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Life Will See You Now
I Know What Love Isn't
Night Falls Over Kortedala
When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog
Jens Lekman Aug 07, 2019
Just got a last minute booking at Way Out West! I think I'm replacing someone who dropped out so I'll be your substitute teacher tomorrow. 14:30 at Linné Stage. Don't even think about messing with me. Be there on time or you'll get detention.
Jens Lekman Jul 27, 2019
The line-up at Malmöfestivalen just got a little bit better ☺️ See you aug 10th!
Jens Lekman May 18, 2019
My label's doing a good thing this weekend
Jens Lekman May 15, 2019
Two upcoming shows! June 1st - Minsk, Belarus - Ploschad Svobody June 5th - Moscow, Russia - Glavclub J x
Jens Lekman Apr 12, 2019
Today, April 12th, my musical project CORRESPONDENCE that I did with Annika Norlin last year is released in it’s entirety! With new string arrangments on half of the tracks and nicely mastered. Listen here: J x ABOUT CORRESPONDENCE After completing his previous projects Postcards (where he wrote 52 songs in 52 weeks) and Ghostwriting (where he offered his songwriting to tell other peoples stories), Jens Lekman came up with a new idea. He asked fellow Swedish songwriter Annika Norlin (Hello Saferide, Säkert!) to join him. The idea was that throughout the year of 2018, the two of them would correspond through music. Each month, one of them would write a song and the next month, the other one would reply. Before starting, they did some research on famous letter writing in literature. They were struck by how you usually have to be dead and declared a genius for your correspondence to be published. That’s sad, they thought, and decided this would be great to do while they were still alive. The rules were simple: - One letter each month throughout the year - in total, six songs for Jens and six for Annika. - Only one instrument could be used for each song. This was to help them focus on the songs/letters instead of the production. Correspondence gave Jens and Annika an outlet for more spontaneous ideas, and they decided to stay under the radar by only releasing the songs on the Correspondence website and a Spotify playlist. Most of the time they forgot that anyone else could hear the songs, and they turned out very personal. But looking back at 2018, maybe most of the personal things they wrote about - exhaustion, longing for human connection, harassment, climate change anxiety - summed up 2018 at a larger level as well. As the project came to an end, Jens and Annika listened through the songs and felt pleased with the results. An epistolary novel in the form of twelve folksongs. Jens wrote string arrangements for half of the songs and brought in violinist Ellen Hjalmarsson and cellist Petra Lundin. Today, April 12, all twelve songs are released as a full album (digital only, the songs are too long to fit on a vinyl, sorry). To hear the original recordings and read the lyrics, go to the original website:
Jens Lekman Apr 11, 2019
DJ:ing with my friend Mythologen tomorrow friday!
Jens Lekman Feb 25, 2019
Midnight Light Festival! Vilhelmina, Sweden July 12-13th 2019 J x
Jens Lekman Feb 17, 2019
Hello! On march 16th I will discuss Correspondence with Annika Norlin live at Umeå Littfest in Umeå, Sweden. We'll play a song or two as well! J x
Jens Lekman Jan 23, 2019
Here’s a wonderful academic paper written by Phil Dodds about the geographical aspects of my music. I learned things about my own songwriting through this that I hadn’t even thought of myself before.
Jens Lekman Dec 07, 2018
CORRESPONDENCE JANUARY - DECEMBER 2018: RIP A little over a year ago, me and Annika Norlin did what many friends who see each other too seldom do - we promised to get in touch a little more often. We called the project CORRESPONDENCE. These were the rules: * One letter a month, in the shape of a song. Six songs each, twelve in total. * Only one instrument could be used for each letter. The songs were attempts to impress each other, make each other laugh and cry. They contained our thoughts about things that occupied our minds at that very moment. The project was a way for us to have an outlet for more spontaneous ideas, and we decided to stay under the radar by only releasing the songs on the internet without attempting to attract much attention. Most of the time we forgot that anyone else could hear them. ”Sometimes someone would come up to me and be like, ’Hey I like that Hibernation song’ and I’d feel startled, like, ’Where did you hear that? That’s much too personal for anyone to hear.’” (Annika) Annika’s favorite letter of Jens’ is his song from november - On the Edge of Time. “It’s like an entire dystopic tale that starts with him examining his eczema and ends with the probability of the world coming to an end. I also like the March one - Forever young, Forever beautiful. It grew slowly on me, about a mountaineer who tells Jens about her dead husband and how beautiful his body was.” My favorite letter by Annika is either February’s Showering in Public, about why she's never liked locker rooms, or December’s Silent Night with it’s hopeful ending. The rule was that we could only use one instrument per song, to help us focus on the stories and not get lost in production. But in the end, we liked the songs so much it felt like we wanted to help them out, tie them together a bit more, and so we decided to record sparse strings on top of half of the songs. It turned out beautiful, and as soon as we’ve mixed and mastered it we will release it digitally. Until then, you can hear all the songs in their raw current versions at (also lyrics) or on Spotify: Göteborg / Umeå, dec 7th 2018 Jens Lekman & Annika Norlin Correspondence: Silent Night is out now in December. Correspondence: the album will be out early next year. Photo by Emma-Sofia Olsson
Jens Lekman Dec 05, 2018
So happy and proud to be part of this record by my old bandmate and dear friend Viktor Sjöberg / Free Aktion. It comes out next week, dec 13th. Also check out the first single 'Call For Love' which is already out, it's one of the best songs of this year in my opinion. And while you're at it, check out his previous albums Be Love Now (2016), House Master (2014) and Breakfast in America (2010).
