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Jay Johnson Jun 17, 2019
Performing at Magical Festival next month. Can’t wait! 🥳
Jay Johnson Apr 02, 2019
Glad to announce that I'm playing at Magical Festival 2019! Should be a vibe, check it out -
Jay Johnson Nov 05, 2018
My next Airbnb experience is tomorrow night is at a 5-storey private member's club in Dalston. I'll also have a good mate of mine performing. P.S. You can email [email protected] for half-price tickets, and the after-party's in The Butterfly Room✌🏾
Jay Johnson Aug 17, 2018
Did a live sesh out in the woods with Live In The Woods!
Jay Johnson May 24, 2018
Another interview about my upcoming EP.
Jay Johnson May 18, 2018
In-depth Interview with The Partae!
Jay Johnson May 11, 2018
Headlining the Tea Tent at Magical Festival!
Jay Johnson May 04, 2018
I’ve decided to postpone the release of my second EP to later this month as opposed to today. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. I have decided to release a lyric video of Sunkissed instead. In My Head will be out very soon, and thank you to everyone who’s sent me birthday wishes today. Jay x
Jay Johnson Apr 28, 2018
Come through if you’re around Elephant and Castle next weekend, it might be ⛈ but let’s hope it’s ☀️🎉
Jay Johnson Apr 24, 2018
Jay Johnson Apr 20, 2018
If you've got 4 minutes and 20 seconds to spare today, give this a listen. (It may just help you get more sunkissed)😉
Jay Johnson Apr 17, 2018
Sunkissed...Out 20.4.18. Courtesy of Asier Leatxe Ibañez d'Opakoa © '18
Jay Johnson Apr 13, 2018
Sunkissed, the first single from the EP, In My Head, will be out on Friday 20/4/18.
Jay Johnson Apr 12, 2018
Tuesday night was amazing, big thanks to everyone who came down 😉
Jay Johnson Apr 03, 2018
Here's an acoustic version of Social Situations. It'll be released on my next EP, which will be out on the 27th of April. X
Jay Johnson Mar 27, 2018
Here’s a link to my concerts with Airbnb, got one tonight for any last-minute vibers x
Jay Johnson Mar 24, 2018
Here's a lil live sesh I did earlier this month, big up Sound For Humanity
Jay Johnson Mar 09, 2018
Playin tunes on the farm, early bird tickets on sale now, get them before the actual birds do...
Jay Johnson Mar 05, 2018
Here's the beat that was released for today. It's been 2 months so far, and I'm still releasing a beat every week (mondays @ 12pm), follow to stay tuned x
Jay Johnson Mar 01, 2018
Thanks Belfiore 9, it was a night to remember🙏🏾
Jay Johnson Feb 28, 2018
In case some of you missed this...twas a sweet time, big up TEDx
Jay Johnson Dec 25, 2017
Did a few songs for a session with London Live. Hope you enjoy and have a good Chrimbo x
Jay Johnson Dec 12, 2017
The Dark Matters is out now.
Jay Johnson Nov 26, 2017
Jay Johnson Nov 21, 2017
Can't wait to hear you again Gabriel Kazz