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Jason Webley Aug 02, 2019
Portland people... here's a very odd ask. Anyone have a portable PA system we could use/rent for the next few days? I was worried that our crappy setup wasn't going to be enough for these shows, and last night it broke in a couple ways... it would need to be battery powered or run off a generator. We have a mixer and all of that... just looking for something with a bit more muscle to plug into. If you can help, please e-mail me: [email protected] Thank you! In other news, our first FLOTSAM! show in Portland is tonight at 7 at Sellwood Riverfront Park!
Jason Webley Aug 01, 2019
Just four more shows to go! I still can’t believe this is working. After so many failing engines, shallow gravel bars, speed boaters and their giant wakes, and public officials who aren’t so sure about un-permitted river circuses, we’ve just finished our last big hurdle - dismantling and reassembling the mighty Flotsam! to get around Willamette Falls. I won’t saw nothing else can go wrong… but it’s pretty amazing that we’ve come this far. With every step of this trip, we’ve just barely been making it... but we've been making it. And according to folks who have been coming out - the show is actually really good. IA lot of people have been coming to see it many times - a few have been at every show. I couldn’t have a more amazing crew through all of this. Thank you to Ira Echo, Sari Breznau, Justin Therrien, Kalan Sherrard, Drea Lusion, Amica Hunter, Sadye Osterloh, Nayana Fielkov and Matthew Poki McCorkle for all of the talent, hard work and trust you've brought to this project. We are playing tonight in Oregon City and then heading into Portland for three shows in Sellwood, Downtown and St Johns. It’s been crazy seeing so many people show up for all of these shows in little towns I’ve never been to before. I’m truly curious and a bit afraid of what will happen in Portland… our show isn’t really set up for crowds of 10,000 people. But so far everywhere we’ve been - the right size crowd has materialized. I’m going to trust that will happen again. Here are the dates: Aug 1 - OREGON CITY - Clackamette Park Aug 2 - PORTLAND - Sellwood Riverfront Park Aug 3 - PORTLAND - Downtown Aug 4 - PORTLAND - Cathedral Park All shows are at 7 pm and free (though we are very happy to take donations!) Hope to see you and your friends and your kids there! Wheeeee! -Jason
Jason Webley Jul 28, 2019
Tonight is our last show before taking the boat apart completely to get around the falls. It's going to be a big job, but after all the trouble we've had in recent days, I think it will feel relatively relaxing. Willamette Falls are the second largest waterfall in North America, but nobody really knows they exist. There are locks to get around them, but they have been decommissioned since 2011. In the past week, we've come down river about 100 miles. Every day there's been something threatening to stop us one way or another - but somehow it's worked out and we've made it to all our shows. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of us and coming out to see this crazy show. We're performing tonight at Willamette Park in West Linn tonight at 7 pm. Joined for the first time by our friend Amica Hunter. (Photo by Nayana Fielkov)
Jason Webley Jul 28, 2019
Anyone know anyone in or around Oregon City? The FLOTSAM! crew is looking for somewhere to camp/crash while we take apart and rebuild our boat in the next few days... we had a few offers, but they all seem to have fallen through...
Jason Webley Jul 22, 2019
Just about made it to our second stop in Albany... a couple miles to go. Lots of shallow spots in the river. Fingers crossed! There were well over 500 people at last night's show in Corvallis. Can't believe this is really working!
Jason Webley Jul 22, 2019
Flotsam River Circus
Jason Webley Jul 20, 2019
Well, We are off! We did our first show in Corvallis last night. We were running late, then the motor on the boat nearly died on the way, all with the sheriff was looming, ominously... but by a miracle, we got there and performed for about 300 people. I haven't felt so delightedly exhausted in a long time. We're about to do it again tonight at the same spot. And then we head downriver tomorrow to Albany. The show is fun. A bit rough, but fun. I'm joined and supported by an amazing cast. I really hope you can come see us. Here are all of the dates: July 20 - CORVALLIS - Michael's Landing July 21 - ALBANY - Bryant Park July 23 - INDEPENDENCE - Riverview Park July 24 - SALEM - Wallace Marine Park (near boat ramp) July 26 - NEWBERG - Roger's Landing Park July 27 - WILSONVILLE - Memorial Park Dock July 28 - WILLAMETTE - Willamette Park Aug 1 - OREGON CITY - Clackamette Park Aug 2 - PORTLAND - Sellwood Riverfront Park Aug 3 - PORTLAND - Downtown Aug 4 - PORTLAND - Cathedral Park -Jason
Jason Webley Jul 19, 2019
We start today in Corvallis! So much still to do, so many wonderful people helping so much. Photo by Michael Jeppesen
Jason Webley Jul 17, 2019
EDIT - Got this taken care of from someone responding on my personal page. Thank you all! Portland people... is there anyone that I can have some things mailed to today? I need to get a few things sent same-day for the FLOTSAM! project, but Amazon won't deliver that fast to Corvallis. I'd come get the stuff tonight or tomorrow morning.
