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Jimmy Page Feb 18, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1975, I went to Dominica between Led Zeppelin tours to meet up with beat poet Royston Ellis who was residing and writing in a building catering as a cricket pavilion, rum bar and living quarters in Mero outside the capital Roseau. Dominica's rum could be had straight up, with juices or with herb infusions. One of these brews was called Nani, another was called l'absinthe, with wormwood. I guess this was a follow through from the old French colonial rule and the penchant for absinthe. I have fond memories of the local 'joy juice'. 🍹 📷 Royston Ellis©️Ida Kar, 1960
Jimmy Page Feb 16, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1972, @ledzeppelin arrived in Perth to begin an Australian tour, arriving from Bombay, and the customs decided to give us a lengthy examination and ended up confiscating four miniature drums that we had bought in India on the grounds of uncured animal skin – I guess they considered that a result! 📷 © Nick Shaw, 1972
Jimmy Page Feb 15, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1969, I played at Thee Image, Miami with Led Zeppelin. This is the second of two dates that @ledzeppelin played at Miami’s underground club, Thee Image. This is the same club where I got to hook up with a friend during the Yardbird days, Mike Pinera, who was to find fame in Blues Image before going on to join Iron Butterfly and Alice Cooper’s band. 📷©️1969, David E. LeVine
Jimmy Page Feb 14, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1974, I joined Roy Harper at the Valentine concert in Finsbury Park, London. Roy Harper's Valentine concert was at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park in 1974 and I joined him on this memorable gig. During the acoustic part of this set, I played 'Male Chauvinist Pig Blues' and then both Roy and I switched to electric when we played ‘Too Many Movies’ and ‘Home’ with the classic rhythm section of Keith Moon on drums and Ronnie Lane on bass. We rehearsed earlier that afternoon. Roy had an award made for that evening: 'The Harpic Award' (below) for the contributing musicians. John Bonham became the MC and they were duly distributed. Harpic was an affectionate name for Roy. @ Finsbury Park
Jimmy Page Feb 13, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1972, all the Led Zeppelin members stopped off in Bombay for an overnight stay en route to an Australian tour. But here in Bombay, the members of Led Zeppelin got to taste the exotic perfume of this fascinating city and managed to be tourists for a day. It was wonderful to experience the kaleidoscopic images we got to savour. 🎥©️Jimmy Page, 1972
Jimmy Page Feb 12, 2019
Today sees the 1965 release of ‘Digging My Potatoes’ by Heinz and the Wild Boys - a song I’d known by Big Bill Broonzy and Lonnie Donegan. I had done a number of sessions for Joe Meek and this is one I particularly remember as he’d asked me to overdub a solo on this track. All the recordings I did with Joe Meek were in his now legendary home studio at 304 Holloway Road. Joe was a sonic visionary and pioneered the use of limiters/compressors and echo in a radical way during his illustrious career. #OnThisDay
Jimmy Page Feb 11, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1985 'The Firm' by The Firm was released. After teaming up for the historic ARMS tour in the US, Paul Rodgers and I decided to make some music together and here was the first LP from that collaboration. The self-titled 'The Firm', was recorded at The Sol Studios. @paulrodgersofficial, (formerly of Free and Bad Company) on vocals and guitar, (ex-Roy Harper) Tony Franklin The Fretless Monster on bass and hair and Chris Slade (official) (future drummer for AC/DC). What’s your favourite track from The Firm?
Jimmy Page Feb 10, 2019
On This Day in 1969, I played Memphis State University with Led Zeppelin. This is it! The band were to play at Memphis – the cradle of blues, rockabilly, and the genius Sam Phillips [pictured above with The King]. A dream come true for me to visit the mecca of music. We were awarded the key to the city because the concert had sold out in record time and I don’t believe the mayor was aware that it was a rock concert. But hey – someone who sells out that fast deserves the keys to the city! This wasn’t necessarily the best time to be touring the South: black people were still being lynched in other southern states and the man who shot the two bikers at the end of Easy Rider would get a standing ovation in movie theatres! Long hair, hippy ethics and anything askew of redneck were not welcome in places like Memphis and Nashville at that time. Just by chance, one of our road crew was taking a call of nature in the restroom when he overheard the police discussing what they had in store for the members of Led Zeppelin later that evening. After the show, we left the State University and drove overnight straight to Miami taking the keys to the city with us!
