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You and I (Extended Edition)
You and I
Grace Around the World (Live)
So Real: Songs from Jeff Buckley
Grace (Legacy Edition)
The Grace EPs
Songs to No One 1991-1992
Live A L'Olympia
Mystery White Boy - Live '95~'96
Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk
Jeff Buckley Jun 20, 2019
On this day in 1995, #JeffBuckley kicked off his European Summer Tour. Some of the live performances from this tour would later be featured on the album 'Mystery White Boy,' which was released in 2000.
Jeff Buckley Jun 12, 2019
The official press release for the #Grace tour was issued during this week in 1994. #JeffBuckleyGrace #MomentsOfGrace #Grace25
Jeff Buckley Jun 11, 2019
Want to win some of Jeff’s greatest albums on vinyl? Enter to win copies of ‘Live At Sin-é (Legacy Edition),’ ‘Grace,’ ‘Mystery White Boy’ and ‘You and I!' Enter here:!20190611
Jeff Buckley Jun 06, 2019
A VIP sticker for exclusive access during Jeff’s #Grace tour. #TBT #JeffBuckleyGrace #MomentsOfGrace #Grace25
Jeff Buckley Jun 05, 2019
Jeff, an avid doodler and writer, is pictured here writing in one of his journals. Preorder 'Jeff Buckley: His Own Voice' now:
Jeff Buckley Jun 03, 2019
Newbury Comics is celebrating the 25th anniversary of 'Grace' with an exclusive edition on Deep Blue Vinyl! #JeffBuckleyGrace #MomentsOfGrace #Grace25 Preorder now:
Jeff Buckley Jun 02, 2019
In June of 1984, Leonard Cohen began recording “Hallelujah,” a song Jeff later covered in 1993. It’s one of his most well-known songs to date. #JeffBuckleyGrace #MomentsOfGrace #Grace25 Listen:!20190602
Jeff Buckley May 31, 2019
Jeff Buckley May 30, 2019
Jeff Buckley May 29, 2019
Commit “random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty”… demonstrate the courage to follow your bliss. And if, when you go to that silent, certain place in your heart, you find there a Promise you can make that gives you a higher purpose in life, then make the strongest vow you’ve ever made and maybe, just maybe, together we’ll be able to repair the damage done to this lowly little world by the untimely passing of this gentle minstrel. – Mary Guibert
Jeff Buckley May 28, 2019
Jeff Buckley May 27, 2019
Jeff Buckley May 26, 2019
Jeff Buckley May 25, 2019
Jeff Buckley May 23, 2019
“If you let yourself listen with the whole of yourself, you will have the pure feeling of flight while firmly rooted to the ground. Your soul can fly outward, stringed to your ribcage like a shimmering kite in the shape of an open hand. Be still and listen to the evidence of your own holiness.” – Jeff Buckley [📸: Jeff checking out posters for upcoming shows at The Howlin' Wolf (New Orleans) including his full band, Dec 2, 1994 show.]
Jeff Buckley May 22, 2019
"Music is endless.” - Jeff Buckley in Columbia Records' original Electronic Press Kit for #Grace (1994)
Jeff Buckley May 17, 2019
Within days of the release of #Grace, Jeff Buckley began receiving rave reviews; the critic here even calling his voice “too good to be true.”
Jeff Buckley May 14, 2019
Jeff Buckley recorded “Live in Chicago” during this month 24 years ago. The show was released as a live DVD in May 2000. Watch the performances on #JeffBuckley’s YouTube channel:
Jeff Buckley May 11, 2019
📸 #JeffBuckley
Jeff Buckley May 10, 2019
Here, Jeff is pictured at Sin-e with his personal lyrics to "The Man That Got Away," a song originally performed by Judy Garland in the 1954 film 'A Star Is Born.' The song has also been covered by Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Cher. Jeff's version of the song as performed at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA on May 4, 1995 was released on the compilation album 'Mystery White Boy.' Listen to more Jeff here:!20190510
Jeff Buckley May 06, 2019
Start the week by listening to Jeff Buckley’s Top Tracks playlist. #MusicMonday #JeffBuckley 🎧 Listen:!20190506
Jeff Buckley May 01, 2019
Jeff Buckley in Tompkins Square Park in 1993. #JeffBuckley
Jeff Buckley Apr 26, 2019
Jeff Buckley's first NYC live performance was at a tribute show for his father at the Church of St. Ann and the Holy Trinity in Brooklyn on this day in 1991. These photos are from that day. "This is not a springboard. This is something very personal," Buckley said of that day.
Jeff Buckley Apr 24, 2019
Jeff reading a poem he wrote, entitled “New Year’s Eve Prayer” live at Sin-e in 1994. Happy #NationalPoetryMonth!
Jeff Buckley Apr 21, 2019
Nina Simone died on this day in 2003. Jeff was a fan of her music and would often perform her songs live. Here's a picture of his notebook containing the lyrics to "Be Your Husband," his take on Nina Simone's "Be My Husband."