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An Evening With John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess (Live)
Liquid Tension Experiment 2
Liquid Tension Experiment
John Petrucci Aug 22, 2019
My @music_man Majesty in Dark Roast. Mmmm... Prog-rocker on the outside, coffee lover on the inside. The Majesty’s Dark Roast finish is inspired by @johnpetrucciofficial’s favorite morning brew. We can relate. Link in bio to learn more.
John Petrucci Aug 21, 2019
DiMarzio RELEASES RAINMAKER™ NECK AND DREAMCATCHER™ BRIDGE PICKUPS Staten Island, N.Y., June 7, 2019 – DiMarzio, Inc. announces the release of Rainmaker™ Neck (DP281), Rainmaker™ 7 Neck (DP723), Dreamcatcher™ Bridge (DP282F), and Dreamcatcher™ 7 Bridge (DP724) pickups for 6- and 7-string electric guitars. The Rainmaker™ Neck and Dreamcatcher™ Bridge were developed for John Petrucci of Dream Theater. John says the new Rainmaker™ and Dreamcatcher™ neck and bridge pickups are “the quintessential tone-monsters we’ve been working on together since our very first collaboration, and the end result is absolutely mind-blowing.” “From the moment I plugged in the guitar and played the first note, I knew that we achieved Holy Grail level results. With these pickups, the Majesty’s inherent tonal complexities and beauty are brought out in a way that gives the guitar an expressive, intense, fearless, creamy, gorgeous, pure, unobstructed, and addictively powerful voice. It literally feels like the guitar is alive and ready to jump out of my hands!” Although designed specifically for John’s neck-through signature Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty guitar, the basic performance shows the overall direction John said he wants to follow in pursuit of his personal sound. These pickups have an increased sensitivity to pick attack and more dynamic range overall. The Rainmaker™ Neck and Rainmaker™ 7 Neck have an interesting blend of both warmer highs and more open mids to blend classic and modern approaches to the neck pickup. The Dreamcatcher™ Bridge and Dreamcatcher™ 7 Bridge focus more power on the low mids to allow the bridge position to cut through the mix without brittle highs or muddy lows. The Dreamcatcher™ Bridge (for 6-sting guitars) is available in F-spacing only. John claims, “These pickups are truly inspirational and I look forward to hearing them roar on stage, and in the studio night after night!”
John Petrucci Aug 12, 2019
Big thanks to my friends Craig and Joe of Switching Gear who recently stopped by The Music Zoo in Farmingdale, NY for an in-depth review of a select few of my Ernie Ball Music Man signature guitars.
John Petrucci Jul 27, 2019
Unbelievable audience and setting for the last night of the tour in Sibiu, Romania. Until next time! @dreamtheaterofficial @music_man @mesaengineering @dimarzioinc @jimdunlopusa @tcelectronic @fractalaudiosystems @rjmmusictechnology
John Petrucci Jul 26, 2019
It’s been both an amazing and exhausting 7 week journey throughout Europe on our 2019 summer festival tour. Thank you to all who came out to the shows and for your continued support of live music. Hope to see everyone again when @dreamtheaterofficial returns to Europe in the beginning of 2020 with our ‘An Evening With’ full show. Until then, enjoy the rest of the summer and keep cool! @music_man @mesaengineering @dimarzioinc @jimdunlopusa @tcelectronic @fractalaudiosystems @rjmmusictechnology
John Petrucci Jul 26, 2019
Awesome seeing @jeffloomis1 in Hungary tonight at the @fezenfest. Been way too long!Jeff was amazing and @archenemyofficial kicked some serious ass! @dreamtheaterofficial #Repost Been a long time since we last hung out. 2005 Gigantour! Always nice seeing @johnpetrucciofficial ... great guy and amazing guitarist. #dreamtheater #archenemy
John Petrucci Jul 20, 2019
#jpcafe @dreamtheaterofficial
John Petrucci Jul 19, 2019
Tel Aviv, Israel. Photos by Alon Levin. @dreamtheaterofficial @music_man @mesaengineering @dimarzioinc @jimdunlopusa @fractalaudiosystems @tcelectronic @rjmmusictechnology
John Petrucci Jul 18, 2019
Thank you so much Guitar World for your awesome review and for awarding my Ernie Ball Music Man Tiger Eye Majesty the Platinum Award!
John Petrucci Jul 18, 2019
Hotel bathroom pet peeve... #hotelgarbagecans
John Petrucci Jul 18, 2019
Shalom Israel! Looking forward to playing for all of you tonight! @dreamtheaterofficial
John Petrucci Jul 16, 2019
@music_man @dimarzioinc @jimdunlopusa
John Petrucci Jul 15, 2019
It has come to my attention in the past few weeks that fake unofficial social media profiles have been set up to mirror the content of my channels, giving the impression of being official. These fake accounts have been sending out requests pretending to be me. Please note that all of my official channels are verified, which means they all have a blue tick next to the account name. If you receive a request or message from any of these fake profiles please report them! Many thanks, JP @johnpetrucciofficial @dreamtheaterofficial @dreamtheaterworld
John Petrucci Jul 13, 2019
Thanks to the captain and crew for getting all of us to Warsaw safely and in style! See you soon! @dreamtheaterofficial
John Petrucci Jul 13, 2019
Thanks so much to everyone for all of the awesome birthday wishes yesterday! Had a great time at @festival_guitareenscene last night! Dream Theater
John Petrucci Jul 12, 2019
Fight for your shred. @music_man @mesaengineering @dimarzioinc @jimdunlopusa @dreamtheaterofficial
John Petrucci Jul 11, 2019
An absolutely stunning setting last night at the Teatro Antico Di Taormina. Thanks to all for making DT’s first visit to Sicily so memorable! @dreamtheaterofficial
John Petrucci Jul 09, 2019
Try the grey’s delicious?? Touring can be interesting! @dreamtheaterofficial
John Petrucci Jul 09, 2019
Travel woes couldn’t keep us from you Malta, even if it meant chartering a private plane for the entire DT band and crew this morning. Big thanks to Captains Carlo and Walter for getting all of us here safely!
John Petrucci Jul 04, 2019
Bourbon, shred and salad? @therealmckee @jasonreevesrichardson @dreamtheaterofficial @music_man
John Petrucci Jul 03, 2019
Killer hang the other day in Oslo at @tonsofrock with @alexskolnick #viviancampbellofficial and @therealphilcollen #dreamtheater #testament #defleppard
John Petrucci Jul 02, 2019
So glad that @therealmckee was able to join us for a bunch of shows in Europe this summer. Such a treat! @dreamtheaterofficial @music_man
John Petrucci Jul 01, 2019
Great time last night in Denmark with fellow shredmiesters @jarleholsen @jasonreevesrichardson and @jcrudess. @dreamtheaterofficial
John Petrucci Jun 29, 2019
Thank you @tonsofrock for an awesome time today! @dreamtheaterofficial
John Petrucci Jun 29, 2019
My wife Rena Sands and I had an awesome time playing with these amazing musician’s last Monday at the Sena European Guitar Award!