Jimmy Page Feb 07, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1975, I played Madison Square Gardens with @LedZeppelin The popular dogs of the evening and best in show. Good to be alive in 1975. © 1975 Waring Abbott 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️ Hands up if you were at the MSG show in ‘75? @ Madison Square Garden
Jimmy Page Feb 06, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1996, Page and Plant played the Budokan Hall, Tokyo. This was the second date of a six-day run of shows at the prestigious Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan, in 1996. 🎸✨
Jimmy Page Feb 05, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1965, 'Come and Stay with Me' by Marianne Faithfull was released. The sensual Marianne had begun her recording career with ‘As Tears Go By’ written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in October 1965. Jackie DeShannon had written this song for her and I played on the session. I played on a number of Marianne’s sessions at the Decca Studio 2 in London.
Jimmy Page Feb 03, 2019
#OnThisDay in 2001, I saw Joe Walsh at the Gulfstream Park racetrack in Miami. I was temporarily living in Miami, Florida, and @joewalshofficial was playing at the Gulfstream Park racetrack. Joe’s an old friend and our connection goes back to some of the American dates I was doing with The Yardbirds as a four-piece when he would come and see us play. He then had The James Gang. In his career he made some good solo albums. Here in Florida he was on sabbatical from the Eagles and it was good to hear his solo set, he played and sang so well and it was good to catch up with some old and new stories. © Neal Preston, Feb 1975
Jimmy Page Feb 01, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1970, 'Cause I Love You' / 'Thumping Beat' by Screaming Lord Sutch was released on Atlantic Records – both Bonzo and I had played on those. It had been recorded in a studio in LA along with some other numbers that made up the album 'Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends'. I played backbone riffs to the songs but I don’t believe I played all the lead guitar as credited. I had recorded previously with Dave Sutch at Joe Meeks.
Jimmy Page Jan 31, 2019
By the time Led Zeppelin had reached the East Coast of America from the West, the band’s reputation had been established. So, #onthisday in 1969, we played at the Fillmore East in New York and, at this time, the band was staying at the Gorham - fast becoming a rock 'n' roll hotel by default. Iron Butterfly were due to play the Fillmore East but cancelled their second show and I think the Edwin Hawkins Singers (of 'Oh Happy Days' fame) replaced them. Image © 1969 Jay Good #ledzeppelin #musichistory #rocknroll #guitar #electricguitar
Jimmy Page Jan 30, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1995, I received an American Music Award with Robert Plant. Page and Plant were to receive an American Music Award and, as we couldn’t attend, it required a video insert that was recorded in London at the Depot Sound rehearsal studios in North London. We performed a quirky version of 'Black Dog', featuring: didgeridoos; Porl Thompson in Indian pyjamas; a Michael Jackson jacket; and me on whammy pedal. Not a bad balance on this one.
Jimmy Page Jan 29, 2019
#OnThisDay in 2011, I was featured in the Swinging London 50s and 60s exhibition. I'd been asked for some costumes and guitars in order to complete the exhibits in an exhibition to celebrate 60s design. The exhibition toured throughout Japan, this was the opening in Aichi of the third leg of what would be a six-leg series of installations.
Jimmy Page Jan 28, 2019
#OnThisDay In 2008 I was at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, Japan to promote the Mothership album at a Press Conference. This was the hotel that featured in Sofia Coppola's remarkable 'Lost in Translation' with the luscious Scarlett Johansson.
