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Drop Down (feat. Oh S**t!, Joman)
Another Late Night
Raggattak (Remix)
Bleeding Heart Synchronicity
Joman Feb 16, 2019
“Y’all gonna keep fuckin’ around with me and turn me back to the old me” Photo by Neil Griffith
Joman Feb 12, 2019
Joman Feb 10, 2019
If you missed my remix of one of the greatest comedies of all time, Monty Python & the Holy Grail - that was retweeted by the one and only Eric Idle - check it out!
Joman Jan 27, 2019
Joman Jan 24, 2019
#TBT #ThrowbackThursday ATB, 2010. The greatest gig I ever played. Not because it was the biggest crowd, or even because it was the best set. But because the vibes were incredible. I played tracks of mine that I'd only heard on a cheap pair of old home theater speakers I took from my dad's house that comprised most of what was my "studio" at the time. And they went off. It was like the audience felt everything I felt when I wrote them. I was adamant on playing King Unique's "Girls Can Be Cruel" but couldn't find a high-quality version, so I reached out to them directly and they obliged. I wish I recorded it. But among the originals I played were "Static," "Simple Memory," "Party Like a Rockstar" and my remix of "Tha Illest" by Oh Shit! and Messinian.
Joman Jan 21, 2019
Joman Jan 20, 2019
Sneak peek of the artwork for my next EP
Joman Jan 17, 2019
I hadn’t drawn in quite some time and decided to change that last night. I drew this freehand in pencil.
Joman Jan 14, 2019
I have a functioning website now. :D
Joman Jan 12, 2019
Alright, I’ll play the “how badly have you aged” challenge. 2009 vs. 2019 (21-31). No, really. I may or may not be a slightly pudgy vampire.
Joman Jan 11, 2019
A little something I threw together
Joman Jan 04, 2019
Behold, Monty Python fans... I bestow upon you a gift.
Joman Dec 29, 2018
Alright, this Decadence lineup addition is real. I'll be playing the Silent Disco on December 30th from 11-12PM. I'll be giving away t-shirts and signed CDs. Come say hello! More info:
Joman Dec 21, 2018
One of the single greatest memories of my entire life occurred at Beta Nightclub. I opened the floor for ATB - back in 2011, if I remember correctly - probably the first set I ever played of mostly my own music. I remember it vividly because not only was hearing my music on the Funktion-1 for the first time a new experience for me, but I'd never felt a vibe like I did that night. The audience was absorbed in the music. I felt a non-verbal connection with them that was unlike anything I'd ever felt before. It was like they were putty at my hands. In that singular moment of euphoria, I knew that the years that had let up to it had been worth it. I knew that all the pain, and all the rejection, and all the toiling away in the studio, had been worth it. I watched audiences chant the lyrics to my track "High Fidelity" with Lea Luna. I drank with Tommy Lee in the green room. I reminisced with my idol, BT. I hung out and performed with friends from afar, like Adam K and Noel Sanger. I opened for The Crystal Method, Mako, Manufactured Superstars and countless others. I earned my chops. All within these walls. And from these experiences, I gained the courage to take my music to new cities, and perform for new audiences. I can't thank you - all of you who have been a part of this club for so many years, be you promoters, booking agents, DJs, security, audience members and the like - enough for everything that you have done for me, not only as an artist, but as a human being. I am, and will forever be, eternally grateful.
Joman Dec 08, 2018
My bathroom is complete
Joman Dec 07, 2018
Thanks for an amazing year of listening on Spotify. #2018ArtistWrapped
Joman Dec 05, 2018
Big thanks to Stacy Walsh for this interview for her blog. What could have just been another run-of-the-mill interview about my music ended up also being a very in-depth piece about mental health & trauma, Pop culture, and society in general. Give it a read.
Joman Dec 02, 2018
Hey guys, I really, really want you to listen to this mix I just did for Jackson Maring/Mile High Dance Sessions. It's the first continuous mix I've recorded in over two years, and it's almost entirely my own music. Give it a listen on my Mixcloud here: Listen ad-free/download on Or download an MP3 directly here: Share it far and wide, however you please. But most importantly, enjoy!
Joman Nov 30, 2018
Check out the first continuous mix I've recorded in quite some time for Mile High Dance Sessions! Jack-Jack (Jackson Maring) opens it up with Trance for the first hour, and my mix starts at the 60-minute mark. Also, check out the sneak peek of my upcoming remix of Orange peel moses' track, "Butterflies!" This is the only place you can hear it before it releases in February! I'm super happy with how this mix turned out. Jack-Jack Mix: 1.Sunlounger - Another Day On The Terrace (Intro Club Mix) 2. Wippenburg - Chakalaka 3. Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor - Air For Life 4. Holden & Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Mix) 5. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Three N One Remix) 6. Aven - All I Wanna Do (Ferry Corsten Remix) 7. VDM - Magnetic 8. Hydra - Affinity 9. Marco V - Godd 10. Binary Finary - 1998 (Gouryella Remix) Joman Mix 1. Lesley Gore - It's My Party (Intro) 2. Joman - Royale with Cheese (Pulp Fiction Remix) 3. Zsak - Rushin' (Original Mix) 4. Orange Peele Moses - Butterflies (Joman Remix) 5. Trampboat - Ah (Original Mix) 6. Joman - Outta the Dark (Extended Mix) 7. DJ Dan - We Used to Jack (Original Mix) 8. Nozu - Bounce (Joman Remix) 9. Noel Sanger - One More Time (Max Freegrant Remix) 10. Joman - Ragnarok (Original Mix) 11. Nora En Pure - Trailblazer (Joman Remix) 12. Joman - Everybody Else (Original Mix) 13. Joman - Tesseract (Original Mix)
Joman Nov 22, 2018
While you celebrate this Thanksgiving with your friends and family members, try to be mindful of the fact that there are millions of people who can’t afford to eat, and need your help. Please, take a moment to make a donation to Action Against Hunger to help fight global starvation.
Joman Nov 11, 2018
Since it’s my birfday, think you could help a guy out and snag a release or two of mine? 😀 ❤
Joman Nov 06, 2018
Seriously though... vote.
Joman Nov 04, 2018
I love when shows take you by surprise. That’s the only way to describe how I felt at this warehouse party in downtown Denver. The crowd was vibing from set to set. I loved it! Thanks to everyone who came out!
Joman Nov 02, 2018
Great job, Facebook 👏🏻
Joman Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween! Seems like a good time to share a little bit of this Horror sample pack I'm working on for Carma Studio/Beatport... this particular project was heavily inspired by the opening alleyway scene from one of the greatest Survival Horror games of all time, Silent Hill. Enjoy!