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The Park Avenue Sobriety Test
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La De Da
In Need of Medical Attention
Joel Plaskett Aug 20, 2019
‪Vancouver! Thrush Hermit is bringing Clayton Park to the West Coast on October 14th, the heaviest Monday of the fall.‬ Tickets here:
Joel Plaskett Jul 27, 2019
Winnipeg! Thrush Hermit is coming to town October 9th. First time since the late 90's. Tickets here:
Joel Plaskett Jul 24, 2019
Toronto! Thrush Hermit comes rolling through town on October 4th at the Danforth Music Hall. Tickets available here:
Joel Plaskett Jul 19, 2019
Mighty Moncton! Thrush Hermit returns to play Clayton Park on September 26th. Don't miss out on these moves. Tix available at:
Joel Plaskett Jul 19, 2019
Fredericton! The Thrush Hermit tour kicks off in your town on September 25th. Tickets available here:
Joel Plaskett Jul 18, 2019
Hey All, I’m stepping away from using social media in a personal capacity to free up some needed space in my mind and my day. All is well, I’m just knee deep in working towards a new record for release next spring and the world is spinning fast. We will still be actively using this account to post information about upcoming shows, music, other projects, and to occasionally link to my website where I may post now and then. I suspect I will return here occasionally to personally post something, and when that’s the case, I’ll sign off using my initials JP. If you have inquiries feel free to contact my manager, Sheri, via my website contact page. I look forward to seeing you at the shows and in the neighbourhood! - JP
Joel Plaskett Jul 09, 2019
Honoured to be included in Erin Costelo's playlist for CBC. Also nice to hear our dearly missed friend, Matthew Grimson, sing his beautiful song, Closing Theme.
Joel Plaskett Jul 03, 2019
Excited to return to Woody Point in Newfoundland this Saturday for a solo show. One of my favorite places on Planet Earth. Requests? Tix here:
Joel Plaskett Jul 01, 2019
Dad and I are thrilled to be a part of Sawdust City Music Festival this August in Gravenhurst. Get tickets here:
Joel Plaskett Jun 23, 2019
Curious to see if McGetts can still execute these high kicks when The Hermit reunites in Sept/Oct? Tickets from Fredericton through Victoria available here:
Joel Plaskett Jun 15, 2019
Looking forward to singing a couple songs as part of this evening with David Suzuki, Ingrid Waldron, Tina Oh, El Jones & Katie McKennan. A Green New Deal for All - Halifax on Monday, June 17 at 6:30 PM. Get tickets here:
Joel Plaskett Jun 09, 2019
The Leap is hitting the road to build support behind the Green New Deal. Tour stop in Halifax on June 17 @ 7 pm, at St. Andrews Church//Speakers & performers: David Suzuki, Ingrid Waldron, Tina Oh, Katie McKennan, El Jones, Joel Plaskett. Tickets:
Joel Plaskett Jun 08, 2019
Muskoka Music Festival
Joel Plaskett May 31, 2019
Joel Plaskett's cover photo
Joel Plaskett May 28, 2019
Upcoming tour dates and tickets for summer and fall listed here. Mix of gigs with Emergency, solo, w/ Dad and The Hermit. Note the October Thrush Hermit western dates added, including Vancouver and Victoria.
Joel Plaskett May 13, 2019
Gravenhurst! Can’t wait!
Joel Plaskett May 13, 2019
Very excited to get back to Newfoundland with my Dad.
Joel Plaskett Apr 28, 2019
New single by Mo Kenney⁩ that we recorded a few months back at the Yard. Out today!
Joel Plaskett Apr 28, 2019
For discerning music lovers of a digital persuasion, Thrush Hermit’s Clayton Park is on streaming services etc now
Joel Plaskett Mar 29, 2019
Riverfest Elora
Joel Plaskett Mar 26, 2019
Links to tickets for fall Thrush Hermit reunion shows in NS, NB and ON are up on my site here. For those asking about western dates- unlikely at this point as finding two weeks that worked for us all was challenging enough but thanks for your enthusiasm!
Joel Plaskett Mar 24, 2019
Joel Plaskett Feb 22, 2019
Hey Toronto! Erin Costelo, is playing The Dakota Tavern tonight. Erin and her band joined us on our Danforth show in December. They are fantastic. Tix here:
Joel Plaskett Feb 22, 2019
Great fun Harmony House PEI the last two nights. Thanks to Chris and Melanie for hosting and to all who came out and packed the place. Love the moon and stars in rural PEI on a winter’s night. Iona tomorrow!
Joel Plaskett Jan 29, 2019
Hermit circa 97ish