Jimmy Page Jan 26, 2019
On this day in 2015, I visited Paris to hear Scarlett Sabet read at Shakespeare and Company the historic bookshop and patron of the arts and all things literary. She read a number of poems from Rocking Underground and other works that had recently surfaced. It was good to witness the life she breathes into her work. Scarlett's fourth book, Camille, is available to pre-order now from PhotograpScarlet Page Photographygraphy
Jimmy Page Jan 25, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1996, I played Buenos Aires, Argentina with Page and Plant. The Page and Plant Worldarama tour appeared at the Ferro Carril Oeste Stadium, home to the eponymous Primera B football team, in the Caballito district of Buenos Aires. The capital of Argentina is the most cultured and wonderful city, and the people really love their music. Quick to respond, the audience always sing and chant their way through concerts with extraordinary gusto and enthusiasm 🇦🇷
Jimmy Page Jan 24, 2019
Fender has revealed the full details of the Jimmy Page Signature Telecasters. Throughout 2019, Fender will release a total of four Artist Signature guitars modeled after Jimmy's 1959 Fender Telecaster. In 1967, JP affixed eight circular mirrors on the original Tele's body, before stripping it entirely and painting his own psychedelic dragon pattern in bright colors. He'd go on to play that guitar for the majority of Led Zeppelin's debut album, as well as plenty of other times on stage and in the studio — notably for the solo on Stairway to Heaven. Fender's Jimmy Page Telecaster models will include two Custom Shop guitars and two standard production runs: Image 1: The Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster, one of two Custom Shop models, will be available in March for $25,000. Image 2: The Jimmy Page Mirrored Telecaster, which completes the Limited Edition Jimmy Page Telecaster Set, will also be available in March for $25,000. Image 3: The Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster, as a standard production run, will be available in Spring 2019, for $2,499.99. Image 4: The Jimmy Page Telecaster reproduces Page's iconic artwork, while giving the guitar vintage-appropriate features like a custom Oval C-shaped neck that matches the original Tele's neck profile and a 7.25" fretboard radius. It will be available Summer 2019.
Jimmy Page Jan 24, 2019
#OnThisDay in 2009, I was in Myanmar. It had always been an ambition of mine to visit Burma, now Myanmar, and on this day in 2009, aided by a visa processed by the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok, I was in Rangoon, soon to travel to Bagan. When I applied for my visa in Bangkok, I was asked if I was going to perform a concert in Myanmar and I assured the gentleman I was not. In fact, I was to leave my guitar there in Bangkok. The official said he hoped I was telling the truth because if not he might get into trouble. I hope my photographs (of Rangoon, Bagan and Mandalay) convey just some of the visual splendour and mystery of this country. @ Myanmar
Jimmy Page Jan 23, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1969, @LedZeppelin played at the Boston Tea Party. The venue host was Don Law, who had established what was to be known as a bastion of underground music. It was during this run of concerts that we were to play a three and a half hour set – this became quite legendary on the musical grapevine – but the audience just wouldn’t let us go and Don Law was quite clearly a cool promoter.
Jimmy Page Jan 22, 2019
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin I, JP presents Sundragon, an amplifier that gives guitarists the opportunity to enjoy the sounds he created to shape the future of Rock and Roll. Sundragon is a faithful recreation of the amp that Jimmy used exclusively to create the groundbreaking sounds on Led Zeppelin I and other notable recordings, such as Joe Cocker’s With a Little Help from My Friends. A limited edition run of 50 hand built amps will be made throughout 2019, all signed by Jimmy Page. Jimmy’s original amp started out life as a Supro Coronado. After falling out of the back of the band’s van during an early pre-Zeppelin tour, the amp was restored and modified in significant ways. Jimmy realised that the sonic palette of his amp had changed to something new and unique. After being shrouded in mystery for more than 50 years, Jimmy has decided to share this extraordinary amplifier with the world. Working together closely with Mitch Colby and Perry Margouleff they have recreated this legendary amp for the first time. “I had been impressed with the forensic analysis both Mitch and Perry had put into the research of the sonic reproduction of the original Supro amp to arrive at the Sundragon”, said Jimmy. A limited edition of only 50 Sundragon amps will be hand built by Mitch Colby and signed by Jimmy Page. The amplifiers will be available throughout 2019 and a standard model will follow later in the year. Visit to find out more.
Jimmy Page Jan 21, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1967, I played at Sydney Stadium with The Yardbirds. This is the first of two dates at the Sydney Stadium. The bill comprised of local artist and very good singer Jeff St John, The Walker Brothers (Scott Walker some years later was to make a major dent in alternative circles with his solo work), The Yardbirds and the amazing Roy Orbison. This tour gave me the opportunity to speak to Roy, one of my rockabilly heroes about his time at Sun Records.
Jimmy Page Jan 20, 2019
#OnThisDay in 1964, Rocks The House by Etta James was released. In 1964, Etta James released the album 'Rocks The House', which had been recorded at the New Era Club some five months earlier. Her live recording of the Jimmy Reed song 'Baby What You Want Me To Do' and her vocals from the intro to the last chords is something that has to be heard and experienced. Sadly, also on this day, in 2012 the music world lost a legend: RIP, Etta.