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Tender Madness
Jenny Besetzt Feb 28, 2019
Here's vid we just re-discovered of us playing 'Black as the Night' at the legendary First Ave in Minneapolis a while back. When's the next tour?!?
Jenny Besetzt Oct 16, 2018
here's a ramped up version of "Only" from our set at the The Empty Bottle during their 25th anniversary shows, catch us this Friday at Slim's with PROMM and Tundrastomper!! Jenny Besetzt, Tundrastopmer, PROMM
Jenny Besetzt Oct 05, 2018
in one week you can catch us beachside at Bonzer Shack with the sultans of saunter known as Drag Sounds do not miss!!
Jenny Besetzt Sep 30, 2018
we love coming down to rock hill, look at this crazy flyer they made for us!!
Jenny Besetzt Aug 15, 2018
Thanks to Holy Crap Records for featuring "Only" on their new podcast. Extra special thanks to our Raleigh homies Pie Face Girls for linking us up!
Jenny Besetzt Jul 30, 2018
this was a hella fun session!!
Jenny Besetzt Jul 03, 2018
Next show is at the end of the month with the homies Blacksage and their new friends The Rememberables at Ruby Deluxe do not miss this one!!
Jenny Besetzt Jun 23, 2018
we're at OBX tonight with Lonnie Walker and Zack Mexico at Bonzer Shack!! do not miss the debut of DJ Monocle Lewinsky!!
Jenny Besetzt May 19, 2018
We're hitting the road again in a couple weeks to make it out to Riverscene Indie Music Festival!! Catch us in Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, and South Carolina! We're also playing Neptune's this Sunday as part of Voight-Kampff Tour Kick-Off, do not miss!
Jenny Besetzt Apr 25, 2018
We're hitting the road in a couple weeks for Waking Windows !! Pumped to be in the northeast again, and we have a couple slots open for our show at Gateway in NYC! Shout at us at [email protected] if you have a lead. See you all soon!
Jenny Besetzt Apr 23, 2018
We're at Snug Harbor tonight with No Joy! Show starts at 9, come on out!!
Jenny Besetzt Mar 22, 2018
TONIGHT!... Oh, Rose brings the utmost in gorgeousness to Neptune's before your sweet bebe Jenny boyz and girlz play Raleigh for the first time in a loooonnng time. It's a late show so you have time to get ALL of your errands done and then feel ALL the feelz around 10:00pm.
Jenny Besetzt Mar 04, 2018
Went down to SC last week for a WSBF live session! New songs!! Check it out::
Jenny Besetzt Feb 16, 2018
Wowee! We're joining a killer line up to play Waking Windows Winooski 2018 this year! Head over to for tickets and info
Jenny Besetzt Feb 16, 2018
Jenny Besetzt's cover photo
Jenny Besetzt Dec 12, 2017
Rounded out the year for the second year in a row with the Mountain Goats, this time at the wonderful The Carolina Theatre of Durham! Thanks for having us on tour!!
Jenny Besetzt Dec 06, 2017
Looking good Richmond!!
Jenny Besetzt Nov 15, 2017
Be sure to catch us with The Mountain Goats this December!!
Jenny Besetzt Oct 18, 2017
Just updated our online store with shirts, tapes, and CD's!! Get yours before we head out with the Mountain Goats in December!!
Jenny Besetzt Oct 11, 2017
Great pics up at BrooklynVegan from night 1 at Brooklyn Steel with Future Islands!
Jenny Besetzt Oct 05, 2017
Check out a bit of our show at First Avenue in Minneapolis!
Jenny Besetzt Oct 04, 2017
Nice shot from the balcony of The Orpheum Madison WI. Photo by Michael Luehrs.
Jenny Besetzt Oct 04, 2017
Jenny Besetzt Oct 04, 2017
Nathan found a new ride at First Avenue.