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Planet Jarre
Equinoxe Infinity
Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise
Oxygene Trilogy
Oxygene 3
Radioscopie - 100 heures avec Jacques Chancel: Jean-Michel Jarre
Electronica 1: The Time Machine
Les Chants Magnétiques / Magnetic Fields
Waiting for Cousteau
Les concerts en Chine 1981 (Live)
Remix EP (I)
Houston / Lyon 1986
Destination Docklands 1988
Geometry of Love
Oxygene 7-13
Les Granges Brûlées (Original Soundtrack)
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 23, 2019
Working on my book! Au travail sur mon livre!
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 22, 2019
Fier d’être le parrain de cette première édition du Inasound Festival. Je prédis qu’il va devenir un des festivals electro les plus influents dans les années qui viennent.. Parmi les brillants artistes qui ont participé - NSDOS...énorme claque ! Proud to be the patron of the first @inasoundfestival. I predict that this is going to be one of the most influential one in a near future Amongst a lot of brilliant artists.. NSDOS awesome.!
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 20, 2019
First @inasoundfestival. For which I did a masterclass. Thank you everyone who came, I had a fantastic time. #inasoundfestival
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 18, 2019
What’s spinning on your player right now?
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 16, 2019
Notre Dame for ever
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 14, 2019
As a proud Goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO I would like to ask for your help to win the The Webby Awards to help them promote a #sustainable way of visiting #CulturalHeritage Vote for Local Communities. Vote for Responsible Travel. Vote for World Heritage. The @VisitEUheritage site by UNESCO & could win the #PeoplesVoice award at @TheWebbyAwards. Vote here: 👉 Thank you
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 13, 2019
The @astralwerksrecords Vinyl is now sold out. Thanks for your support! Looks like the @taleofus remix is a big favorite with DJs - what’s yours and why? Link to stream or download
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 13, 2019
Very happy to support @recordstoreday with a special Remix EP for Equinoxe Infinity with mixes by @taleofus @jonasrathsman @perturbatormusic. The limited to 1300 units 12“ is available in selected stores participating in @recordstoreday 2019. My US label Astralwerks Records did a special run of 75 units.
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 12, 2019
Today is the release of the EQUINOXE INFINITY EP. I am super happy to be able to share the wonderful mixes by Tale Of Us Jonas Rathsman and Perturbator with you today. Remember that this is a release to support Record Store Day. A limited number of 12“ are available tomorrow at your independent record store of choice. Full list on Record Store Day Stream and download here:
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 11, 2019
Big personal excitement over this: Scientists have obtained the first image of a black hole, using Event Horizon Telescope observations of the center of the galaxy M87. The image shows a bright ring formed as light bends in the intense gravity around a black hole that is 6.5 billion times more massive than the Sun.
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 10, 2019
With my friend Jeff Mills at the opening of ELECTRO the exhibition around Electronic Music in Paris
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 09, 2019
I am delighted with this initiative, its not just another festival: INASOUND is an open door onto the new identity of INA (French national institute of audiovisual. To be immersed in this heritage, to remix, to recycle this raw material, to give life to new creations via digital tools, is truly a great adventure, I am proud to be the godfather of this fist edition of INASOUND! Updated programme & practical info : Cette aventure me réjouit, il ne s'agit pas d'un festival de plus; INASOUND est une porte ouverte vers un nouveau visage de l'INA. Se baigner dans tout ce patrimoine, remixer, reconstruire ce fond brut pour proposer de nouvelles propositions créatives avec les outils digitaux, représente une formidable aventure, je suis sincèrement ravi d'être le parrain d'INASOUND ! ‪Jean-Michel Jarre, Parrain d’INASOUND Festival ‬ Programmation actualisée et infos pratiques :
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 08, 2019
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 05, 2019
Very excited to be part of the ELECTRO EPXO at the Philharmonic in Paris starting next week (9.April- 11. August). The Expo showcases the history of Electronic music for which many of my fellow companions and I have sourced materials that meant something for us on the journey to put on display. I have set up my imaginary studio this week, even including a tiny laser harp. If you are in town, please come and visit. Très heureux de faire partie de l’exposition ELECTRO à la Philharmonie de Paris à partir de la semaine prochaine (du 9 avril au 11 août). Cette exposition présente l’histoire de la musique électronique pour laquelle nombre de mes collègues et moi-même avons fournis des instrumentsl qui ont compté pour nous pendant ce voyage. J’y ai installé mon studio imaginaire cette semaine, incluant même une réplique de la harpe laser. Si vous êtes en ville, ne ratez pas cet évènement.
Jean-Michel Jarre Apr 02, 2019
Preparing something very exciting for you this week at Philharmonie de Paris
Jean-Michel Jarre Mar 29, 2019
My friend James Kent aka Perturbator did a great show tonight!
Jean-Michel Jarre Mar 27, 2019
Victory #Yes2Copyright, whether you like it or not... Hey Guys, When I read some of the hate comments, I feel that you are indeed the ones back in George Orwell’s « 1984 »… And sometimes yes I do a bit of politics & you do not like that, I really don’t care, because I am doing it to avoid that our kids will have to do it, I want to give them a chance to be entirely focused on what they want to create instead. Please read this, it’s talking to you, about you ! Victoire #Yes2Copyright que vous l’aimiez ou pas. Bonjour les Amis, Quand je lis certains de vos commentaires haineux, j’ai le sentiment que vous êtes ceux qui sont retournés au "1984 » de George Orwell.. et si je fais parfois un peu de politique comme vous dites et que ça ne vous plait pas, je m’en fiche totalement car c’est pour éviter que nos enfants en fassent plus tard et qu’ils puissent avoir les moyens, eux, de se consacrer entièrement à leur art si ils le souhaitent. Lisez ceci, ça parle de vous !
Jean-Michel Jarre Mar 21, 2019
The winners for the #RemixThis competition with @metapopinc have been chosen. Congrats to DJ Yuki and Thought Criminal Krotch & Killz. Visit to listen. Well done everyone I really enjoyed listening to them all! Thank you @nativeinstruments for your support. #equinoxeinfinity
Jean-Michel Jarre Mar 18, 2019
Clarkesworld Magazine did a nice interview with me a while back. I hear it's the first one they did with a musician, so I hope I didn't disappoint. It's out on newsstands in the print edition next week.
Jean-Michel Jarre Mar 16, 2019
Marchons tous tous les jours partout pour notre planète #marche pour le climat # youth for climate
Jean-Michel Jarre Mar 08, 2019
Woman’s day is everyday Happy Woman’s day to each of you !!! La journée de la Femme, c’est tous les jours.. bonnes journées à toutes !!! #InternationalWomensDay
Jean-Michel Jarre Mar 05, 2019
Yesterday at the UNESCO AI World Conference to raise awareness and promote reflection on the opportunities and challenges that AI and its technologies pose. Thanks UNESCO for the interesting conversations #IUNESCO #AI
Jean-Michel Jarre Mar 04, 2019
Great lunch during the AI World Conference at UNESCO with the Mathematician Cédric Villani! #AI #UNESCO #robots
Jean-Michel Jarre Mar 01, 2019
I did an interview at the International Music Summit in Ibiza in 2013 that British Airways is now broadcasting in their inflight entertainment in partnership with Deeper Sounds . So if you are flying BA and interested in what I said I´d be delighted to entertain you.
Jean-Michel Jarre Feb 28, 2019
Very happy to announce the EQUINOXE INFINITY REMIX VINYL EP with mixes by Tale Of Us Jonas Rathsman Perturbator . This is a limited release for Recordstoreday in Europe & US. Out 13.04.2019.