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Wild Wild Horses (feat. Jay Sean & Pitbull) [Remixes]
The Mistress, Pt. I & II
All or Nothing (Bonus Track Version)
All or Nothing
My Own Way (Deluxe)
My Own Way
Jay Sean Aug 15, 2019
Like father, like daughter.😜 This is also the face I will be making if a guy knocks up on my door asking for Ayva...
Jay Sean Aug 09, 2019
Umm. Just sorta, thought I’d buss out a little flex in the LA sun. 🤷🏽‍♂️☺️ content and all that..
Jay Sean Aug 05, 2019
Had an amazing weekend in London with wifey @tharanatalie for my boy @the_ranj big bday bash! Hopped on the decks for a quick minute taking turns with my boys playin those 🔥🔥🔥 tuuunes for the whole night! Mad ones! Back home now then off to LA! ✈️✈️
Jay Sean Jul 27, 2019
So I was in the car singing “The Lion sleeps tonite” after watching The Lion King with Ayva. After rolling her eyes, she finally asked me to stop. I said why? This is what she said. 😂😩😂😂
Jay Sean Jul 23, 2019
LOVE this pic..pure joy on ayvas face while ari’s like ““Allow me fam, mans tryna chill n get a little tan here...” 😆😍
Jay Sean Jul 18, 2019
I could easily make a “down” joke here. 📸: @amitandnaroop
Jay Sean Jul 16, 2019
Part I - Making of DOWN - You all know this song but I bet you don’t know the details of how it was made. For the first time ever, I’ll be breaking down the making of some of my HITS over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!
Jay Sean Jul 12, 2019
I had the pleasure of meeting the legend that is Gurdas Maan ji at the BBC Asian Network. This is what happened when they left us 2 alone behind the mics ..😜 p.s if there’s anything to learn from the legends, it’s how to carry yourself with grace and humility. A true honour 🙏🏽
Jay Sean Jul 11, 2019
Had a great time co-hosting the rnb show with my bro @djace at @bbc1xtra in LONDON today! 3 hours of bants and tuneage! If u missed it you can catch the whole show on the 1xtra website! 🙌🏽
Jay Sean Jul 05, 2019
Jay Sean Jul 04, 2019
What are your plans??
Jay Sean Jul 03, 2019
Jay Sean Jul 03, 2019
Jay Sean Jul 02, 2019
Jay Sean Jul 01, 2019
Jay Sean Jun 30, 2019
Jay Sean Jun 30, 2019
Jay Sean Jun 29, 2019
Good Morning ☀️
Jay Sean Jun 29, 2019
Jay Sean Jun 28, 2019
Jay Sean Jun 28, 2019
Remember this!
Jay Sean Jun 27, 2019
So yesterday I came across this SICKKK video on @sickickmusic page of him singing acapella and then making a beat in minutes. I couldn’t stop singing it all day so I recorded myself and tagged him in instastory. Next thing I wake up today to see he just did this ...JEEEZ!!🔥🔥🤯 this guy is so talented! Drop a 🔥 if u think I shud write to this and actually drop it as a full song
Jay Sean Jun 27, 2019
Jay Sean Jun 27, 2019
Jay Sean Jun 26, 2019
Wow! That’s some REAL talk. Had to repost this one from my bro @itsnaroop #happiness