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Joman Jun 16, 2019
In the past two weeks alone, I’ve learned that border patrol agents crack jokes about assaulting, starving and murdering migrants. I’ve watched Trump deprive the unaccompanied children among them of basic human rights by stripping funding from their legal services, medical services and recreational activities. I’ve watched “Christians” press charges against those actually following in their savior’s footsteps by giving these people food, water and shelter. And today, Trump just issued an executive order to slash 1/3 of advisory boards that provide scientific advice as precious time to address the climate emergency runs out. All while “pro-lifers” have been screaming about unborn fetuses and acting like victims when they’re called out for their perverse hypocrisy. We’re putting kids in camps. Raping, drugging and killing them. Destroying the environment and spitting in the faces of everyone trying to preserve it and its finite, precious resources. Laugh it up, you sick motherfuckers. There’s not a single Goddamn “Christian” “pro-life” thing about you. You’re gonna get yours eventually, and no one will feel sorry for you when you do. And all you “apolitical” people can go fuck yourselves. You’re every bit as responsible for allowing all of this to happen.
Joman Jun 15, 2019
Friendly reminder that there are Millennials/Gen-Zers out there who actually care more about how many likes and followers they and others have than the fact we have fucking children in concentration camps. Don't get me started about the Baby Boomers; I've already given up on most of them. Let's talk about my generation. Before I read "Zucked" by Roger McNamee and decided to shut off my personal Facebook profiles because they were a worthless time suck that kept me in a state of perpetual disgust with humanity, I would get shit from Millennials/Gen-Zers over the dumbest things, like how many likes a fucking post would get, because thanks to the internet, that's how a lot of these morons measure the validity of a thought, which is exactly how Russian propagandists and other bad actors were able to manipulate the dumb narcissistic masses into electing the worst President in modern American history. It's a big part of why the music industry sucks now, too. "Oh, you only got a hundred likes on this music post? It must not be any good. Guess I won't listen to it." Meanwhile, "artists" will buy a million plays and followers and because we're a culture of easily duped drones and rubes, it works at convincing everyone that that must mean the content is amazing. What the onlookers don't realize is that half of them are being paid in "exposure" or have a massive trust fund. Call me a hater. It's not like I haven't been called that a thousand times before. It's the go-to response from Millennials/Gen-Zers if you don't exist in a hedonistic bubble of complacency. They're just like the Baby Boomers in that many of them just flat-out refuse to acknowledge the suckery all around them. And I know what some of you are thinking. "But Joman, you like your own posts!" To which I respond, after years of having that be one of the biggest things people would complain to me about, I got locked into the habit of doing it just because some people find it so annoying, when they should save that energy up for things that actually matter, like, oh, I don't know, THE RESURGENCE OF FASCISM IN THE UNITED STATES. I think I should've been born a Gen-xer, so that my unremitting nihilism and despondency over the state of the world would fit in with my peers, instead of leaving me shunned by a bunch of superficial positivity culture-inundated social media addicts whose only goal in life is to rack up exposure points by any means necessary. The thing about economic and technological prosperity (apart from the environmental impact) is that it kind of loses its luster if no one has any fucking morals or ethics. I hate to sound like a broken record here, but that's literally what all of the dystopian sci-fi novels are about (yeah, I've actually read them). It's happening. Newspeak is Emojispeak. The Ministry of Truth is Fox News and Trump and Sarah Sanders and all these other compulsive liars. The Dunning-Kruger Effect is the self-inflicted form of brainwashing. Popularity is the pot at the end of the fucking rainbow. It's called "Black Mirror" because it's a reflection of our own insidious descent into a tech nightmare. Get off the treadmill and try out for the reality TV show... if you're not perfect, America will laugh at you, knowing full well they're just laughing at themselves. Like this post or don't. It won't save any of us either way. The rudest awakening Millennials/Gen-Z will ever get is having their collective false sense of superiority crushed under the collapse of an economic model designed for infinite growth that is impossible. You won't be gloating about your clout when your friends start dying. You won't be Instagramming when the bombs start going off. Literally everything you think matters doesn't.
