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Jon Brooks at Little Rock Folk Club (September 21, 2019)
Venue: Little Rock Folk Club (Little Rock, AR, US) Find tickets
Jon Brooks at Flying Cat House Concerts (September 28, 2019)
Venue: Flying Cat House Concerts (Indianapolis, IN, US) Find tickets
Jon Brooks at Zen Waffle Inn (October 5, 2019)
Venue: Zen Waffle Inn (Waubaushene, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Jon Brooks with Mark Jewett at Trinity House Theatre (November 15, 2019)
Venue: Trinity House Theatre (Livonia, MI, US) Find tickets
Irish Mythen and Jon Brooks at Calgary Folk Club (March 20, 2020)
Venue: Calgary Folk Club (Calgary, AB, Canada) Find tickets
Jon Brooks Music Aug 16, 2019
High Five single from soon coming Moth Nor Rust II is released today by Fallen Tree Records. Seeya @ Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival tomorrow night w/The Outskirts of Approval. Painting by Claire Wilks.
Jon Brooks Music Aug 06, 2019
Moth Nor Rust II available August 17 @summerfolk or Friday, September 13 @thedakotatavern #outskirtsofapproval #fallentreerecords
Jon Brooks Music Aug 06, 2019
Friday, September 13 The Dakota Tavern or August 17 Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival
Jon Brooks Music Aug 05, 2019
No #SadMonday tonight. We're back w/ Sean Cotton and Vivienne Wilder next week, Monday, August 12 The Cameron House. 'Til then, here's a new video we made w/ John Showman Vivienne Wilder Joe Ernewein - shot by Ed Hanley Cathy Ord with lots of help from Adelaide HT and Robert O'Neill.
Jon Brooks Music Aug 01, 2019
Roots & Fusion
Jon Brooks Music Jul 28, 2019
The first single of MNRII is up and ready for download on whatever yer favourite platform. We’d be honoured if you shared and sang recklessly.
Jon Brooks Music Jul 26, 2019
Fallen Tree Records has just released the first single, When We Go, for Moth Nor Rust II which will be released September 13, 2019. When We Go features: Neil Cruickshank Christina Hutt Jason LaPrade Rosemary Phelan John Showman and Vivienne Wilder. Painting by Claire Wilks.
Jon Brooks Music Jul 20, 2019
Jon Brooks & The Outskirts Of Approval : Moth Nor Rust II. Produced by Jason LaPrade and Neil Cruickshank. Coming via Fallen Tree Records Friday September 13, 2019. Painting by Claire Wilks.
Jon Brooks Music Jul 11, 2019
#SadMondays July and August The Cameron House w/The Outskirts of Approval - Vivienne Wilder and #JoeErnewein.
Jon Brooks Music Jun 30, 2019
Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival This will be fun.
Jon Brooks Music Jun 21, 2019
No Mean City cover painting “Cottingham School With The Black Flag” by the late Christiane Pflug. Produced by Pat Simmonds summer2005.
Jon Brooks Music Jun 17, 2019
@raptors thank you, thank you, thank you. You are loved.
Jon Brooks Music Jun 13, 2019
“The Record That Changed My Life.” Hopefully half as much to read as it was to write. #TheBoatmansCall Penguin Eggs @NickCaveandtheBadSeeds.
Jon Brooks Music Jun 07, 2019
Tomorrow matinee at The Intersteer on Roncesvalles, Toronto. 5-8pm. #outskirtsofapproval w/Joe Ernewein and Vivienne Wilder.
Jon Brooks Music Jun 07, 2019
Fallen Tree Records
Jon Brooks Music May 31, 2019
Fallen Tree Records
Jon Brooks Music May 29, 2019
Ours and the Shepherds, my 2007 album of Canadian war stories has just been re-released by Fallen Tree Records this month. Trauma incurred by war experience is not a disorder, it’s human. Painting by Sean Yelland. “Whose fault is it? Ours and the shepherds.” - Dorothy Day.
Jon Brooks Music May 19, 2019
Rereleased Fallen Tree Records! Terrifying painting by Sean Yelland.
Jon Brooks Music May 19, 2019
Our first Outskirts of Approval gig The Dakota Tavern w/Vivienne Wilder and Joe Ernewein was a success thanks to all who dared to accept the perils of atomic live music last night. You are loved. Thank you Shawna Caspi for the great photo.
Jon Brooks Music Apr 23, 2019
Photo by Laura Kathryn Carson
Jon Brooks Music Mar 31, 2019
See ya'll tonight in #Nanaimo Harbour City Concerts @FirstUnitarianFellowshipofNanaimo 7.30pm w/Neil Cruickshank Painting by the adorable, Marilyn J Adams Gallant
Jon Brooks Music Mar 24, 2019
The final #SadMonday of this current residency is upon us. Tomorrow night The Cameron House 6-8pm will be our last. For now. Fingers crossed we'll be invited back because I've only just begun to get my bearings on a stage which has just recently included the great performers John Showman (fiddle) and Vivienne Wilder (upright bass/vocals). But this being the finale of a 3 month run of unapologetic nuance, ambiguity, and melancholia, I thought it appropriate to invite my near northern friends, Sean Cotton and Christina Hutt. I understand the challenge of leaving the safety and comfort of one's digital home - should that be the case, you can still abet and aid live music and atomic community by one click: 'share.' Trust me, it helps. Should you be among those reckless souls pursuing the examined life - we'll be in lovable company and we'll be so grateful you contributed to what I believe will be the greatest #SadMonday yet. Please remember: it's cash only and your kids are smarter than you think - that is to say, yer welcome to bring 'em if you're okay with exposing them to the unsafe space of ideation and song. They'll leave #SadMondays with strange and secret wisdom their teachers may not appreciate.
Jon Brooks Music Mar 19, 2019
#SadMondays @ The Cameron House w/the stupidly trustworthy Chris Ronald Vivienne Wilder and John Showman was perilously inspired. Too many predictable hits, I know...apologies, hometown super-fans: don't hate me cause you love me AND I'm famous. Okay, bring it down...Next week is the final #SadMonday of this run - hopefully we'll be back for more in warmer 2019 days. For now, our final #SadMonday, March 25, we'll have John and Vivienne back - as well as the inimitable Sean Cotton and Christina Hutt. Get there early. This one will be stuffed with all the melancholia, tragic vision, and regret that accompanies all final #SadMondays.
Jon Brooks Music Mar 17, 2019
#SadMondays The Cameron House 6-8pm. Tomorrow night I'll be joined by the laughably talented Vivienne Wilder Clayton Yates and John Showman. Special guest - all the way from Vancouver - my Borealis Records brother, Chris Ronald.
Jon Brooks Music Feb 25, 2019
#SadMondays, baby. Safe haven from the healers of sadness, tomorrow night at The Cameron House with the hatefully talented, John Showman - 6-8pm. 'Twill be a rock show of the first order. You will be heartbroken, soul-ransacked, and reinvigorated. You are loved.