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Yuck Fou
Yuck Fou
The Mink Coat Killa
Slow Motion, Vol. 2
Slow Motion
Slow Motion
My Grandmas Basement
Freebasing With Kevin Bacon
Jarren Benton Meets Smka: Huffing Glue With Hasselhoff
Jarren Benton Apr 24, 2019
SHARE AND COMMENT IF YOU WANT ME TO KEEP MAKING THESE! Jarren Benton | The Bully Freestyles - Come As Your Are by Nirvana (Remix) The third installment of "The Bully Freestyles" by Jarren Benton Prod. by J. Padron & Ace Taylor
Jarren Benton Apr 15, 2019
We went mariachi style in Hopsin's living room for the second installment of Jarren Benton | Unplugged - Don't Need You.
Jarren Benton Apr 09, 2019
🖕🏾NEW MUSIC🖕🏾 The Bully Freestyles part 2 - “Kinderfeld” w @marilynmanson (VERSE 1 - Jarren Benton) I scuffle with negative thoughts inside of my brain The Brass-knuckle Bully Im simply out of your range They smuggling guns and furs up out the Ukraine I put you inside of a hole like Saddam Hussein My ni**az looking at me like “Son are you sane” What the fuck are you saying, like I ain’t the one that’s humane My ni**az from the swamps they didn’t make it in Tulane niggaz into gruesome things introducing you to pain Came out the gutter with the killers and the rejects these ni**az wildin, Yoppers that will drop a fucking T-Rex The nerves of you ni*az stomp ya head in my Adidas and repeat it just to make the murder scene look so egregious Jesus how the fuck we let the streets deceive us and the fathers up and leave us, and they murder our leaders and the pigs come and beat us, and the blood spill In liters, in the mud with the creatures, keep a clutch on the heaters. So how the fuck I’m feeling myself and wake up every other day and think of killing myself, “J you gotta relax this ain’t good for your health” I remember all you ni**az that wasn’t lending him help The best way to kill em is success and when the tables turn and you see them ni**az stressed they go reach out for help but they ain’t give you no respect tell em suck a fucking dick and keep your feet up on their neck. (VERSE 2 - Jarren Benton) My Baby Mama think that I’m a Skitzo I’m paranoid I go to sleep I cuddle with a pistol I see death around the corner bitch I make that shit official ni**az popping on the gram bitch I will really come and get you I cut a ni**az head off like a samurai from the school of hard knocks, I’m an alumni shit get dark lord have mercy where the sunlight that Miyagi Bonsai got a ni**a dumb high Money over bullshit ni**a that’s the motto Trap Panther pull up with the stick just like M’ Baku I’m just curving hoes and swerving pot holes muzzle on the nozzle split ya motherfucking Taco. Sick mind, boy you must be higher than a zip line, if you think that you go pull up on me and just get mine 357 Bitch! Rick Grimes ni**az did time then went snitching like Six Nine Go tell ya favorite rapper I said suck a dick new money and new phone who the fuck is this I came up from the bottom use to shovel shit now I done scratched a bunch of shit up off my bucket list How them ni**az make it out the slums, up in Vegas in the Palms, getting naked with the blondes bite the hand that feed you I’m go break a ni**az arm its the bully motherfucker here to take a ni**az lunch.
Jarren Benton Apr 02, 2019
Drop a 🖕🏾if y’all digging this Jarren Benton | Unplugged version of “Out The Mud”. Stay tune for more of your favorite Jarren Benton songs, Unplugged. Which one y'all want me to do next? Shout out to Malcolm Little on the 🎸and Director Carter on the 📷
Jarren Benton Mar 26, 2019
Jarren Benton | The Bully Freestyles First of many. Share this everywhere and comment what track you want me to do next.
Jarren Benton Mar 21, 2019
Jarren Benton Feb 12, 2019
Australia, get ready for the invasion of the “Mink Coat Killa” Catch me live next month in the land down under. 3/21 Melbourne 3/22 Brisbane 3/23 Sydney
Jarren Benton Feb 09, 2019
It’s a celebration bitches... Greenville, SC - Pull up on us tonight for the last show of the #YuckFou tour. W/ Aaron Cohen @durrtymartinez and Elz Jenkins you know tonight is gonna be crazy. Can someone let Bill Murray know that he’s invited and drinks on me all night.
