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Liquid Tension Experiment 2
Liquid Tension Experiment
John Petrucci Feb 21, 2019
It’s ‘Distance Over Time -eve’! Can’t wait for everyone to hear it! @dreamtheaterofficial
John Petrucci Feb 21, 2019
Hope to see you in NYC for this very special event!
John Petrucci Feb 17, 2019
Less than a week!! We've made a special video to show you what's inside the limited edition deluxe collector's box set 💀 There aren’t many of these left, so get them before they're gone! Link in bio. #DT14 #dreamtheater #distanceovertime
John Petrucci Feb 14, 2019
Distance Over Time release is just over a week away!!
John Petrucci Feb 13, 2019
See DT’s ‘Distance Over Time’ recording engineer James ‘Jimmy T’ Meslin talk about how he approached tracking the band at Yonderbarn.
John Petrucci Feb 09, 2019
Check out this cool interview with my new friend Rob Chapman from this year’s NAMM Show where we discussed my 2019 Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty guitars.
John Petrucci Feb 08, 2019
Check out DT's new single 'Paralyzed' here! I played my EBMM JP-BFR Baritone guitar on this one.
John Petrucci Feb 07, 2019
Thank you Jim Dunlop Sr. for all of the joy and innovation you’ve brought to the world of guitar. I owe so much of my sound and technique to the amazing Dunlop picks I’ve played with ever since I picked up the guitar and to the unmatchable wah that bears your name. Rest In Peace. Jim Dunlop Guitar Products
John Petrucci Feb 07, 2019
So sad to hear about the passing of our longtime friend and former DT crew member Todd ‘T-Boy’ Confessore. He will be missed.
John Petrucci Feb 06, 2019
Just gorgeous! The Ernie Ball Music Man JP15 in the Sahara Burst quilt finish (📷: @meku_guitar). Tap to learn more. #musicmanmoments
John Petrucci Jan 31, 2019
Thanks so much Captain! Great [email protected] “For those about to rock...” 🎸@johnpetrucciofficial of @dreamtheaterofficial what an honour to service that remarkable beard. I salute you Sir.🎸 ........ A huge thank you to Corey Doades for spotting this most esteemed order! ...... #johnpetrucci #dreamtheater #captainfawcett #beard #beardoil #rock #rockmusic #progressivemetal #progrock #progmetal #beardsofrock #forthoseabouttorock
John Petrucci Jan 30, 2019
Always a great hang at the @dimarzioinc suite! #NAMM2019 #ScottieLePage #ScottLePage #Polyphia #TimHenson #TimothyHenson #MikeDawes #LarryDiMarzio #JohnPetrucci #DreamTheater #DiMarzio #DiMarzioInc #DiMarzioPlayers #DiMarzioPlayer #GuitarPlayers #GuitarPlayer #Guitarists #Guitarist #DiMarzioPickups #GuitarPickups #Guitar #NAMM #NAMM19 #Iconic #Legendary
John Petrucci Jan 29, 2019
One of the best things about NAMM Show is getting to connect with friends you don’t get too see nearly enough, if only for a minute. So great to see my buddy Tony MacAlpine this past weekend when he stopped by the Ernie Ball Music Man booth!
John Petrucci Jan 27, 2019
In great company at @thenammshow 2019 with @renasandsofficial @stevemorseofficial @jasonreevesrichardson
John Petrucci Jan 27, 2019
So great to get to see my fellow G3 brutha @therealphilcollen at this year’s @thenammshow @music_man
John Petrucci Jan 27, 2019
So proud! Introducing the highly anticipated 2019 Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty Tiger Eye guitar. Head to the link in our bio to learn more about what the all-new Majesty has to offer. #ernieballmusicman #nammshow
John Petrucci Jan 25, 2019
Stop by and say hi! @music_man @thenammshow @dreamtheaterofficial @dreamtheaterworld
John Petrucci Jan 24, 2019
Hey everyone… Time for @thenammshow 2019 in Anaheim, CA! This week I’ll be at the Ernie Ball Music Man booth in Hall D, booth #4340 on Friday Jan. 25th and Saturday Jan. 26th from 1:30 - 2:30. Stop by and say hi! @music_man @dreamtheaterofficial @dreamtheaterworld @nidhal_marzouk_pro
John Petrucci Jan 24, 2019
Dream Theater
John Petrucci Jan 18, 2019
Five Guys sounds good about now... #Repost Dream Theater with @get_repost ・・・ Ever wondered how James Labrie takes his coffee? ☕ Find out the answer to that question and much more by watching the Dream Theater studio walk through interview at the link in our bio! ☝️ #dreamtheater #distanceovertime #DT14 Jordan Rudess @mikemanginiofficial @jmyungimages @johnpetrucciofficial
John Petrucci Jan 18, 2019
Shooting some video today with William Hames for Japan’s Young Guitar mag. @dreamtheaterofficial @music_man @mesaengineering @dimarzioinc @jimdunlopusa @tcelectronic @fractalaudiosystems
John Petrucci Jan 17, 2019
The 2019 Majesty is coming...
John Petrucci Jan 13, 2019
Wifey's steppin out! Judas Priestess shows on the West Coast coming up... Rena Sands
John Petrucci Jan 12, 2019
@Spotify is featuring us on the cover of their ‘Progressive Metal’ playlist! Listen to the playlist featuring our new single ‘Fall Into The Light', link in bio! #fallintothelight #DT14‬