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Works By Tuli Kupferberg (1923-2010)
Sun Dance
A Turn in the Dream-Songs
12 Crass Songs
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It's the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through
The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane
Jeffrey Lewis Dec 10, 2018
Peter Stampfel and Jeffrey Lewis on stage w Yo La Tengo! Happy Hanukkah!!!!
Jeffrey Lewis Dec 09, 2018
Please join me in supporting Lach and his family in their time of need! Without Lach and the community he fostered, and the support he gave me and countless others, our lives in music could very well have never developed.
Jeffrey Lewis Dec 08, 2018
The autograph of Gene Ween (Aaron Freeman) on my guitar.
Jeffrey Lewis Dec 07, 2018
Been enjoying the new David Herman Dune album! (Great listening while working on the art for my own new album... And hey, I even get name-dropped in one of David's songs on here!)
Jeffrey Lewis Dec 06, 2018
Thurs Dec 6, NYC... Jeffrey Lewis "performs" some comic book stuff as part of Carousel!! Including a sneak preview of Fuff #12! Other artists reading/showing too! At Dixon Place, 7pm, 161A Chrystie St.
Jeffrey Lewis Dec 05, 2018
Adding some old-school tape delay at SpeakerSonic Studio studios in Queens
Jeffrey Lewis Dec 04, 2018
I'm on this new Magnetic Fields tribute album, "You Can Sing Me Anything: A Tribute to 69 Love Songs"
Jeffrey Lewis Dec 04, 2018
Y'think they're Fugs fans maybe? : ) east 3rd st 2018
Jeffrey Lewis Dec 03, 2018
Here's a 2014 clip of Will Oldham getting asked about my song (tho I know he's been asked about it multiple times by other folks)... Plus it's just a nice interview/concert piece, with Matt Sweeney and Emmett Kelly.
Jeffrey Lewis Dec 02, 2018
Today, Sunday afternoon, in NYC: Caveat (21A Clinton Street, 10002) Jeffrey Lewis and Mal Blum and Victoria Ruiz (from Downtown Boys) appear as part of a Pitch Podcast live afternoon event: Pitch's Super Awesome Musical Holiday Extravaganza! "It's the Holidays, and Pitch hosts Alex Kapelman and Whitney Jones are hanging out and thinking about holiday music, when who happens to ring the doorbell? Special musical and podcast guests, who have some super awesome musical things to sing and talk about." Doors: 3:30, Show: 4:00, Tickets: $15 adv / $20 door, 21+ only.
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 30, 2018
Home from tour, now I can listen to the music i got along the way! (Mostly from the great Deep Thoughts shop in Jamaica Plain MA!)
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 29, 2018
Albany NY tonight (Thurs), our LAST tour gig of 2018!! Thanks everybody for all the good times on the road in USA/UK/Europe/Canada this year.
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 29, 2018
The legendary Rochester House of Guitars. OVERWHELMING record store! Incredible. A necessary pilgrimage for all Armand Shaubroeck fans!
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 28, 2018
Niagara Falls! On our way to Rochester gig tonight!
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 27, 2018
Toronto Tonight, Tuesday The Twentyseventh
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 26, 2018
Tonight in Montreal! (Monday)
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 26, 2018
Waking up in Vermont, on our way to Montreal gig tonight (Mon)!
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 26, 2018
Timeline Photos
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 25, 2018
I love old record label promo/headshots.
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 24, 2018
Tonight! "When it's twilight in Boston..."
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 23, 2018
Jeffrey Lewis - Works by Tuli Kupferberg (1923​-​2010) ALBUM REVIEW
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 22, 2018
Arriving back home in NYC... Thanks SO MUCH to Hobo Johnson and Oliver Tree and everybody who made these past 4 weeks of gigs so unforgettable for us!!
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 22, 2018
All the bras thrown on stage for Hobo Johnson! Last day of tour.
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 21, 2018
Removing set lists from my guitar, they build up thick on there!
Jeffrey Lewis Nov 19, 2018
On the road to our Orlando gig tonight