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Wild Wild Horses (feat. Jay Sean & Pitbull) [Remixes]
The Mistress, Pt. I & II
All or Nothing (Bonus Track Version)
My Own Way (Deluxe)
Jay Sean Feb 19, 2019
Yooo! This is insane ! Many of u have seen my boy MC Zani beatbox with me on stage - check out this sick vid he did with his crew The Beatbox Collective! Yes bruv! MC ZANI The Beatbox Collective
Jay Sean Feb 15, 2019
Valentines Day for me isn’t just about romance, its also about making sure people know you’ve got their backs. That’s a different kinda love but equally as important. Friends, family and community. Not just for today, but everyday. 🙏🏽❤️
Jay Sean Feb 13, 2019
Alicia Keys , great job hosting and performing at the grammys this year! elegant, gracious and talented as always! #grammys #aliciakeys
Jay Sean Jan 31, 2019
😝🤪 I know which one I am. Which one are you ? Comment below (I know some will say “realist” too..) hit me !
Jay Sean Jan 26, 2019
BEYOND excited and proud of my brother and cousin @amitandnaroop. They have just released their BOOK @turbansandtales. It’s been 5 years in the making and is currently a best seller on Amazon. Grab a copy on Amazon! So proud of you guys 🙏🏽🙌🏽 -
Jay Sean Jan 03, 2019
2019, I welcome you with open arms. Let’s get it- good vibes, pure energy, optimism, love, hard work, 100% faith, a little magic and the balls to believe it’s all possible. I’m working on self improvement, I’m dropping anyone or anything that gives me bad energy or negative vibes. I’m not concerning myself with everyone else’s moves, I’m working on me and mine. I’m surrounding myself with people that shine and allow me to shine to my fullest. I’m grateful for another year. Im grateful for all of you that support me and send me good vibes and love! I’m ready. I’m excited! 🙏🏽❤️
Jay Sean Jan 02, 2019
's cover photo
Jay Sean Jan 02, 2019
Stream, Download and listen to "Need To Know"
Jay Sean Dec 28, 2018
Who’s had too many drinks and too much food over the holiday season? 🙋🏽‍♂️ I feel you son, I feel you. 😂 Happy holidays from my little man, Aaryan. ❤️
Jay Sean Dec 27, 2018
Happy holidays from my favourite girl in the whole world! Missing this one and her little brother (cute pic coming up next 😜) as I’m now on a plane to Bali to perform tomorrow. Had an amazing Christmas with the family, now off to make your night for the next 5 days of shows in Bali and Australia !
Jay Sean Dec 23, 2018
Social media is a weird thing. Some of you that follow me may be completely aware that I just dropped 3 brand new fckin 🔥 songs in one day. Where? @spotify , @applemusic etc. okay. Now some of you might be following 15178 ppl and didn’t see my ONE post. So therefore, I am postin this again- to let those who missed it, see that, your boy, just dropped 3 muhfckin 🔥🔥 songs in one day. New music? Oh I got u. While you’re there check out Say Something and Cherry Papers that I dropped earlier this year. That makes 5 smooth joints for u to vibe to on this beautiful Sunday Winter evening before Christmas. 😜 mad love to all of u!! Thankyou sooo much for the unbelievable positive response to these songs! I do it for u! Love you all!🙏🏽🙌🏽
Jay Sean Dec 21, 2018
💥WTF!? EVEN MORE NEW MUSIC ALERT!!?!💥 “Need to Know” , “Now or Later”, “Why Why How Why”. I’m not playin around here fam!!! 😆 I have just dropped THREE 🔥🔥🔥 SONGS FOR U TODAY!!! If u are a true fan, then basically get the fck off instagram after reading this caption and head to @spotify and @applemusic and go and listen to this heat !!!!! 😜😆 I TOLD YOU I WAS GON BE DROPPING MAD NEW TUNES THIS YEAR! LOVE!!! 🙌🏽❤️🙏🏽 go get it.
Jay Sean Dec 21, 2018
NEW MUSIC! I released 3 songs today peeps. You can listen to them all where ever you are. "Need To Know" - "Why Why How Why" and "Now Or later" ....
Jay Sean Dec 20, 2018
💥EVEN MORE NEW MUSIC ALERT💥 I told you I wasn’t gon drop just one more this month. Here’s another one dropping TMRO! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 across all platforms @spotify @applemusic
Jay Sean Dec 19, 2018
💥NEW MUSIC ALERT💥 “Why, Why, How, Why” - out on all platforms THIS FRIDAY 🔥🔥
Jay Sean Dec 19, 2018
Me telling a story in between songs to thousands in Sri Lanka. You see, you also find out the back story behind the hits when you come to my shows. Educational as well as a turn up. 😂😝 📸: @hasannasarr
Jay Sean Dec 18, 2018
Vibes from Kansas City @mosaickc was a fun night ! Djing, singing and mcing, throwin a new kind of vibe for my fans- not your average! Was 🔥🔥🔥 🎥: Modern Touch Media
Jay Sean Dec 18, 2018
MELBOURNE... Catch me performing at LOVE NYE at Level 3 Crown for the biggest night of the year! Tickets selling fast: 🙏
Jay Sean Dec 17, 2018
Another one from Sri Lanka ! Sick pics
Jay Sean Dec 16, 2018
The mudddness that was last night! Sri Lanka was amazing! what a crowd! Thankyou for coming out, all 12 Thousand of you! ❤️🤩
Jay Sean Dec 14, 2018
Happy bday my baby, my buddy, my daughter, Ayva. I love you!!! ❤️
Jay Sean Dec 13, 2018
My baby is 5 today! 😝❤️ A lot of you are already familiar with Ayva and see her posts on my stories, but here are a few from the past year that always bring a smile to my face. Words cannot describe how much joy, laughter, hugs and love (and sushi) this little girl brings to my life. Happy birthday little one! Daddy loves you more than anything! ❤️❤️🤪
Jay Sean Dec 12, 2018
Just a little reminder to say ....thanks for all the love and support through the years. I will be giving you so much more in 2019. 😝❤️ look out for the new songs dropping this month! 🔥🔥🔥And then come 2019 it’s gon be a mad one!
Jay Sean Dec 10, 2018
This is me in New York. I said ”this looks like a sick place to take a picture.” So we did. And here it is. @katiatemkin #honestcaptions 😝
Jay Sean Dec 10, 2018
"Say Something" - 🔥🔥