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Always In Between
Always in Between (Deluxe)
I Cry When I Laugh
Jess Glynne with Nina Nesbitt and Charlotte (UK) at East Links (August 23, 2019)
Venue: East Links (Montrose, UK) Find tickets
The Big Feastival The Big Feastival 2019
Venue: Alex James' Farm (Kingham, UK) Find tickets
The Big Feastival The Big Feastival 2019
Venue: Alex James' Farm (Chipping Norton, UK) Find tickets
Jess Glynne and The Big Feastival at Alex James' Farm (August 24, 2019)
Venue: Alex James' Farm (Kingham, UK) Find tickets
Jess Glynne at Wolverhampton Racecourse (August 31, 2019)
Venue: Wolverhampton Racecourse (Wolverhampton, UK) Find tickets
Jess Glynne Aug 21, 2019
Happy 4th Birthday baby! 🖤
Jess Glynne Aug 19, 2019
Tripping strong at all times 🇮🇹
Jess Glynne Aug 14, 2019
It’s liquid 💙
Jess Glynne Aug 07, 2019
Hey my people! As Carlisle is my last summer show I’m giving y’all a little something special... If you get your tickets today, you can bring a friend for free too! Just follow this link and I’ll see you at the show!
Jess Glynne Aug 02, 2019
Get your tickets to come see me at Lingfield Park Resort! 💙
Jess Glynne Jul 29, 2019
Hi you lovely people !
Jess Glynne Jul 26, 2019
I’ll be wearing this until further notice 💋
Jess Glynne Jul 24, 2019
Jess Glynne Jul 23, 2019
1 month to go until The Big Feastival!! See you there 🖤
Jess Glynne Jul 21, 2019
‪This bitch turned up last night! Benicassim i love you 🖤‬
Jess Glynne Jul 17, 2019
Can't wait to headline Sandown Park Racecourse in Surrey on 8th Aug. Get your tickets at . See you there! 💙
Jess Glynne Jul 12, 2019
My baby went 4 X Platinum in the U.K. I have no words! FUCK! I’m so grateful so blessed so thankful. The past 4 years have been the most crazy years of my life and this is where it all began. Y’all got my heart pumping X a milli!!!!! 🖤
Jess Glynne Jul 05, 2019
I’ve done an acoustic version of One Touch for you, I recorded it at Wembley stadium a few weeks ago, it’s special to me. In life we have highs and we have lows and we all experience the same feelings. No matter what, having someone to hug you, hold your hand, lean on in any of those moments in time is so important, Just to make you feel warm and reassured. That’s what this song is about.. Enjoy 🖤
Jess Glynne Jun 27, 2019
It absolutely kills me to say this – especially given what has happened in the past few weeks – but on the advice of my vocal surgeon, I am going to have to cancel my next shows through until July 14th and I hope to be back as soon as possible after that. I know many of my fans feel I let them down so badly when I pulled out of the Isle of Wight festival but the reason I knew I just wasn’t going to be able to make that performance has now been made clear to be by my doctor, Dr Zeitels. It is true that I went out and celebrated the end of the Spice World tour. That was a massive high for me and I wanted to mark it with the women who’d become friends and mentors to me but I had also been suffering on and off for weeks with anxiety about my voice. It wasn’t right. I wasn’t sounding my best and I felt there was something wrong. Two days ago I came to Boston to see my surgeon who told me my vocal chord has haemorrhaged and that if I wanted to remain as a performer I needed to urgently take a break, rest my voice completely for the next 10 days and try and remain in total silence to give my vocal chords a chance to recover. Basically he told me I have been completely overdoing everything. In the last six months I’ve performed almost 100 shows, I’ve pushed through at times when I know I’ve been tired and overstretched and I got to breaking point, my voice literally got to breaking point. The thing is I am my voice. If my voice goes, I go. I am so privileged to do what I do, I am so privileged to have fans out there who come and see me. But I never want to be less than 100 percent. I never want to give you less than 100 percent. I am so devastated to be letting anyone down but I want you to know the full truth of my situation so you understand why I have to do this. All I know is I have to go away, look after my voice and come back stronger, better and be the performer my fans truly deserve 🖤
Jess Glynne Jun 26, 2019
The first gig I went to in Wembley arena was Spice Girls! I was a dreamer then and these 5 girls(back then) taught me to be free, be me, be proud to be a woman and to not give a fuck! 21 years later I stood on the same stage and toured with these ladies, not a dream a fucking reality! Thank you for having me. You have been nothing but light in my life from when I was a kid to right now. You have inspired me, encouraged me and shown me nothing but love and support! You are exactly what the Spice Girls stand for on and off stage. I feel blessed to know you all and to any woman in this industry who doesn’t feel supported by another woman, fuck the people who look down, always look up cause hunny the rise is always nicer than the fall! Love and be loved! 🖤
Jess Glynne Jun 26, 2019
BTS of #OneTouch with Jax Jones .. Love 🖤
Jess Glynne Jun 17, 2019
Video for One Touch with Jax Jones is out now! Go see 🖤
Jess Glynne Jun 17, 2019
Jess Glynne Jun 15, 2019
#OneTouch has a Snapchat filter! Go see! 👅
Jess Glynne Jun 14, 2019
Jax Jones and I have got a video for #OneTouch coming for you! We’re dropping it very soon so keep your eyes pealed! 👀
Jess Glynne Jun 13, 2019
Wembley we coming for you 🖤
Jess Glynne Jun 10, 2019
Please meet my little friend Riley's Fundraising Story, he came and sang Thursday with me. This little boy is the strongest most special human. If I could do anything to help him I would and bringing him out, seeing him sing and smile as much as he did was so heartwarming. Thank you to the crowd that showed nothing but love for this little man. Appreciate the skin you’re in cause let me tell you, some of us do not have it easy! 🖤
Jess Glynne Jun 10, 2019
Don’t want this one to end 🖤
Jess Glynne Jun 10, 2019
With a little bit of love... I made it through the day!!!!!!!! (If you don’t know the song I’m referencing go back to school)
Jess Glynne Jun 07, 2019
You heard about One Touch?