Joman Jun 15, 2019
“Bro stop talking about politics and join the rest of us happy people having third-life and mid-life crises, drinking ourselves stupid 5 days a week and shoveling designer drugs mislabeled as Molly into our ghostly faces while we listen to some Xanaxed out SoundCloud rapper mumbling incoherently over untuned stolen 808 samples. Get woke!” - the death rattle of the American music scene
Joman Jun 15, 2019
‪We all know why you right-wingers obsessively criticize Jim Carrey. It’s because you, like all of us, loved him growing up, and can’t stand that one of the funniest, most talented people in the history of cinema doesn’t approve of your bullshit fascist politics. Same with DeNiro.‬
Joman Jun 15, 2019
‪I get called a lot of things by right-wingers but “bully” is probably my favorite. Calling you out for your lack of ethics is not “bullying.” You envision a world where you get to do and vote for whatever you want, and no one says anything to you. Who are the “snowflakes” again?‬
Joman Jun 15, 2019
Right in the childhood
Joman Jun 15, 2019
I think somewhere around the 100,000th time I was called a f****t and told to kill myself marks when I stopped believing the majority of “Christians” were actually about love, forgiveness and grace.
Joman Jun 14, 2019
It’s pretty amazing how many people who apparently love Monty Python are blissfully unaware that they’re all progressives and that every single one of their movies is mercilessly mocking religion and politics. Then again, there are Pink Floyd fans who still haven’t figured out that Roger Waters despises Trump, and that the entire album “the Wall” is a direct contradiction of their beliefs, so whatever. I guess expecting people to know anything about anything is holding them to an unfair standard. If everyone you admire disagrees with you, it might be time to start questioning what you’re thinking. Or just retreat to mediocre, boring “apolitical” entertainment. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Joman Jun 14, 2019
Any time I start to feel down about not being a hometown hero anymore, I have to remind myself that there are worse things than no longer being accepted by a bunch of middle-aged white men playing other people’s music at the exact same bars and clubs they have been for the past 20+ years.
Joman Jun 10, 2019
Spent most of yesterday and this morning working on this: “I Want You.”
Joman Jun 09, 2019
A little something I whipped up last night... I call it “the Patriot.”
Joman Jun 08, 2019
I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many compliments on a t-shirt. Shout out to OffWorld Designs for the print.
Joman Jun 07, 2019
How anyone can still believe that “both sides” line of crap is beyond me - as the ‘right’ plans a “straight pride parade” on the backs of gays like Harvey Milk and Matthew Shepard, who died for the modicum of equality that we have in this country. As Trump strips education, legal services and recreational activities away from unaccompanied migrant minors already being raped, drugged, starved and murdered in ICE custody. As nearly every single one of the literally hundreds of mass shootings over the past few years is committed by a right-wing domestic terrorist in whole or in part emboldened by Trump. As one of the most popular shows - the Handmaid’s Tale, painstakingly depicts exactly what a Christian Theocracy would look like. As those waving Nazi and Confederate flags and still have the gall to label themselves patriots cheer Trump’s name. As unarmed minorities are murdered by racist cops and nothing happens but the emergence of an unapologetic culture of police worship. As the climate emergency encroaches in the only country with a major political party that denies its very existence. As we descend deeper and deeper into this nightmare, I still have to explain to people how the folks who want free healthcare and education and think gender is a spectrum aren’t as bad. That is the power of propaganda. That is the power of people like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson screaming into millions of gullible, poorly educated Americans’ faces for hours on-end every night. That is the power of peer pressure and the culture of influence. That is the power of fear - fear of alienation. Fear of change. The events of the next decade are going to rip through American politics like nothing we’ve seen since the Civil War. And some of you are still more worried about fetuses, and dudes who wear dresses. It blows my mind, every single day.
