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The Bridge and the Abyss
The Thief and the Fallen
Violence Begets Violence
Army of the Pharaohs: The Unholy Terror
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A History of Violence
Ritual of Battle
Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell
Army of the Pharaohs: The Torture Papers
Violent By Design
Legacy of Blood
The Psycho-social, Chemical, Biological, and Electro-magnetic Manipulation of Human Consiousness
Kublai Khan (feat. Gortex)
Visions of Gandhi
Jedi Mind Tricks Jul 25, 2019
this is in honor of the first t-shirt we ever made back in '96. was only available as a promo to DJs then. now available at the store for a limited time:
Jedi Mind Tricks Jun 26, 2019
New drops available now at our online store.
Jedi Mind Tricks Jun 23, 2019
9 years ago today.
Jedi Mind Tricks Jun 17, 2019
Jedi Mind Tricks Jun 07, 2019
Now available at our online store.
Jedi Mind Tricks May 08, 2019
Jedi Mind Tricks May 07, 2019
Jedi Mind Tricks May 02, 2019
JMT Camo Windbreaker back by popular demand at the store. Pre-order now through May 8th only.
Jedi Mind Tricks Apr 23, 2019
Been 5 Years since the Army of the Pharaohs drops of "In Death Reborn" and "Heavy Lies The Crown." If you missed out then, we have a specially-priced bundle available now at the store for any of our collectors.
Jedi Mind Tricks Mar 20, 2019
Vinnie Paz X Tragedy Khadafi are Camouflage Regime. everywhere April 12th. pre-order bundles available NOW at
Jedi Mind Tricks Mar 16, 2019
Vinnie Paz discusses new Camouflage Regime record, Spence-Garcia, and more...
Jedi Mind Tricks Mar 06, 2019
JMT Lightweight Bomber with embroidered logo avail for pre-order at the online store.
Jedi Mind Tricks Mar 01, 2019
Jedi Mind Tricks Feb 28, 2019
in-stores, and available everywhere on all formats and streaming sites April 12th. act accordingly.
Jedi Mind Tricks Feb 10, 2019
Jedi Mind Tricks Dec 21, 2018
$5 CDs/$10 LPs at the store now. Catch up on any catalog titles that you missed out on. Thanks for the support, ya'll!
Jedi Mind Tricks Dec 06, 2018
Limited edition Hoodie and Skullcap Holiday Bundles avail for pre-order now at the store. Ships 12/18.
Jedi Mind Tricks Dec 05, 2018
NEW VIDEO!!! Vinnie Paz - Gasmask
Jedi Mind Tricks Nov 24, 2018
Saturated (with Sales) Saturday. Use code JMT20 to get 20% Off your order through Monday at the store.
Jedi Mind Tricks Nov 23, 2018
The last thing you probably need in life is another Black Friday Sale, but here you go...use code JMT20 at checkout to save 20% Off your order at the store through Monday: We have some dope Black Friday Exclusives avail.
Jedi Mind Tricks Nov 13, 2018
Europe, see y’all next week. dates and tickets at
Jedi Mind Tricks Oct 25, 2018
To our European/UK fans, we'll be there in a few weeks. Come rock with us.
Jedi Mind Tricks Oct 22, 2018
6 years ago today.
Jedi Mind Tricks Oct 10, 2018
thank you. I’m eternally grateful. to be able to do this independently is a blessing.
Jedi Mind Tricks Oct 03, 2018
Thanks to everyone who came out to see us rock in the U.S. over the last couple of weeks. Europe/UK up next: November 19, 2018 – Prague, CZ – Futurum Music Bar November 20, 2018 – Berlin, DE – YAAM November 22, 2018 – Apeldoorn, NE – GIGANT November 23, 2018 – Paris, FR – Le Pan Piper November 24, 2018 – Hannover, DE – Kulturzentrum Faust November 26, 2018 – Roskilde, DK – Gimle November 27, 2018 – Oslo, NO – Rockefeller Music Hall November 28, 2018 – Stockholm, SE – Debaser Strand November 29, 2018 – Helsinki, FI – The Circus December 2, 2018 – London, UK - Scala Photo: Jimmy Giambrone