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Love Is Magic
Queen of Denmark
Grey Tickles, Black Pressure
John Grant and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra : Live in Concert
Pale Green Ghosts
Creep Show with Stephen Mallinder, Phil Winter, Benge, and 1 more… at The Art School (October 14, 2019)
Venue: The Art School (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
John Grant Aug 16, 2019
Follow the link to hear Episode 1 of ‘Music Life’, the new podcast from BBC World Service where musicians from around the world discuss how and why they do what they do. John Grant joins Guy Garvey Fiona Brice and PLANNINGTOROCK to talk about, among other things, rookie errors on social media, self worth and anxiety #MusicLife
John Grant Aug 05, 2019 ‘He’s Got His Mother’s Hips’ nominated for Best Independent Video at AIM Independent Music Awards #loveismagic
John Grant Aug 01, 2019
’He's Got His Mother's Hips’... just becasue we love it so - the amazing video by Casey & Ewan, nominated for 2019's Best Independent Video by AIM Independent Music Awards... #loveismagic
John Grant Aug 01, 2019
Can't wait!
John Grant Jul 28, 2019
modeling my precious Doug Fir hat with Mishka Na Sever’e in the background
John Grant Jul 22, 2019
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John Grant Jul 22, 2019
singin at blue dot festival right before New Order :))))))) - it was incredible
John Grant Jul 21, 2019
me with SISTER SLEDGE!!!!! They and their incredible band just completely blew my mind at #dounetherabbithole, #sistersledge
John Grant Jul 16, 2019
Following the success of their debut album ‘Mr Dynamite’, Creep Show are heading out for their UK tour this October. You don’t wanna miss this. Tickets available here... #creepshow #mrdynamite
John Grant Jul 11, 2019
mmmmmmm, Bilbao!!!
John Grant Jul 11, 2019
hills around Bilbao
John Grant Jul 08, 2019
Can't wait to see you soon Spain... Bilbao BBK Live
John Grant Jun 26, 2019
Ahead of their first ever UK Tour in October 2019, Creep Show are delighted to share the video for 'Safe And Sound' the closing track from their debut album 'Mr Dynamite'. For tickets and venue details of all #CreepShow dates follow the link...
John Grant Jun 26, 2019
Anything scarier than a giant grasshopper cracking through your skull and feasting on your brain? John Grant shares his best and worst case scenarios for his 'Last Day On Earth'... Listen to the #DoomsdayJukebox Q&A for Inertia Music
John Grant Jun 26, 2019
gettin m’ears lowered
John Grant Jun 22, 2019
John Grant Jun 20, 2019
John Grant Jun 19, 2019
Who's coming to Iceland? I'll see you there - Iceland Airwaves
John Grant Jun 18, 2019
It's getting closer... Bluedot Festival For all the acts and ticket info follow the link. I'll see you there July 21st! #BluedotFestival
John Grant Jun 16, 2019
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John Grant Jun 10, 2019
'The Song Of Sway Lake', winner of 20 international film festivals and featuring a vocal performance from John Grant is showing now in cinemas across Spain - you can follow the link for screenings
John Grant Jun 10, 2019
reenactment of final scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers
John Grant Jun 07, 2019
Here's my end-of-the-world mixtape curated for Inertia Music ... follow the link for the 'Doomsday Jukebox' playlist take over!
John Grant Jun 07, 2019
Inertia Music
John Grant Jun 06, 2019
The fabulous Richard Hawley's new album 'Further' is out now! Stream or buy it here...