Jason Webley Jul 14, 2019
Jason Webley Jul 06, 2019
If you happen to be nearby... we'll be doing a bit of a show-and-tell of the FLOTSAM! boat today at Langus Park (400 Smith Island Rd) in Everett at 5 pm. This won't be the full show... we aren't quite ready, but we'll show off a few things. This will be the only chance to see the boat and part of our performance in the Seattle area.
Jason Webley Jun 28, 2019
FLOTSAM benefit tonight in Seattle! Come see a bunch of the most talented performers I've ever encountered, and support our ridiculous floating river circus. Tickets still available online and at probably at the door. I'll be joined by Justin Therrien, Kalan Sherrard, Nayana Fielkov, Matthew Poki McCorkle, Drea Lusion, and Ira Echo. We will be at Hale's Palladium in Fremont. The show begins at 7 pm and is all ages. All money goes to funding our tour next month on the Willamette River. Wheeeee!
Jason Webley Jun 11, 2019
Ok… Here we go! FLOTSAM! is really finally happening. The boat is sitting in front of my house, growing daily. And the performers are arriving one by one to build the show. This weekend we are doing benefits in Corvallis and Portland. At the end of the month, there’s another in Seattle. Then we head down to perform at the Oregon Country Fair and re-assemble the raft in Corvallis. We’ll be floating down the Willamette River performing free shows in all the towns along the way, ending in Portland at the beginning of August. You can see the full tour, meet the troupe, and read more about the project here: When I first started thinking about this project, it felt like a different planet. We weren’t handing the keys of the world over to the fascists yet, the war on women and immigrants wasn’t being waged in plain view, and my dad was still his healthy self. I know there are other places we could be putting all this energy… but this is still what I feel able to do, and I guess it’s something I still want to see manifest in the world. It's been a heavy couple of years, and I'm ready for something with some buoyancy. Thank you to all the incredible folks who’ve chosen to trust me with a big chunk of their summer, and to everyone else who has lent energy and encouragement to this idea. If you're in Oregon this summer, please come check us out. If you know anyone in any of the smaller towns we are visiting - we are looking to find friends and allies - especially in ALBANY, INDEPENDENCE, NEWBERG, WILSONVILLE and OREGON CITY. You can reply here, or e-mail me: [email protected] If all goes well, hopefully, we'll be taking the show, or something like it to the country's bigger rivers (like the Mississippi) in the future. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! -j
Jason Webley Jun 11, 2019
Jason Webley's cover photo
Jason Webley Jun 11, 2019
Untitled Album
Jason Webley Jun 08, 2019
Seattle - Amanda Palmer is playing tonight at The Paramount. Tickets still available. I can't express how proud I am of my friend and her new album. In addition to being some of the strongest songs I've heard in a while, they are incredibly timely in this moment when women's rights to control their bodies are under attack. I hope to see you there.
Jason Webley May 09, 2019
SEATTLE - we've just added a FLOTSAM benefit at Hale's Palladium on June 28th. A bunch of folks from the river tour will be on board for the night. I haven't played a Seattle show in quite a while. I hope you can come!
Jason Webley May 06, 2019
PORTLAND - I'm playing at the Old Church in June 15! The show is to raise money and build excitement for FLOTSAM - my crazy Willamette River floating circus project this summer. I'll be playing a full set and joined by some great folks from the project and other guests. Also, the Old Church is a crazy beautiful venue. Very excited this is all finally happening. Ps. We'll also be playing in Corvallis and Seattle - details soon!
Jason Webley Apr 27, 2019
Playing in Eugene today at Wildcraft Ciderworks Fiddlehead Festival. I'm on early, at 4:30. Hope to see you there!
Jason Webley Apr 25, 2019
Playing the Fiddlehead Festival in EUGENE this Saturday! Hope to see you there!
Jason Webley Apr 11, 2019
The time has come when we really need to come up with the name for the river project this summer. The original title was FLOTSAM! which it may still be... but I neither hate it or love it. If you had to name a Willamette River Floating Circus tour... what would you call it? Ps. It's happening in July, right after the Oregon Country Fair!
Jason Webley Feb 13, 2019
CALL FOR ARTISTS: WILLAMETTE RIVER CIRCUS FLOAT! This summer, a group of performers will be traveling from Eugene to Portland on a handmade raft, performing in all of the cities and towns along the way. The tour will begin at the Oregon Country Fair, where we will be performing as The Stage Left Show, and we will launch in Eugene a few days later. We are looking for 2 or 3 additional performers to round out our troupe. Movement artists, circus performers, and musicians - please apply! Multiple skills are a big plus, as is the ability to play musical instruments. Visual artists, people with set design experience, and folks who have worked around boats highly encouraged. PERFORMANCE DATES: July 12 through August 4 COMPENSATION: All income will be divided equally among all performers TO APPLY: Send a brief statement of interest to: [email protected] Please include: 1. Relevant skills and experience 2. A photo and/or link to your work
Jason Webley Dec 19, 2018
Jason Webley's cover photo
Jason Webley Dec 19, 2018
Last day and a half to support Sxip Shirey's new project, "Goodnight Little Machines." I just backed!