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Jean-Michel Jarre Feb 15, 2019
Very happy to support World Health Organization (WHO) in their #MakeListeningSafeInitiative, the vision that all people across the world enjoy music without putting their hearing at risk. The team developed a standard of implementation in smartphones and other audio systems for #safelistening. As a musician I would be nothing without my hearing, as a fan I need your ears to be able to listen. Let's stay protected together and support this great initiative!
Jean-Michel Jarre Feb 14, 2019
« Thanks to the #copyrightdirective negotiators on finding agreement on the new EU directive. Now its time to finish the job & formally adopt it. Europe is showing it cares for its creators in the digital market & aims to protect their work, and that of next generations. A strong & positive signal to the rest of the world ».
Jean-Michel Jarre Feb 14, 2019
« Thanks to the #copyrightdirective negotiators on finding agreement on the new EU directive. Now its time to finish the job & formally adopt it. Europe is showing it cares for its creators in the digital market & aims to protect their work, and that of next generations. A strong & positive signal to the rest of the world »;
Jean-Michel Jarre Feb 04, 2019
Cool exhibition at the design museum in London: home of the futures: living in yesterday’s tomorrow. Today’s changes in the home are no longer driven by new visions of the future, but rather by a nostalgia for our long lost past futures. In the twentieth century the myth of a heroic past has been replaced with that one of the future. Super exposition au design muséum à Londres : l’habitat des futurs: vivre dans les lendemains d’hier. Les changements de l’habitat aujourd’hui n’est plus influencé par de nouvelles visions du futur, mais plutôt par la nostalgie de futurs perdus. Au vingtième siècle, le mythe d’un passé héroïque par celui du futur.
Jean-Michel Jarre Feb 03, 2019
Surfing in London
Jean-Michel Jarre Feb 01, 2019
In the Eurostar en route to London..!
Jean-Michel Jarre Jan 25, 2019
Interesting. What do you think? Thanks to @alexthedrummer via Instagram
Jean-Michel Jarre Jan 24, 2019
Last night at #davos panel announcing #starmusfestival to be held in Zurich June 24-29, 2019. This fifth edition will be dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the first #moonwalkers and #apollo program. I have been asked to give a concert for this special occasion.
Jean-Michel Jarre Jan 24, 2019
Shooting for The Monocle in my apartment in Paris.
Jean-Michel Jarre Jan 23, 2019
Delighted to announce that I have composed HSBC's full sound identity from the sound signature to a long musical piece composed of 7 edits called “Together WeThrive”. Listen to the tracks on HSBC's YouTube channel:
Jean-Michel Jarre Jan 21, 2019
As part of BongoBoulevard one of their own Marti Fischer did a special song that is supposed to sound Jarre-Style and played it to me. You can view the full clip with subtitles here:
Jean-Michel Jarre Jan 21, 2019
ECHOES did an interview with me which is live on air later today. Check your local listing for the exact time. You can listen locally or stream-live from
Jean-Michel Jarre Jan 18, 2019
FLOOD Magazine did a nice interview with me which you can now find here
Jean-Michel Jarre Jan 16, 2019
The last piece of the @BongoBoulevard shoot in Berlin is now live on their YouTube channel. This is Richie Hawtin and me talking over fantastic sushi by Duc Ngo and drinking Richie’s own sake. It was such a great moment. Enjoy watching: Photo credit: Kathrin Leisch for BongoBoulevard
Jean-Michel Jarre Jan 11, 2019
Very happy you all liked the BongoBoulevard clip so much. They kindly put just the video of ROBOTS DON´T CRY up on Youtube now. It was a surreal experience for me to be able to divide the track into its original elements in such a unique way. It sparked a whole new idea for a new project around EQUINOXE INFINITY. Lets see where 2019 takes me….
Jean-Michel Jarre Jan 09, 2019
I was in Berlin in December to film for BongoBoulevard Their goal was to create a day full of great surprises for me. I can honestly say this was the most fun promo day I possibly ever had. Thanks again to the hosts Marie Meimberg, Marti Fischer and their team. There will be several clips from the day over the next few days. Starting with the first one where they put me in a special Studio to play Robots Don’t Cry to me in 4D sound. It was surreal and fun experience. Here is the link to the first episode with english subtitles, enjoy:
Jean-Michel Jarre Jan 08, 2019
I had a fantastic time chatting to Magnetic Magazine last year. Already sounds so far away doesn’t it?….The interview is now live.
Jean-Michel Jarre Jan 07, 2019
Alan R Pearlman just passed away. A pure genius who created all the ARP Synthesizers 2500 2600 Odyssey and so many others. Electronic music is losing today one of its founders.
Jean-Michel Jarre Dec 25, 2018
Thank you to have shared a very exciting year with me and I wish a Merry Christmas to you all..!!!
Jean-Michel Jarre Dec 23, 2018
I recently did a Podcast with Rebel Radio. Its now live on iTunes and Soundcloud. So if you are driving home for christmas, why not have a listen on the way
Jean-Michel Jarre Dec 22, 2018
Get ready for the ARTE Winter of Moon. Starting 06.01.-20.01.2019. In 1969 Neil Armstrong made his first historic first steps on the moon. 50 years later ARTE is celebrating that moment with a dedicated program. My music is connected to space in so many ways that I of course said yes when they asked if I wanted to present that special month. Check the ARTE website for the full program. My "Journey into Sound" documentary will be broadcasted 11.01.2019 / 23.25 Préparez-vous pour le programme spécial de ARTE « Winter Of Moon » du 06.01.-20.01.2019. En 1969, Neil Armstrong a fait ses premiers pas historiques sur la Lune. 50 ans plus tard, ARTE célèbre ce moment avec un programme dédié. Ma musique étant connectée à l'espace à bien des égards que j'ai bien évidemment accepté quand ARTE m'a demandé si je voulais présenter ce mois spécial. Consultez le site Web d’ARTE pour connaître le programme complet. Mon documentaire "Journey into Sound" sera diffusé le 11.01.2019 / 23.25
Jean-Michel Jarre Dec 21, 2018
TBT: Stardust is a track with the incredible Armin van Buuren from the Electronica album. For the release of Planet Jarre I had a video created a video for it - finally....Watch it on youtube now:
Jean-Michel Jarre Dec 19, 2018
Dear friends, my friend Marco Grenier who was opening my shows this year is releasing a new track he did with Claude Samard. It is out now...please go to your preferred streaming or download service and have a listen. Thanks xJMJ
Jean-Michel Jarre Dec 18, 2018
This is me signing the test pressing for Equinoxe that you can win by posting on Instagram your Equinoxe Infinity product with the #JMJchristmasdraw. Draw ends tomorrow. Check out this link for details:
Jean-Michel Jarre Dec 15, 2018
Thank you my dear friends who created your own interpretations of the watchers .. I feel today part of the watchers community, your community..!!" xxJM Download Equinoxe Infinity Community Edition Posters