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I Still Believe: The Number Ones Collection
Christmas: God With Us
Stay, Restored, Beyond Measure
Premium Collection, Vol. 1 (Premiere Performance Plus Track)
We Cry Out: The Worship Project
There Will Be a Day (Premiere Performance Plus Track) -EP
Speaking Louder Than Before
Double Take: Jeremy Camp
Restored (Deluxe Gold Edition)
Beyond Measure (Special Edition)
Beyond Measure
Live Unplugged
Carried Me - The Worship Project
Jeremy Camp Aug 21, 2019
You're my defender You fight for me I will remember You're all I need #mydefender
Jeremy Camp Aug 20, 2019
We believe in taking the message of Christ to every corner of the world, and this is why we started Speaking Louder. I love that my family and I get to experience and see what God has done through this ministry over the last few years. To partner with us and find out more check out #uganda #medicalisland
Jeremy Camp Aug 19, 2019
Help me to rid my endless fears You've been so faithful for all my years With one breath You made me new Your grace covers all I do #walkbyfaith
Jeremy Camp Aug 18, 2019
So looking forward to seeing you guys and playing these new songs!!
Jeremy Camp Aug 17, 2019
I mean this dog.. How can u not. Good ole Elliot.
Jeremy Camp Aug 16, 2019
You can trust God with your life. No matter what you’ve gone through or what you’re going through. He is trustworthy. #shouldvebeenme
Jeremy Camp Aug 15, 2019
Sometimes it feels unbelievable when we think about what God has done for us. He’s saved our lives and I’m forever grateful! #shouldvebeenme
Jeremy Camp Aug 14, 2019
The same power that rose Jesus from the grave The same power that commands the dead to wake Lives in us, lives in us #samepower
Jeremy Camp Aug 13, 2019
Can’t wait to get back out on the road with each of you. Excited to be playing new music LIVE.
Jeremy Camp Aug 12, 2019
Guys, I’m getting so excited the closer we get to the #istillbelieve movie release. 3.20.20 will be here soon!
Jeremy Camp Aug 11, 2019
There will be a day with no more tears No more pain and no more fears There will be a day When the burdens of this place Will be no more We'll see Jesus face to face
Jeremy Camp Aug 10, 2019
It should’ve been me in the darkness It should’ve been me that felt the pain It should’ve been me brokenhearted It should’ve been me, but I’m FREE #shouldvebeenme
Jeremy Camp Aug 09, 2019
I love my family and the fact that we get to share this life together! #familyfriday
Jeremy Camp Aug 08, 2019
Mercy, mercy Heard my cry Mercy, mercy Saved my life #shouldvebeenme
Jeremy Camp Aug 06, 2019
"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." - Psalm 46:1 Let your burdens come undone Lift your eyes up to the one Who knows #heknows
Jeremy Camp Aug 05, 2019
Have you checked out my new song "Should’ve Been Me" yet? If so, I hope it’s encouraged you! #shouldvebeenme
Jeremy Camp Aug 04, 2019
So grateful that God’s our strength & shield. Let’s praise him today!
Jeremy Camp Aug 02, 2019
What's up guys, Should've Been Me is out NOW! I'm so excited and hope you all find it encouraging! The song “Should've Been Me”, at face value, you might listen to it and it has this kind of groove and you want to dance to it. But I remember I sat down on a piano and I was writing and just thinking about all the Lord had done in my life and how I deserve death. I deserve, because of my sin, the penalty of death. I mean that's what the bible says, "the weight of sin is death". So I was sitting there going "it should've been me with arms open. It should've been me that was torn. It should've been me that was broken, mercy hear my cry." But then all of a sudden as I am singing this on piano, it has this ballad kind of feeling. When you hear it at first, you might think it's sweet, but then I started realizing, oh my goodness, look what God has done. He took my place. He carried my burdens. He carried my shame. He went to the cross and bore it all for me, so this excitement and freedom and joy just welled up inside of me and the song became a dance party. Just saying YES! He carried my burdens. He carried my shame, it should've been me, thank you, Lord! Just with a song like that, the reflection of life, and the reflection of what Christ has done, it has all just permeated through the album. And so, I am excited to share with people this new journey and this new season of life.
Jeremy Camp Aug 02, 2019
This album is about reflecting back on what I’ve been through in my life, but also saying that the story’s not over yet. I hope as you look back over your life you see God’s faithfulness. You can pre-order”the Story’s Not Over” now for when it comes out on September 20th. You can also listen to my new single “Should Have Been Me” which is out right now. While I was writing this song I was struck by the gratitude for what God had done in carrying my burdens. I’m excited for you to hear this one!
Jeremy Camp Aug 02, 2019
Jeremy Camp's cover photo
Jeremy Camp Aug 01, 2019
What's up guys, my new single "Should've Been Me" will be out TONIGHT! Because of what God has done in our lives by carrying our burdens and taking our place, we're able to have joy and live in freedom, and that's what I was thinking about as I wrote this song. Can't wait for you to hear it!
Jeremy Camp Aug 01, 2019
What’s up guys, I just released some brand new merch and wanted you to check it out. The great news is when you purchase any merch from my store you will automatically pre-order my new album, The Story’s Not Over, which releases September 20th. Go shop now and find something you like:
Jeremy Camp Jul 31, 2019
What’s up guys, so excited to get more new music to you all. This Friday we are releasing a new song called “Should Have Been Me”. While I was writing this song, I was struck by gratitude for what God had done in taking my place and carrying my burdens. This song represents that excitement. It turned into a dance party track. I’m excited for you to hear this song during this new season of life!
Jeremy Camp Jul 29, 2019
I’m reminded of this every day. With each beat of my heart, He reminds me, He’s still alive. #stillalive
Jeremy Camp Jul 29, 2019