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Blood Jungle
Johnossi Jan 24, 2019
Happy birthday Ossi! 40 years today! ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Johnossi Jan 07, 2019
Johnossi Jan 05, 2019
Johnossi Dec 21, 2018
Kimono my house
Johnossi Dec 16, 2018
Johnossi Sep 25, 2018
Johnossi Aug 25, 2018
Tonight! Stagetime 23:00
Johnossi Aug 20, 2018
This one spoke to me today, so I had to buy it. A very rare Gretsch 1979 @jam_gitarrer
Johnossi Aug 18, 2018
Always look on the bright side of life
Johnossi Aug 15, 2018
Something very special went down at our Stockholm show two days ago. The energy was weird but extremely rare and magical. Too bad so many of you missed it. Photo credit @johnny_pettersson_photo
Johnossi Aug 12, 2018
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Johnossi Aug 06, 2018
Ses på söndag! Fri entré. 20:30 Gärdet, Stockholm
Johnossi Jul 31, 2018
Stockholm, We’re so looking forward to this! Closing the festival as main act on Sunday Aug 12. Free show!!🙌 Everyone must come!
Johnossi Jun 21, 2018
Johnossi Jun 20, 2018
Festival announcement! Stockholm, Aug 12 Gärdet For free For love
Johnossi Mar 24, 2018
👁⚡️New songs in the making⚡️👁
Johnossi Feb 03, 2018
This will be fun!! @thehives @mandodiaomusic
Johnossi Feb 02, 2018
Festival announcement! Johnossi will return to Germanys great Hurricane and Southside festivals this summer, June 22-24 together with great acts @arcadefire @arcticmonkeys among many. @hurricanefestival @southsidefestival
Johnossi Jan 27, 2018
Thank you Bern for a fun evening. Tonights show in Wil is sold out.
Johnossi Jan 26, 2018
Buttkick in Bern. First show of 2018 tonight! @bierhuebeli
Johnossi Jan 25, 2018
Show announcement! Johnossi will play at the Bandit rock party boat at Viking Line ferry in Sweden on May 3. Get your tickets here: Ohoj captain! 👨‍✈️
Johnossi Jan 24, 2018
Happy Birthday Ossi!! ❤️👑🎂🥇
Johnossi Jan 23, 2018
Festival Announcement! This summer Johnossi will return to @openairstgallen Great festival, Great lineup💥
Johnossi Jan 22, 2018
After a fun and successful weekend in Gothenburg we are now ready to do a couple of shows this weekend. 26/1 Bern, Switzerland 27/1 Wil, Switzerland (sold out) 28/1 Aschaffeburg, Germany 29/ Erlangen, Germany (sold out) There’s still tickets left for Bern and Aschaffeburg and we have been able to release a very few extra tickets for the sold out show in Erlangen - go get them via Photo @kristakersphoto
Johnossi Jan 22, 2018
Hito Steyerls “Factory of the sun” is just so amazing. @ Moderna Museet