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Jeniferever Dec 28, 2018
Hello, Martin here. Since some of you might be interested in hearing this i share this here. This is one of the bands i have now. This is the first single from our forthcoming third album. Hope you like it.
Jeniferever Jan 01, 2017
Happy New Year folks!
Jeniferever Jan 11, 2016
This one slipped through pretty unnoticed way back. One of the great heroes. /m
Jeniferever Dec 12, 2013
Hello there! This is Olle writing, I've been making some tracks on my own under the name Calisota. If you're interested you can have a look at: or listen through spotify: Hope you enjoy them! If you do and would like to be notified about new releases etc please go to and hit the like button. All the best, Olle
Jeniferever Nov 18, 2013
hello! this is martin again. the first two official releases are up here now. my new band Ştiu Nu Ştiu. have a listen. the songs are called Ultra Silvam & Borta & they will be released on Väggen Records in about a month. check it out & share & like the page if you like what you hear. take care everybody martin
Jeniferever Mar 12, 2013
hello friends! check out my new band. we´re only a few shows in, but more to come soon. some demos, but a single this spring & an album as soon as possible.Ştiu/132798543529310?fref=ts cheers m
Jeniferever Mar 12, 2013
hello friends! check out my new band. we´re only a few shows in, but more to come soon. some demos, but a single this spring & an album as soon as possible.Ştiu/132798543529310?fref=ts cheers m
Jeniferever Aug 11, 2012
this is me and kalle (the person responsible for all jeniferever artwork). not much to listen to yet, more soon. the lenghty piece is improvised but there will mostly be arranged/ produced pieces of music later i think. if you're a promoter or so know this: we want to play everywhere once we have this all more sorted.Ştiu/132798543529310 hope summer is treating you all well! see you! martin
Jeniferever Nov 01, 2011
Photographer Stacy Liu followed us for a few days when we toured the UK this spring. Go here to see her great work:
Jeniferever Jun 08, 2011
played our last show for a while tonight. a bunch of tired tour animals are heading home or something tomorow. you will be greatly missed, all of you that we´ve met on this tour. hopefully see you again some day! (and we will sort out our website some day for info & stuff, it´s just a matter of time (& not being on tour)) tack & bock m
Jeniferever Jun 06, 2011
Ok, we'll be on stage in abourt 5 minutes. Watch the live stream here:
Jeniferever Jun 06, 2011
Watch us live from warszaw tonight on Around 9.30 or maybe a bit later.
Jeniferever Jun 06, 2011
Only two more shows left on the tour. I think we've done 50 or so during the past 3 months. Mixed fellings of getting closer to home, don't want to work but I do want to sleep, sleep for weeks. Warsaw next!
Jeniferever Jun 01, 2011
hamburg! show time soon!
Jeniferever May 30, 2011
göttingen tonight. playing with another swedish band we didn´t know about. should be a good night! berlin tomorrow, can´t wait. m
Jeniferever May 29, 2011
Great night in Brno. Good vibe, good crowd, good Starobrno. We'd love to come again! Next stop Münich.
Jeniferever May 26, 2011
Had a swim in the Geneva Lake earlier, very nice. Sat in the sun for a little too long, pink as a pig now, not very nice. F
Jeniferever May 22, 2011
wien tonight! if we can still breathe when it's show time we'll be rocking & rolling. it's so warm.
Jeniferever May 18, 2011
We finally made it to Serbia! We got through to border after a while and the show in Belgrad was amazing. We've tried two times before and we're so glad we didn't give up. We're very happy to be here. I hope we'll get more than 4 hours sleep tonight. It's been a rough couple of days. збогом!
Jeniferever May 11, 2011
Shit day in Athens. Kind of stuck in an office while the riot police are running up and down the streets shooting tear gas at protesters. Some of us are trying to fix some problems with the car, some are trying to get a new passport since it got stolen last night and some are trying to find somewhere to stay for the night. Here comes the smell of tear gas again. We're hungry and can't get out. Rock n' Roll!
Jeniferever May 11, 2011
Great night in athens! we should play here more often. Afterparty consists of writing down every serial number of everything we have with us, to hopefully stay out of trouble when we cross a couple of difficult borders in the coming days. Third time's a charm for Serbia, this time it must happen. We've been looking forward to it for 3 years. F
Jeniferever May 10, 2011
in athens soundchecking. it's great to be back! m
Jeniferever May 05, 2011
ciao italia! only pizza & pasta in our stomachs for a few days i guess. m
Jeniferever May 05, 2011
Hey. Today we've been in Rome, saw the Colosseum basically. Then we drove to Benevento in our van with our malfunctioning air condition. Anyway, we did a track-by-track guide to all songs on 'Silesia' for God Is In The TV a few weeks ago: Greetings from Italy!
Jeniferever May 01, 2011
the rock continues in italy in a few days! now a few days rest or unrest in barcelona! thanks everyone in spain for coming to our shows, we loved it as always! m