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Jean-Michel Jarre Jun 21, 2019
The European Space Agency asked me what my space dream is. Here is my answer... what’s your space dream?
Jean-Michel Jarre Jun 20, 2019
Philippe Zdar incarnait ce qu’il ya de mieux dans la musique d’aujourd’hui une imagination iconoclaste en même temps qu’une exigence sonore implacable. La famille de la musique a perdu aujourd’hui un de ses très grands fils. #Cassius #Zdar #electronicmusic
Jean-Michel Jarre Jun 13, 2019
In front of Disney Studios Headquarters
Jean-Michel Jarre Jun 13, 2019
With my friend JJ at his super place in Santa Monica - actually, now I know, we are all Bad Robots....but for the better !
Jean-Michel Jarre Jun 05, 2019
Super happy to see that the cover for EQUINOXE INFINITY is shortlisted as cover of the year at the Progressive Music Awards. The vote is now open. I would love to bring this one home for Filip Hodas who has created it. Thank you all for your support
Jean-Michel Jarre Jun 04, 2019
Vinyls and Cassettes, looking for rarities at Tower Records Tokyo
Jean-Michel Jarre Jun 03, 2019
Working session with the AI Flow Machines team at Sony CSL Tokyo
Jean-Michel Jarre May 30, 2019
Meeting in Tokyo with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe championing authors rights Rencontre à Tokyo avec le premier ministre japonais Shinzo Abe soutenant activement les créateurs et la propriété intellectuelle.
Jean-Michel Jarre May 29, 2019
I want to thank Billboard for making me part of their 2019 International Power Player List as president of CISAC. It is another recognition of the creators rights we are fighting for. “Jean-Michel Jarre, 70 President, CISAC Electronic music pioneer Jarre has long been one of the world’s most relentless activists for creators’ rights. As president of CISAC (the Paris-based organization representing 239 authors societies), he successfully fought for passage of the new Copyright Directive to ensure rights holders were fairly compensated. “In this struggle, we face giant opponents: the Goliaths of the tech world,” says Jarre. “These companies are essential partners for us, and they have produced fantastic innovations. Yet we can never stop getting the creators’ message out: It is us -- the creators, not the tech companies -- who are providing the fuel of the digital world.”
Jean-Michel Jarre May 25, 2019
The Podcast I did with Side Jams is out now. Enjoy your weekend
Jean-Michel Jarre May 23, 2019
Great moment meeting Giorgio Moroder last night
Jean-Michel Jarre May 18, 2019
Go where you look! Stunning VR installation by Laurie Anderson and Hsin-Chien Huang. Flying free through dreams space and imagination.. Awesome. Une installation en VR étourdissante par Laurie Anderson et Hsin-Chien Huang. Un vol en toute liberté qui traverse rêves, espaces et imaginaires..poétique futuriste et impressionnant .
Jean-Michel Jarre May 14, 2019
I remember being honored with the Stephan Hawking Medal by Starmus myself. It was a very special moment. I now very much congratulate this years winners Elon Musk, Brian Eno and Apollo 11.
Jean-Michel Jarre May 08, 2019
I had the great pleasure to speak to Jo Wood in her podcast Alien Nation. „The French Electronic music pioneer talks to Jo in his Parisienne flat about his love of space, his friendship with Arthur C Clarke and his belief we are not alone in the universe.“ Sounds interesting? Then head over to Spotify, Apple and other streaming platforms to listen
Jean-Michel Jarre May 03, 2019
Interesting read
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 23, 2019
Working on my book! Au travail sur mon livre!
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 22, 2019
Fier d’être le parrain de cette première édition du Inasound Festival. Je prédis qu’il va devenir un des festivals electro les plus influents dans les années qui viennent.. Parmi les brillants artistes qui ont participé - NSDOS...énorme claque ! Proud to be the patron of the first @inasoundfestival. I predict that this is going to be one of the most influential one in a near future Amongst a lot of brilliant artists.. NSDOS awesome.!
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 20, 2019
First @inasoundfestival. For which I did a masterclass. Thank you everyone who came, I had a fantastic time. #inasoundfestival
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 18, 2019
What’s spinning on your player right now?
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 16, 2019
Notre Dame for ever
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 14, 2019
As a proud Goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO I would like to ask for your help to win the The Webby Awards to help them promote a #sustainable way of visiting #CulturalHeritage Vote for Local Communities. Vote for Responsible Travel. Vote for World Heritage. The @VisitEUheritage site by UNESCO & could win the #PeoplesVoice award at @TheWebbyAwards. Vote here: 👉 Thank you
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 13, 2019
The @astralwerksrecords Vinyl is now sold out. Thanks for your support! Looks like the @taleofus remix is a big favorite with DJs - what’s yours and why? Link to stream or download
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 13, 2019
Very happy to support @recordstoreday with a special Remix EP for Equinoxe Infinity with mixes by @taleofus @jonasrathsman @perturbatormusic. The limited to 1300 units 12“ is available in selected stores participating in @recordstoreday 2019. My US label Astralwerks Records did a special run of 75 units.
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 12, 2019
Today is the release of the EQUINOXE INFINITY EP. I am super happy to be able to share the wonderful mixes by Tale Of Us Jonas Rathsman and Perturbator with you today. Remember that this is a release to support Record Store Day. A limited number of 12“ are available tomorrow at your independent record store of choice. Full list on Record Store Day Stream and download here:
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 11, 2019
Big personal excitement over this: Scientists have obtained the first image of a black hole, using Event Horizon Telescope observations of the center of the galaxy M87. The image shows a bright ring formed as light bends in the intense gravity around a black hole that is 6.5 billion times more massive than the Sun.