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Special Edition
JJ Cale Feb 14, 2019
Happy Valentine’s Day to all! And to mark the day in a JJ Cale way, here’s a message that JJ Cale once left for Christine Lakeland Cale, written in the dust on the grand piano in their living room.
JJ Cale Feb 08, 2019
"Chasing You" was recorded in JJ Cale's living room with the band set up while rehearsing for the ’09 tour
JJ Cale Feb 06, 2019
"Chasing You” is a simmering blues rocker anchored by Cale’s plucky guitar and tender vocals » - Rolling Stone magazine, January 31, 2019
JJ Cale Feb 05, 2019
"Stay Around », JJ Cale’s first album release in 10 years, out April 26th
JJ Cale Jan 31, 2019
"Chasing You" is out now! Listen to the first single from "Stay Around", the new JJ Cale album coming on April 26. →
JJ Cale Jan 29, 2019
Coming this Thursday January 31 – the first single, "Chasing You", from the new JJ Cale album, Stay Around.
JJ Cale Jan 25, 2019
Remembering legendary guitarist, Reggie Young, who passed away last week (January 17) at the age of 82. Reggie played guitar on recordings and / or toured with ELVIS PRESLEY, John Prine, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, George Strait, Dionne Warwick, Herbie Mann, Merle Haggard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Neil Diamond, The Box Tops and countless others. Young also played on JJ Cale's Grasshopper and Shades albums as well as on Eric Clapton's The Breeze tribute to JJ Cale and on the forthcoming JJ Cale album, Stay Around. See much more at the link below. RIP Reggie.
JJ Cale Jan 11, 2019
You can now subscribe to the official JJ Cale Spotify playlist ( that will be showcasing a new selection of tracks from all JJ Cale records each week until the release of Stay Around, the new record due for release on April 26th. #jjcale #stayaround #BecauseMusic
JJ Cale Jan 09, 2019
There is now an official JJ Cale YouTube channel which will be growing regularly to include all the best JJ Cale songs / videos in one place. Subscribe now at and enjoy all the best Cale music in one place, with regular updates.
JJ Cale Jan 06, 2019
RIP Steve Ripley 1950-2019. Long time JJ Cale friend and collaborator, Steve Ripley has passed away. A Tulsa icon, Steve built an impressive legacy as a musician, singer, songwriter, producer, engineer and inventor. See the article below for much more on this Tulsa icon.
JJ Cale Dec 31, 2018
A Happy New Year to all! Thanks to all of you for your ongoing enthusiasm for all things JJ Cale! We hope you have had a great holiday season and know that you can look forward to a very special batch of treats in the new year with the new JJ Cale record coming in the Spring.
JJ Cale Dec 05, 2018
Happy 80th Birthday to JJ Cale! It's a good day to play JJ Cale's music and appreciate what a wonderful trove of great songs he left for us all. Be aware that he left us even more music and the background to this clip is one small taste of the music yet to come. STAY AROUND and watch for more news on the continuing legacy of JJ Cale.
JJ Cale Nov 23, 2018
It's that time of year again where JJ Cale's merchandise will be on sale throughout the Holiday Season. Be sure to check out the merch store today The sale ends December 31.
JJ Cale Nov 09, 2018
"Call Me The Breeze" has been a popular choice for musicians covering JJ Cale, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Cash, John Mayer, and more. But we're not sure if we've ever heard faster guitar playing or a harder rocking version than this cover by guitarist Johnny Hiland (Johnnyhilandofficial) from his album, Standing Strong (2017). Johnny has played on records by Toby Keith, Randy Travis, Ricky Skaggs, and Hank 3 as well as having performed with Sammy Hagar, George Clinton and P-Funk, Les Paul, Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa, G3 and many others.
JJ Cale Oct 26, 2018
RIP Tony Joe White, who passed away on October 24th at the age of 75. Tony Joe White was a musician and songwriter best-known for his "swamp rock" or "swamp groove" style. He had his own hits with "Polk Salad Annie" and "A Rainy Night in Georgia", but his songs were also recorded by many legendary musicians such as ELVIS PRESLEY, Tina Turner, Ray Charles, Waylon Jennings and more. Although they only rarely crossed paths, JJ Cale and Tony Joe White were mutual admirers. Tony Joe was quoted in an interview with as saying "Well JJ was another hero, man. He was right in there with Elvis and Tina Turner to me. People like that." As for Cale, he showed his respect for a somewhat surprised and appreciative Tony Joe when he responded to his invitation to collaborate on Tony Joe's "Louvelda". Tony Joe didn't have high hopes for his request since Cale rarely collaborated with anyone but, about two weeks later, per Tony Joe, a CD came back from Cale with this letter inside (which he later said he had "framed in my studio"): "Dear Tony Joe, I hope you don't mind. I got so into the song that I not only recorded it, laid it down, but I wrote another verse to the end of it." Per Tony Joe (from an interview with American Songwriter Magazine), "not only did he get on it…he put five guitars on, electric banjo, electric fiddle and then he wrote two more verses to it." The song appears on Tony Joe's Uncovered CD (2006), on which he featured some of his other favorite artists such as Waylon Jennings, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and Michael McDonald. Tony Joe had also recorded Cale's "Magnolia" which appeared on Jamie Oldaker's Mad Dogs & Okies project.
