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Transmitter Failure
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Jenny Owen Youngs Feb 15, 2019
ATTENTION EVERYONE: my secret slayer in the @bufferingcast holiday gift exchange sent me THIS FREAKING RILEY DECAL (pictured with guitalele for scale) and it is amazing and I laughed until I cried and then I cried until I laughed oh my freaking god. Feeling so blessed, thank you Laurel!!! 🎁🍞💪🏻
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 31, 2019
‪HELLO I’m playing a few shows in the northeast in May! @frankturner’s Lost Evenings in Boston, plus headline shows at @UnionHallNY & @MilkBoyPhilly w/ @aishaburnsmusic supporting. HOORAY! link, as they say, in bio!
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 31, 2019
tea with Silas
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 28, 2019
Thank you @danozzi for this blessed image of me doing... something.
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 23, 2019
VERY PUMPED to join this stellar lineup! Also I had a dream about @frankturner’s cat last night, whomst I pray shall be in attendance.
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 21, 2019
A BRIEF HISTORY OF (MY) PODCON2: Singing a song about my feelings to 3200 v polite people (📸: @meggawat19) // Avengers, assemble! // Buffering Creator Chat crew // “Like Warm Champagne” // WE FOUND A BACK ALLEY OF SUNNYDALE
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 20, 2019
Someone at the PodCon2 Buffering Q+A asked me which Buffy character was closest to my college self, and this is what I came up with. Upon further reflection I believe an Angel moon might have been a better choice, but I still think this is a decent first stab.
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 16, 2019
[cult mentality intensifies]
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 12, 2019
Big day today, defeated my longtime rivals the honey pots!
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 10, 2019
I can now confirm that it is TIME TO ROCK, thanks to my shiny new Boulevard watch by @mvmtforher! Snag $15 off yours when you use my code JENNYOWEN15 at checkout. #jointhemvmt #mvmtambassador
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 07, 2019
Snapped solo in November (during a @bufferingcast shoot) by the wildly talented @coreyhayesphotos. 🦇
Jenny Owen Youngs Dec 01, 2018
Jenny Owen Youngs Nov 23, 2018
this goon
Jenny Owen Youngs Nov 18, 2018
she loves it
Jenny Owen Youngs Nov 18, 2018
i survived a night with a demon possum
Jenny Owen Youngs Nov 17, 2018
Back in the good old days before I left @chrisfarren’s leather jacket on a JetBlue plane. Photo by @trackstop, toast by @roocoffee.
Jenny Owen Youngs Nov 16, 2018
Pleased to report that I recently graduated from the @hrishihirway School Of Sidechain Compression
Jenny Owen Youngs Nov 14, 2018
when he finally sends a pic after weeks away on tour
Jenny Owen Youngs Nov 09, 2018
Jenny Owen Youngs Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween from last year’s tiny Sam 🎃🐈
Jenny Owen Youngs Oct 31, 2018
Halloween at the climbing gym 🎃☠️
Jenny Owen Youngs Oct 27, 2018
LA area friends: the Katie Hill campaign is looking for volunteers to help knock on doors and make phone calls during the final four days of the race – Saturday, Nov. 3 through Election Day! No previous experience required, only a good attitude and a passion to take back the House. I know I don’t have to tell you why this is so important. If you’re able to lend a hand/voice, do it!! You can find events to sign up for here: Aaand here are some fun facts about Katie Hill: -> She's running in California's 25th District (which is just a quick drive from LA proper) against Republican Steve Knight (he supports family separation, outlawing abortion even in the case of incest and rape, and his father wrote Prop 22 – the ban on marriage equality – that was overturned at the Supreme Court) -> Katie is not taking corporate $$$, supports healthcare for all, reproductive rights, income equality, and if elected would be one of the youngest members of Congress as well as one of the first openly bisexual members of Congress (!!!)
Jenny Owen Youngs Oct 27, 2018
Today my best friend @chrisfarren released an album with his 2nd-best friend @jeffrosenstock and it is so fucking good. Antarctigo Vespucci: Love in the Time of E-Mail - listen to it if you don’t hate great things!
Jenny Owen Youngs Oct 25, 2018
Back at the Girls Gone Wild house, where the producer said “huge chests” but the set designer heard something else
Jenny Owen Youngs Oct 25, 2018
Today the @bufferingcast episode for HUSH (pt 1) is up!! I co-wrote the song with @hrishihirway (Watson helped a lot too) and there’s a musical cameo by Buffering house pianist @benthornewill! One of my favorite Buffy eps and one of my favorite Buffering songs, hell yeah!