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Colours in Sound
Joe Ford Nov 03, 2018
Oooh baby, just come up with such an exciting drop. Can't wait to show you!! Lots of dubs behind me now :) thanks as ever for your patience. Love y'all J
Joe Ford Sep 15, 2018
Me at Dourfestival this summer playing out my new tune 'The Portal' So cool seeing a reaction like this to a tune you made. Bigup FRANKEE for a sick b2b set that day and for the video. Big thanks to @Letitrollfestival for this amazing opportunity!!
Joe Ford Sep 12, 2018
Had a chat with EDM .com about my album and some bits and bobs, take a read here:
Joe Ford Aug 22, 2018
Passed 1 million plays of my album 'Colours In Sound' on Spotify I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. Bigup everyone who listened and Shogun Audio for putting it out. Take a listen here if you haven't yet:
Joe Ford Aug 15, 2018
'Looking forward to returning to London for Shogun Audio Carnival Special! Tickets are moving fast, don't miss out - link in comments'
Joe Ford Aug 10, 2018
Excited for WOBZ Presents: Joe Ford [Shogun Audio] next weekend!
Joe Ford Aug 08, 2018
Excited for this one in reading with WOBZ! Everyone who can, get down. Loads of new bits to test out. Let's do it! - Ticket link in comments.
Joe Ford Aug 06, 2018
I had the unbelievable honour of making a track for the Let It Roll infamous opening ceremony. This year, some of the best artists in the scene came together and offered their own creations, each telling the next part of the story. Somehow, I was lucky enough to be chosen this year, I am so humbled to show those of you who weren't there a slice of the tune I made. The full tune will be out soon so keep your ears to the floor. Bigup my label Shogun Audio , my management, everyone organising Let It Roll, everyone who went and all the artists involved for making this happen. So stoked!! THE PROTOTYPES RIDO Mefjus Muzzy Longer video:
Joe Ford Jun 14, 2018
Check out my brand new Producer Masterclass! Part 1 is now available on Computer Music Magazine's YouTube:
Joe Ford Jun 05, 2018
Listen back to my mix for BBC Radio 1 Bigup as always Mr Rene LaVice !!
Joe Ford May 31, 2018
If you produce aswell then this might interest you. As some of you know i'm live streaming myself everyweek in partnership with , making a tune from start to finish on Ableton. We're genuinely running out of slots so if you want in, I'd do it right now or ASAP, because I'm giving feedback and interacting the whole time we can't have too many people! Allsss the details here: Post any questions below, i'll be regularly checking :) Sweet!
Joe Ford May 25, 2018
Producers get involved! I'm live streaming myself producing a track from the ground up! For anyone who wants to know how to do what I do this is the perfect opportunity :) Watch the video or check this link for all the details: Limited availabliity so sign up as quick as you can:
Joe Ford Apr 30, 2018
Don't forget to check out and follow my Spotify playlist! My 'Record Box' playlist covers some of the records I play out.
Joe Ford Apr 23, 2018
When you have the chance to write and album it gives you the opportunity to explore different styles and genres. 'Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants' was one of those explorations!
Joe Ford Apr 20, 2018
Brand New Remix out now!
Joe Ford Apr 20, 2018
Make sure you checkout the brand new playlist on Shogun Audio's YouTube channel of my debut Album!
Joe Ford Apr 11, 2018
And this was the influence behind my track 'Said'. — Products shown: Colours In Sound LP.
Joe Ford Apr 10, 2018
Which is your favorite track from the album?? Would be interested to know. My favorite has changed every week since I made it. god I heard those tunes alot...
Joe Ford Apr 04, 2018
Katie from KOVEN. has done a stunning acoustic version of 'Made Of Glass' on her piano! Taken from #coloursinsound — Products shown: Colours In Sound LP.
Joe Ford Mar 27, 2018
I caught up with UKF to talk about my new album #coloursinsound on Shogun Audio!
Joe Ford Mar 23, 2018
My debut album ‘Colours In Sound’ is out now! — Products shown: Colours In Sound LP.
Joe Ford Mar 23, 2018
Joe Ford Mar 22, 2018
So so excited for 2moro! My debut album is coming out and I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of it :D Grab it here:
Joe Ford Mar 16, 2018
'Said' from my forthcoming album #coloursinsound is now available. Got check it and let me know what you think! -
Joe Ford Mar 16, 2018