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The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane
Jeffrey Lewis Feb 15, 2019
I'm interviewed on this thing (below the video game stuff)
Jeffrey Lewis Feb 14, 2019
More sketches from Sidewalk Cafe Antifolk Fest NYC, I'm playing tonight (Thurs)!
Jeffrey Lewis Feb 13, 2019
Working on Fuff Comix # 12, page 29.
Jeffrey Lewis Feb 13, 2019
Sketching musicians at Sidewalk for the millionth time (but it's closing next week).
Jeffrey Lewis Feb 12, 2019
Hey, who's going to Sidewalk tonight (NYC) for the kickoff of the Winter Antifolk Festival? I know it's a snowy day... but what better way to start a winter festival! I'm playing the fest at Sidewalk on Thurs (Feb 14), but will be hanging out there tonight to see Emily Frembgen and other performers. (and check out this old pic of me sporting my Winter Antifolk Fest t-shirt from 1999! 20 years ago! Yowza) WINTER ANTIFOLK FESTIVAL 2019! (the final one??) FREE ENTRY! ALL-AGES! (94 Avenue A, 6th St, NYC) Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 6:30 pm: TAPIOCA: Fest Edition 7:00 pm: Natalie Asport 7:30 pm: The Peregrine Effect 8:00 pm: Max Stalker-Wilde 8:10 pm: Angela Grace 8:40 pm: Jay Ackley and the Family-Style Band 9:10 pm: Martina Fiserova 9:40 pm: Emily Frembgen and Friends - 10:10 pm: Common Ancestors 10:40 pm: Mischief Night 11:10 pm: Lucky Witch and the Righteous Ghost -
Jeffrey Lewis Feb 05, 2019
So glad I was at Mercury lounge last night for surprise 1-song reunion of the Du-Tells! (Gary Lucas & Peter Stampfel!)
Jeffrey Lewis Feb 03, 2019
I almost forgot it's Groundhogs Day! Time for a listening marathon (for the curious, "Split" is the best one)
Jeffrey Lewis Feb 02, 2019
Just scored a $3 used CD of this classic (and yes it's the orig "Travolta" edition)!
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 31, 2019
Might anybody in NYC possibly have access to an office that we can use to shoot some quick music video scenes in this week? (A doctor's office is ideal, but I know that's a long shot!)
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 28, 2019
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 26, 2019
I'm seeking gigs if anybody can help?: Sun April 14 - Lawrence/Kansas City? Tues April 16 - Minneapolis? Wed April 17 - Madison? Thu April 18 - Milwaukee? I've already emailed Schwervon and a lot of venues in all these cities, but maybe you know of venues or house show options that I might have missed? Hopefully see you out there one way or another! More tour date announcements coming soon (but still booking!) -Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 25, 2019
Any employers in NYC need some of these blank 1099 forms? They cost like $1 each, I need maybe 5 but they only come in packs of 24 so I have a lot of extras, they'll go in the trash if nobody wants 'em.
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 23, 2019
Does anybody have access to a NYC-area record shop (used or new) where we might be able to film some scenes for a music video (filming during the first week of Feb)?
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 22, 2019
RIP Lorna Doom, I just heard.
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 22, 2019
She wants to tax the mega-wealthy at 70% AND she quotes from Watchmen... she's got my vote. (PS- The WM quote is just fun, but for the tax stuff 70% on annual income after 10 mill, see here: )
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 20, 2019
Tonight (Sun) at Sidewalk in NYC! Early: 6pm Peter Dizozza, 6:30 John S Hall, 7pm Jeffrey Lewis (solo). Free. All ages. Jazz at 8pm. Avenue A & 6th St.
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 18, 2019
Anybody got any tips for venues where I might be able to book my band a Baltimore gig this spring?
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 18, 2019
Perry Robinson remembered in New Jersey:
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 16, 2019
Anybody know of any small/indie music venues in Indianapolis IN where I might be able to book a gig for my band some day?
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 05, 2019
It's possible that no piece of vinyl in my house has been spun more than this one over the years. Best $0.97 ever spent??
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 04, 2019
I just saw this listed on ebay, in case any of you might want to buy it...
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 01, 2019
I'm scheduled to play the Winter Antifolk Festival in Feb but nobody's certain if that will still go forward as scheduled, with this unknown Sidewalk situation... Fingers crossed.
Jeffrey Lewis Jan 01, 2019
Jim Flynn did a truly great set at Sidewalk (including this Turner Cody cover on harp).
Jeffrey Lewis Dec 28, 2018
Great xmas gift (thank you Jack)
Jeffrey Lewis Dec 27, 2018
Best addition to my jewish/atheist xmas tree in 2018.