 🙌🏽
Jon Connor Feb 18, 2018
I just know what I want, then I wake up everyday and do my best to get it. I DON'T SETTLE for ANYTHING on ANY LEVEL. I look at obstacles as just that “obstacles”. They are things that are in my way that I have to defeat to get to my goal. I am human so there are moments of frustration, hurt, anger, depression and sadness but then after I’ve processed that feeling I take it all and let it push me forward to continue and not distract me or trick me into giving up. I got one life to live and why not try your best to make it EXACTLY what u want it to be. You can get another job, you can get another girlfriend/boyfriend, you can lose money and then get it again but u only get one life... DO NOT SETTLE, DO NOT GIVE UP. Let life be the perfect gift from God that it was meant to be, don’t ruin it by doubting what your life can and can’t be. Jus was on my heart today. Hope it reached somebody. Love y’all, Jon
Jon Connor Feb 13, 2018
The most comfortable thing you'll ever wear is your own skin. Fuck opinions. Be yourself. Keep going.
Jon Connor Feb 09, 2018
Are you a reflection of the things you're asking for in your life? Be brutally honest with yourself and the answer is in the truth...If you aren’t happy with your surroundings or the people in your life they are only a reflection of what you allow Be the change you want to see I feel like a lotta people want things and pray and ask for things almost like wishing on a star, you say I want certain things but then there are no actions to back it up. Put yourself in the path of your blessings by behaving as if you have already received it. Love
Jon Connor Feb 09, 2018
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAWG Anderson .Paak Luv and many blessings bro!!!
Jon Connor Feb 02, 2018
⚠️ warning 🚨 Long post Alert 🚨 I have been so fortunate in this life to have met so many beautiful spirits... It seems like in today’s world there are so few left. As a person who has NEVER cared about money, social status or how I was perceived by people I look at today’s world and shake my head be cause that’s ALL people care about today. With that being said I often feel like the red dot in a room full of black dots **i don’t know if that’s a good analogy or not jus vibe with me lol** I feel like social media, money, television etc are all just disguises to help hide the spirit of who someone really is this is why I don’t give a sh*t about any of it lol. I’m not blinded by the mask I see thru it into who a person really is... I’ve met asshole millionaires just like I’ve met assholes who were broke lol I’ve met people in poverty that would still give you the clothes off their back despite how little they have to give and by the same token I’ve met wealthy people who would give it all up if they could just to help someone. With that being said with the world we live in, I am super appreciative when I meet another “red dot” lol because you don’t meet genuine people often, I’ve learned how to appreciate them when I come across them. Rich or poor, black or white straight or gay you spirit isn’t defined by the labels this world puts on you it’s defined by your heart, intentions, your actions and selflessness and I appreciate you all. Look beyond outer appearance, get to know someone by reading someone’s heart not their status. And people please STOP letting these meaningless things have so much power in your life... I’ve seen people’s whole week be ruined by posts and tweets lol ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS. Forgive me y’all jus venting. Life is a beautiful energy force that can’t be explained so stop letting stupid things that CAN be explained taint such a wonderful gift. Aight y’all just ramblings off the top of my head, these are the things I think about *i know it’s a lot going on in my brain lol ARIES man smh lol** If u read all this I hope it helped and added to your already positive day and thank u for thinking my thoughts were important enough to giving time to. Love y’all lol now get off the internet and go be nice to somebody and remember ITS NOT OVER UNLESS U QUIT. GET UP N KEEP GOING. Love y’all Jon. Ducie. Connor.
Jon Connor Feb 02, 2018
Be patient. God hears you.
Jon Connor Jan 30, 2018
End of the day I come from NOTHING I fight for & am a voice for those who also come from nothing I will always fight for them to stay inspired My journey is a manifestation that anything is possible No matter what city u from know that u CAN DO IT Keep pushing Love y'all