Joman Jun 07, 2019
You know you struck a few chords when right-wing trolls are still harassing you four days later, and sicking their ilk on you when you ban them. And we’re the snowflakes. And we’re the ones who don’t have jobs, while these freaks spend the better part of a week stewing and obsessing over words on the internet. Me banning you from my own page isn’t a violation of your free speech, you fucking idiots. Go take your fallacious temper tantrums somewhere else.
Joman Jun 07, 2019
“Our fake pro-life argument isn’t working anymore. Quick, let’s shift the focus to how unfair it is that homophobic misinformation propagandists are getting deplatformed by private companies, and cry about ‘free speech’ because we’ve never actually read the Constitution.”
Joman Jun 07, 2019
If you have guns plastered all over your car because you’re terrified of tyranny, you should also consider not supporting tyrants. Out of this world idea, I know. Just throwing it out there.
Joman Jun 06, 2019
Surely all of the “pro-lifers” attacking my page will oppose Trump’s decision today to strip funding from education, legal services and recreational activities for unaccompanied migrant minors currently in federal custody, many of whom didn’t voluntarily come here. What was it you said? “Don’t punish a child that can’t fend for themselves?” “All lives matter?” “Two wrongs don’t make a right?” Stop voting us into an Orwellian nightmare and maybe I’ll start taking you seriously. The utter irony of this announcement today just further evidences your glaring hypocrisy. “Pro-life” is Newspeak for “white fetus supremacy.”
Joman Jun 05, 2019
Only 90s kids will understand. #NewAge #HooyaiiyohaaaOoayayaa
Joman Jun 04, 2019
Somebody went on their first walk today, and handled it like a champ! #beardeddragon
Joman Jun 03, 2019
I didn’t even hear about this until a friend posted it a few minutes ago. People on Reddit are cracking jokes about it. The media is now writing it off as drug-induced. I don’t know what else to say, so I’m just going to refer to a conversation I just had via text with another one of my friends: “We’re living in an Orwellian dystopia. The right utilizes Newspeak all the time. When they say they’re “pro-life,” they’re actually anti-life and just pro-fetus. When they say they’re “Christian,” they’re actually constantly acting in the exact opposite of what Christ would do. Up is down, left is right, facts are fiction and vise-versa. It started with Reagan and the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine in the 80s, then Rupert Murdoch’s vision of an “all-conservative news network,” and it has culminated with Trump. When World War 3 happens, we will be the bad guys, but it won’t matter, because people will be so brainwashed that they won’t realize it until decades later, if at all. It’s already happening with the dehumanization of migrants in cages and it will likely continue until the next genocide, which we might not even hear about right away, or collectively care about on a level that matters. I don’t know what to tell you, man. This is a God awful time to be alive, and the best thing we can do is remain morally steadfast and survive. Best case scenario, climate change kills millions of people in the next ten years and humanity collectively shapes up and does what needs to be done to usher in a new progressive renewable utopia where everything is in a state of homeostasis. But I doubt that will happen. I think we’re probably going to see the collapse of civilization as we know it within our lifetimes and we’ll be having very different conversations in years to come. I’ve read so much about what’s happening. Do yourself a favor and avoid reading the IPCC report on climate change. It will fuck you up. I’m having to learn to live in the moment because the future is grim. There are millions of people in this country who think science is fake news and are more than content having a mass shooting every day as long as their precious misinterpreted second amendment rights are safe. I don’t know what to tell you, buddy. If you haven’t started grieving yet, push your way through it. We’re fucked. But we always hated society anyway. It’s just on a whole other level now. We might not live to be old men. We might die tomorrow at the grocery store because some psycho with an AR-15 heard a rumor on InfoWars that Safeway was hiring illegals or some shit. We’ve ushered in a new era of chaos with the internet and the way in which it has been twisted to allow propaganda to cycle around the world millions of times over. Misinformation is shared five to seven times more than the truth is on social media. Which is why I’m putting all my music on archival blu-rays designed to last a thousand years, and locking them in an airtight and watertight safe with my