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Further Complications/Girls Like It Too
Further Complications
Jarvis Cocker at Leith Theatre (August 22, 2019)
Venue: Leith Theatre (Edinburgh, UK) Find tickets
Today's Festival Today's Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Turin, Italy) Find tickets
*Jarvis Cocker* Jul 19, 2019
Join Jarvis from 7pm on BBC Radio 6 Music tonight, where he’ll be spinning space-themed tunes in celebration of Apollo 11 landing on the moon:
*Jarvis Cocker* May 22, 2019
...Now hear the remix, "MUST I REVOLVE?" (answer: still yes, yes, yes, yes):
*Jarvis Cocker* May 21, 2019
Jarvis Cocker: ‘I’ve lived in my head for most of my life’
*Jarvis Cocker* May 15, 2019 MUST I EVOLVE? Yes you must – you really must. WHAT HAVE I MISSED? JARV IS… a band featuring Jarvis Cocker, Serafina Steer, Emma Smith, Andrew McKinney, Jason Buckle & Adam Betts. JARV IS… played their first show at the Sigur Ros “Norður og Niður” festival in Iceland at the very end of 2017. JARV IS… then played a sell-out tour of caverns & tiny venues in the UK in Spring 2018. On Saturday 7th April they played a concert in Peak Cavern, Derbyshire & most of the music on this single was recorded that night. JARV IS.. went to the USA for an appearance at the Desert Daze festival last October 12th, preceded by a short run of West-Coast dates. The festival site was evacuated shortly after their set due to a massive electrical storm. JARV IS… play All Points East on May 25th & then head to the Primavera Festival. On June 4th they are playing in a cave in Ibiza (can you detect a pattern emerging here?). WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW? This single will only be available to buy at live shows. JARV IS… primarily a live experience. WHY? Life is primarily a live experience. WHAT IS THE SONG ABOUT? That would be telling – but here are the lyrics: AND? You can find out more here. JARV IS… come evolve with us
*Jarvis Cocker* May 15, 2019
*Jarvis Cocker*'s cover photo
*Jarvis Cocker* Dec 14, 2011
Jarvis presentera son livre "Mother, Brother, Lover" ce soir a 19h au Rough Trade Shop on Tour chez Agnes B - 6 rue du jour, Paris 1er
*Jarvis Cocker* Nov 11, 2011
Jarvis will be presenting selected lyrics and signing copies of his book at Rough Trade East - Monday, 5th December
*Jarvis Cocker* Nov 10, 2011
Spilt Milk - Spilt Milk Exclusive - Jarvis Cocker Playlist
*Jarvis Cocker* Oct 19, 2011
100 limited edition numbered copies available now for pre-order.
*Jarvis Cocker* Feb 25, 2011
B e s t M a j o r F e s t i v a l I n E u r o p e
*Jarvis Cocker* Feb 22, 2011
Two sugars would be great ...Pulp take T in the Park, 10 July 2011.
*Jarvis Cocker* Feb 15, 2011
*Jarvis Cocker* Feb 11, 2011
Pulp have announced performances at Oya Festival and Way Out West. More details and all tour announcements on their page.
*Jarvis Cocker* Jan 06, 2011
Video: Discodeine feat. Jarvis Cocker "Synchronize" | XLR8R
*Jarvis Cocker* Nov 16, 2010
*Jarvis Cocker* Nov 16, 2010
Pulp reunite for 2011 concerts | Music | The Guardian
*Jarvis Cocker* Nov 09, 2010
*Jarvis Cocker*'s Sunday Service: Brian Eno, Experimental music scientist and production god, joins Jarvis for a chat about innovation, electronics and his new album 'Small Craft On A Milk Sea'..
*Jarvis Cocker* Nov 09, 2010
Pulp - Jarvis Cocker: "Sick of You" Clip
*Jarvis Cocker* Oct 26, 2010
The Beat Is The Law
*Jarvis Cocker* Oct 26, 2010
Discodeine feat. Jarvis Cocker
*Jarvis Cocker* Oct 26, 2010
Jarvis Cocker - "Further Complications"
*Jarvis Cocker* Aug 16, 2010
another week... not to waste.
*Jarvis Cocker* Jul 12, 2010
Have a nice week (uncommon) people!
*Jarvis Cocker* Jul 12, 2010
I am just the girl who is helping our with the Jarvis' Fan page, I am a total groupie... and really bored at work sometimes too...