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An Unwavering Band of Light
Transmitter Failure
Batten the Hatches
Jenny Owen Youngs Aug 23, 2019
New song out today! I wrote “Living Room” w perfect genius Christian Lee Hutson, who sang + played guitar + bass. Produced by Ethan Gruska. Marshall Vore engineered + drummed mightily. Gabe Noel played spooky cello. Mixed by John Sinclair, mastered by Jett Galindo. Art by Devan Power. listen on spotify: listen on apple music: preorder the Night Shift EP:
Jenny Owen Youngs Aug 20, 2019
Hey friends, the first episode of my new podcast Veronica Mars Investigations (cohosted with the amazing Helen Zaltzman) is live TODAY! Listen wherever you get your podcasts, or head over to! <3 hell yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Jenny Owen Youngs Aug 16, 2019
Jenny Owen Youngs Aug 14, 2019
ICYMI: the preorder for my forthcoming EP, NIGHT SHIFT, is live! This transparent blue + black swirl vinyl is among the preorderables - EP art designed by Devan Power, photography by Tucker Leary. CDs, vinyl, illustrated lyric books, personalized postcards, HBD phone calls, and more are now available at!! For behind the scenes content (and advance previews of new songs), you can join me on Patreon at! And HEY if you haven't heard the first song off the EP, "Vampire Weeknight," it's out now everywhere digitally! woooooooooooooooooo
Jenny Owen Youngs Jul 26, 2019
Jenny Owen Youngs
Jenny Owen Youngs Jul 26, 2019
Jenny Owen Youngs's cover photo
Jenny Owen Youngs Jul 19, 2019
⚡️CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER⚡️ Navy blue variant up in my HelloMerch store (link in bio), olive green available at my show this Sunday at Club Tee Gee in Atwater Village - Tennessee Snow Cree Kamanski opens! 9pm baby
Jenny Owen Youngs Jul 15, 2019
HEY LOS ANGELES FRIENDS - this Sunday July 21st I'm playing a *FREE* SHOW at Club Tee Gee in Atwater Village! Gonna play some new songs about my new feelings. See you there, yeah?
Jenny Owen Youngs Feb 15, 2019
ATTENTION EVERYONE: my secret slayer in the @bufferingcast holiday gift exchange sent me THIS FREAKING RILEY DECAL (pictured with guitalele for scale) and it is amazing and I laughed until I cried and then I cried until I laughed oh my freaking god. Feeling so blessed, thank you Laurel!!! 🎁🍞💪🏻
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 31, 2019
‪HELLO I’m playing a few shows in the northeast in May! @frankturner’s Lost Evenings in Boston, plus headline shows at @UnionHallNY & @MilkBoyPhilly w/ @aishaburnsmusic supporting. HOORAY! link, as they say, in bio!
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 31, 2019
tea with Silas
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 28, 2019
Thank you @danozzi for this blessed image of me doing... something.
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 23, 2019
VERY PUMPED to join this stellar lineup! Also I had a dream about @frankturner’s cat last night, whomst I pray shall be in attendance.
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 21, 2019
A BRIEF HISTORY OF (MY) PODCON2: Singing a song about my feelings to 3200 v polite people (📸: @meggawat19) // Avengers, assemble! // Buffering Creator Chat crew // “Like Warm Champagne” // WE FOUND A BACK ALLEY OF SUNNYDALE
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 20, 2019
Someone at the PodCon2 Buffering Q+A asked me which Buffy character was closest to my college self, and this is what I came up with. Upon further reflection I believe an Angel moon might have been a better choice, but I still think this is a decent first stab.
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 16, 2019
[cult mentality intensifies]
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 12, 2019
Big day today, defeated my longtime rivals the honey pots!
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 10, 2019
I can now confirm that it is TIME TO ROCK, thanks to my shiny new Boulevard watch by @mvmtforher! Snag $15 off yours when you use my code JENNYOWEN15 at checkout. #jointhemvmt #mvmtambassador
Jenny Owen Youngs Jan 07, 2019
Snapped solo in November (during a @bufferingcast shoot) by the wildly talented @coreyhayesphotos. 🦇
Jenny Owen Youngs Dec 01, 2018
Jenny Owen Youngs Nov 23, 2018
this goon
Jenny Owen Youngs Nov 18, 2018
she loves it
Jenny Owen Youngs Nov 18, 2018
i survived a night with a demon possum
Jenny Owen Youngs Nov 17, 2018
Back in the good old days before I left @chrisfarren’s leather jacket on a JetBlue plane. Photo by @trackstop, toast by @roocoffee.
Jenny Owen Youngs Nov 16, 2018
Pleased to report that I recently graduated from the @hrishihirway School Of Sidechain Compression