JJ Cale Oct 20, 2018
"Travelin' Light" appeared on JJ Cale's 1976 album Troubadour. Widespread Panic has frequently covered the song during their live shows. Twenty years ago, their cover of "Travelin' Light" appeared on their official live album, Light Fuse, Get Away, which debuted at #67 on the Billboard 200 chart. In a more unusual (but very fitting) setting, JJ Cale's original version was played to awaken the crews of the Atlantis Space Shuttle and International Space Station preceding the astronauts' spacewalk in May 2010. So, here is JJ Cale's "Travelin' Light"...
JJ Cale Oct 02, 2018
With apologies for a slight false alarm, due to unforeseen circumstances, the new JJ Cale album of previously unreleased songs will now be available in early 2019. Hang in there - more information will be coming soon.
JJ Cale Sep 25, 2018
RIP Jimmy "Junior" Markham A long time friend and collaborator with JJ Cale, Jimmy passed away on Friday, September 21. Jimmy was part of the "Tulsa Sound", along with JJ Cale and Leon Russell. Jimmy played harmonica on JJ Cale's albums To Tulsa and Back (2004) and Roll On (2009), and he appeared on 2014's The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale by Eric Clapton and friends. Much more about Jimmy below in the video created for his June 2017 induction into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. RIP Jimmy.
JJ Cale Sep 14, 2018
JJ Cale was always flattered when others would cover his songs - especially when he really admired the artists. This is Gatemouth Brown, an early hero to Cale, covering Cale’s "Don't Cry Sister" with the ever phenomenal Sonny Landreth (Sonny Landreth- Official)on slide. And the woman joining Gate on vocals is none other than Maria Muldaur. The album title is coincidentally the same as another Cale song but not the same song.
JJ Cale Aug 27, 2018
Another treat from the past here - JJ Cale's "Santa Cruz", from the 1997 Anthology compilation, Anyway the Wind Blows. And a reminder to watch for details in September regarding the release of an album of all previously unreleased JJ Cale material, coming later this Fall.
JJ Cale Aug 10, 2018
Yes there is unreleased JJ Cale material and it's planned for a late Fall 2018 release on Because Music! With gratitude for your loyalty and appreciation for JJ Cale, this message is going exclusively to the followers of this Official JJ Cale Facebook page prior to any other announcements. Many of you have been asking and hoping that there was more unheard JJ Cale material and, yes, there is. Indeed JJ Cale did have an album's worth of material that was unreleased at the time of his passing in 2013 and it will be available soon. We will be sharing more details about the project in September but know that these songs and the production are right up there with Cale's best material. We'll be back to you next month with more information. Please note that the image shown here does not reflect cover art as that is yet to be confirmed.
JJ Cale Jul 26, 2018
John Weldon (JJ) Cale December 5, 1938 - July 26, 2013 Please feel free to share your thoughts and remembrances here.
JJ Cale Jul 11, 2018
Happy Birthday to Christine Lakeland Cale! Christine and JJ Cale are shown here performing "Devil in Disguise" live in a studio for a Dutch Radio program in 1994. The song was originally released on 1982's Grasshopper. Backing Cale and Christine are band members Rocky Frisco, Bill Raffensperger, Jim Karstein and James Cruce.
JJ Cale Jun 30, 2018
"Who Knew" from JJ Cale's last studio album, 2009's Roll On. The video is accompanied here by images of JJ Cale with a quirky collection of visuals apparently curated by one Brian Pollard. Enjoy!
JJ Cale Jun 13, 2018
Another very tasteful cover of a JJ Cale song. This recording of "Sensitive Kind" has been translated into Bildts, a Dutch-Frisian language, by Jan de Vries. De Vries performs here with guitarist Douwe van Der Werf at the Frisian radio station, Omrop Fryslân. Enjoy.