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No One Travels Alone
The Smiling & Beautiful Countryside
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Moth Nor Rust
Ours and the Shepherds
No Mean City
Jon Brooks Music Feb 05, 2019
Thank you, @christina_hutt Sean Cotton and Neil Cruickshank for an exceptional #SadMonday @the.cameronhouse You are loved.
Jon Brooks Music Feb 02, 2019
Monday, Feb 4 6-8pm. The Cameron House I'll be joined by the both laughably great, Sean Cotton and Christina Hutt. They're coming a long way for this one so I hope some of you make it out for them. Fact: contrary to marketing minds that believe everything is exclamatory, not all #SadMondays are created equal - this one will be especially memorable.
Jon Brooks Music Jan 29, 2019
Shocker. Beautiful forlorn people showed up for #SadMonday #TOSnowStorm edition. Thank you @the.cameronhouse You are loved.
Jon Brooks Music Jan 22, 2019
Another #sadmondays mercifully endured @the.cameronhouse with the shining @isabelfryszberg Thank you, beautiful people, you are loved.
Jon Brooks Music Jan 20, 2019
Thank y’all @theintersteer and Neil Cruickshank. Fun was had. You are loved. Seeya soon @the.cameronhouse #SadMondays
Jon Brooks Music Jan 17, 2019
's cover photo
Jon Brooks Music Jan 15, 2019
Beautiful news: No One Travels Alone just made NPR's Global Village 'Best Albums of 2018' list! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I just used an exclamation mark - but I needed some good news after last night's saddest Sad Monday of all time. The NPR show airs tonight at 7pm and they'll be playing something from the new album for my American brothers and sisters. Thank you Global Village, this means a lot. You are loved.
Jon Brooks Music Jan 15, 2019
Thank you kind souls who endured a particularly miserable #SadMonday last night The Cameron House - happier news to follow. You are loved.
Jon Brooks Music Jan 13, 2019
's cover photo
Jon Brooks Music Jan 13, 2019
Thank y’all Trinity House Theatre - hope to seeya again in 2020.
Jon Brooks Music Jan 11, 2019
Hey Michigan brothers and sisters, we're on the hallowed stage of Trinity House Theatre tonight in Livonia. Has it really been 4 years? Requests? Other than the Old Dog, that is...
Jon Brooks Music Jan 08, 2019
First #SadMonday was mournful but we were not alone The Cameron House with John Showman and a few good and courageous souls. That is to say, thank you! You are loved.
Jon Brooks Music Dec 24, 2018
Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and an inspired 2019, friends. You are loved.
Jon Brooks Music Dec 06, 2018
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Jon Brooks Music Dec 01, 2018
Thank you The Moonshine Cafe for a satisfying return to the stage after a 3 week break and a visit to the Serene Republic ('Venice, built by madmen...'). You are loved.
Jon Brooks Music Nov 30, 2018
Hey Oakville friends, we’re back at the hallowed The Moonshine Cafe tonight for a long awaited vinyl album release show. Still like live music? C’mon out.
Jon Brooks Music Nov 25, 2018
Hey Oakville, we’ll be back at The Moonshine Cafe this Friday, November 30 - with some new bitchin vinyl. I’m honoured to be back at one of my favourite Canadian venues, run by such first rate people, John and Jane. Don’t let my resistance to exclamation marks dissuade your intrigue. You are loved.
Jon Brooks Music Oct 21, 2018
's cover photo
Jon Brooks Music Oct 14, 2018
Thank y’all Cafe in the Woods. Manitoulin: You are loved. Neil and I had an unforgivably good time. We’ll meet again. Til then: endure, resist, and know that you are loved.
Jon Brooks Music Oct 02, 2018
And thank you all who came out tonight to The Cameron House and John Showman (!) for a great first of five #SadMondays.
Jon Brooks Music Oct 02, 2018
Thank you Carnegie Concerts! Neil and I had an inspired night. You are loved.
Jon Brooks Music Oct 01, 2018
Roots Music Canada
Jon Brooks Music Sep 23, 2018
Yes, beautiful individuals, the new album is formally out and available. No One Travels Alone, (Borealis Records, 2018), is a meditation on the atomic, the digital, the animals, the migrants, the stars, and the Gods; and, more essentially: on the interconnectedness of all life - hence, the title and the linkages between the songs by last and first lines. John Showman and I will be highlighting songs from it live at The Cameron House, Monday October 1, 6-8pm. Neil and I will also be doing cd release shows in Dundas, ON Carnegie Concerts on September 29 and Manitoulin Island, @ Cafe In The Woods October 13.
Jon Brooks Music Sep 18, 2018
Jon Brooks Music
Jon Brooks Music Aug 19, 2018
Castro's Lounge Toronto Beaches, this afternoon 4-7pm. Pack light, it’ll be a sweaty and solo performance.