Jens Lekman Dec 01, 2018
Europe! Go see my friend Hari Kondabolu do his show. I just saw him in Berlin two nights ago and it was brilliant. Tonight he's in Stockholm at Kraken. Rest of the shows are here:
Jens Lekman Nov 02, 2018
Photo by Emma-Sofia Olsson
Jens Lekman Nov 02, 2018
Jens Lekman
Jens Lekman Oct 31, 2018
Very grateful to receive this award from Sten A Olssons Stiftelse. Thank you!
Jens Lekman Jun 13, 2018
Burying the summer with a little soloshow at this lovely festival in Stockholm!
Jens Lekman May 07, 2018
This sunday in Stockholm! Free entry! And Kajsa Grytt is playing too!
Jens Lekman Apr 09, 2018
APRIL 24 - NIGHT FALLS OVER KORTEDALA UPDATE: SOLD OUT!!!! (english translation below) Tisdagen den 24:e april kommer jag framföra skivan Night Falls Over Kortedala på Erikshjälpen i KORTEDALA! Insläpp 18:30, på scen 19:00. Förstamajgatan 4 Spårvagnshållplats Kortedala Torg (linje 6, 7 och 11) Det finns 150st biljetter, först till kvarn, för 200kr st. Biljetterna säljs i butiken med start tisdag 10/4. Sålda biljetter återköps ej. Alla intäkter från biljettförsäljningen går oavkortat till Erikshjälpens projekt för barn världen över. Butiken är öppen under kvällen och i Farbror Eriks Kafé serveras vegansk soppa, hummus, smörgåsar och fika! Välkomna! / Jens - - - - - - - - - UPDATE: SOLD OUT!!!! Tuesday, 24th of april, I will be performing the album Night Falls Over Kortedala at Erikshjälpen in KORTEDALA! Doors 18:30, on stage at 19:00 Förstamajgatan 4 Tram stop: Kortedala Torg (Tram # 6, 7 and 11) There's 150 tickets and they are 200 kronor each Tickets are sold in the store from tuesday the 10th. Sold tickets are non refundable. All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to Erikshjälpens projects for children across the world. The store is open during the night and in Farbror Eriks Cafe they serve vegan soup, hummus, sandwiches and fika. Welcome! / Jens
Jens Lekman Mar 28, 2018
SUNDSVALL FILM FESTIVAL + UMEÅ OPEN I'm taking a trip up to the north of Sweden in april for two shows: April 12-13th - Sundsvall Film Festival April 14th - Umeå Open Hope to see you there! J
Jens Lekman Jan 04, 2018
CORRESPONDENCE Beginning today and throughout 2018, me and Annika Norlin (Hello Saferide, Säkert!) will be doing a project called Correspondence where we publish our communication through songs. Once a month a new song will be published here: Twelve songs in total, six by each person. More information here: Happy new year everyone! Jens
Jens Lekman Dec 07, 2017
Entertainment Weekly includes 'Life Will See You Now' on their "Best Albums of 2017" list! . "The Swedish crooner is quite simply a songwriter like no other, & on his joyous fourth album, he decks out his wildly specific, intimate yarns with bossa nova grooves, disco beats, & hip-hop samples." . Available on CD/LP/MP3/cassette: 🎁🎁🎁
Jens Lekman Nov 27, 2017
Jens at Badesøen Festival 2017 - 8 concerts for 8 persons - one person at a time. #jenswillseeyounow
Jens Lekman Oct 30, 2017
Jens Lekman Sep 27, 2017
From Partille to the galaxy, Frida Scar!
Jens Lekman Sep 25, 2017
About a week ago I moved to beautiful Tromsø, northern Norway. My girlfriend has started studying here and since I'm fortunate enough to be able to work from almost anywhere I decided to tag along. Now I'm looking for something to get involved in here, is there anyone here who lives in the area who would like to make some music? Book a show with me? Start some kind of project that I could be involved in? Need a DJ? Need a songwriting teacher? Need some music for a movie? Write me at smalltalk (at)