journals and select books and documents, so if I die in some stupid tragic avoidable bullshit way, at least there is some chance of living on. Also, keep in mind that scientists are making similar time capsules. NASA just recently sent the entirety of English language Wikipedia and a bunch of other stuff on a gold disc to the moon. Our lives might not matter for a hundred years, or a hundred million years after this dumbass species has wiped itself out. But I intend to leave something behind even if we are headed into another fucking Dark Age with all these far-right fascists getting elected everywhere in the world. What is happening is happening because humans are stupid. You and I aren’t stupid, but that puts us in a minority, which means we can’t relate to human nature, which is why we don’t understand why humanity insists on repeating the mistakes of history. It’s because this fucking species is governed by hate and greed and the desire to amass and accumulate and reap everything like an infectious disease. It’s why corporations are more worried about what the stocks will be tomorrow than they are about whether or not we’ll live on a sustainable planet a hundred years from now. Humans suck, buddy. I hope there is infinitely more intelligent life out there. Better yet, I know there is. Because we’re just asshole monkeys who figured out how to talk. Nothing more. Watch “the Devil we Know” on Netflix. Every human being on Earth has the chemicals from Teflon in their blood. And we wonder why rates of autism and other abnormalities are off the charts. Round-Up, oceanic trash seeping into the seafood, you fucking name it. We’re the only species in this planet’s history to burn fossil fuels. We’ve killed 50% of all life on Earth in the past century alone, and we’re on course to drive a million more species to extinction within decades. And people wonder why I don’t give a fuck about petty crap like being Mr. Popular anymore. But in realizing and acknowledging how utterly warped our reality is, we can be a part of something. Maybe not saving it, but maybe something as simple as leaving something behind for some other sentient species that has perfected space travel in another 65 million+ years to find, decipher and say, “well, at least they weren’t all complete fucking morons.” Vote in 2020. Vote for whoever the fuck gets nominated on the Dem side. But don’t get your hopes up. There are what, 23 candidates running? I said it months ago... fracturing the left would once again cost us the election. And I’m damn near willing to put money on it. Shit’s done, man. Country’s done. World is probably done. So love the people you’ve got and make the time count.“
Joman Jun 03, 2019
Timeline Photos
Joman Jun 03, 2019
Took a Predator to @denverpopculturecon today. #denverpopculturecon #denvercomiccon #maniacmansion #predator #predatormovie
Joman Jun 02, 2019
Accurate AF
Joman May 30, 2019
Nationalism is unconditional. Patriotism is earned. Nationalism is, historically, almost always a precursor to Fascism. Nothing should be worshipped unconditionally, including one’s own country. I wonder how many more wars we’ll have to go through before people figure this out.
Joman May 29, 2019
Missouri is about to become the first state without an abortion provider since Roe v. Wade was instated in 1973. But it’s not going to prevent any abortions. Statistically, abortion bans never have, anywhere. It’s just going to jeopardize women by increasing rates of unsafe abortions and resulting in more unwanted and improperly cared for children, which has been tied directly to higher rates of crime and poverty, as well as putting more of a strain on the welfare system Republicans claim to hate, even though red states consume the vast majority of welfare resources. And as long as education remains devalued, the cycle will go round and round. The “Right” don’t care about reality. They think they can just lord over everyone with their moral idealism - governing with their dogmatic “feelings” and then accusing the “left” of being snowflakes. They’re fascists who want to impose a theocracy under the guise of “religious freedom” who then go apeshit when anyone proposes sensible regulation of anything, from the environment to babbling psychos being allowed to buy guns. The hypocrisy is unending. They don’t want democracy or anything resembling it. They want fucking Gilead. They want supreme corporate and religious power. They want us all polishing our guns in gas masks while our homemaker wives slave away in the house like some alternate 1950s Sci-Fi universe. As long as their little nest eggs are safe, they don’t give a flying fuck what happens to anyone or anything else. It’s a far cry from Jesus, the brown-skinned Middle Eastern liberal who loves the poor that they pretend to worship.