Jarren Benton Feb 08, 2019
Greenville, SC it’s going down. Last show of the #yuckfoutour W/ Aaron Cohen & Durrty Martinez live tomorrow night at the The Firmament.
Jarren Benton Feb 07, 2019
I’m proud to announce my first headlining tour in Australia. Aussies, it’s been 3 years since I’ve invaded the land down under. Who’s ready to go full kangaroo balls with us.🖕🏾🖕🏾 3/21 Melbourne 3/22 Brisbane 3/23 Sydney
Jarren Benton Feb 07, 2019
I’m proud to announce my first headlining tour in Australia. Aussies, it’s been 3 years since I’ve invaded the land down under. Who’s ready to go full kangaroo balls with us? 🖕🏾🖕🏾 3/21 Melbourne 3/22 Brisbane 3/23 Sydney
Jarren Benton Feb 05, 2019
Greenville, SC we’re ending the #yuckfoutour with a bang. Catch me live w/ Aaron Cohen & @durrtymartinez this Saturday night 2/9 at the Fermament. Until next time my friends. 🖕🏾you Kato On The Track
Jarren Benton Feb 02, 2019
I came to kick ass and chug beer, and I’m all out of beer. Dallas, Tx we in this bitch like a Plan B Pill. #yuckfoutour w/ Aaron Cohen & @durrtymartinez live tonight @ Ruins. 🖕🏾
Jarren Benton Jan 29, 2019
Greeley, Co see y’all tonight. It’s almost time to say Good bye. Love y’all. #yuckfoutour w/ Aaron Cohen @durrtymartinez. Until next time. Always keep ya head up and Fuck You Kato 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾
Jarren Benton Jan 27, 2019
Denver, Colorado were live tonight at the Roxy. #yuckfoutour W/ Aaron Cohen Durty Martinez & Bizzare. We’re going full retard no helmet.
Jarren Benton Jan 26, 2019
It’s always lit 🔥 like your favorite strain of weed when I’m in Colorado. Only 4 shows left in the #yuckfoutour W/ Aaron Cohen & @durrtymartinez. We live tonight in Colorado Springs. 1/27 Denver, Co 1/29 Greeley, Co 2/2 Dallas, Tx Nothing but❤️for y’all.
Jarren Benton Jan 25, 2019
Lincoln, NE we in this bitch. #yuckfoutour with Aaron Cohen & @durrtymartinez live tonight @ The Royal Grove. 1st person that brings Durrty a 2 piece snack from Popeyes gets in free.
Jarren Benton Jan 24, 2019
#tbt That time when I had a random fans dad stage dive. 😂 Iowa City it’s a God Damn party tonight. #yuckfoutour w/ Aaron Cohen & @durrtymartinez. Bring your parents out to my show and let me get them shit faced.
Jarren Benton Jan 23, 2019
Minneapolis, see y’all tonight at the Pourhouse. #yuckfoutour w/ Aaron Cohen & @durrtymartinez. Fuck this cold ass weather 🥶🥶🥶
Jarren Benton Jan 22, 2019
Sioux Falls, we live tonight at Bigs Bar. We drove through the icy roads, wrestled a fucking bear, and feast on shitty Taco Bell and Skittles. The sacrifice is real. I do it because I love y’all. #yuckfoutour W/ Aaron Cohen & Durrty Martinez 🖕🏾this weather 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
Jarren Benton Jan 18, 2019
Columbus OH we all up in you like a used condom tonight at Alrosa Villa. #YuckFouTour with my man Aaron Cohen. Free midget porn and cheetos for everyone in attendance.
Jarren Benton Jan 16, 2019
Akron, Ohio we in this bitch.... #yuckfoutour with/ Aaron Cohen live tonight at the Vortex. Free pizza & Meth for everyone
Jarren Benton Jan 13, 2019
Last time I did a Show in N.Y this guy did a epic stage dive and it didn’t go so well. You never know what type of crazy shit might happen at my show. NYC we’re live tonight at SOB's. #yuckfoutour Extended with Aaron Cohen & @durrtymartinez.
Jarren Benton Jan 12, 2019
New York, New York..... Pull up on us tomorrow night 1/13/ at SOB's #YuckFouTour Extended with Aaron Cohen Durrty Martinez on the 1’s & 2’s. You never know what special guest I’m bringing out.🤫
Jarren Benton Jan 10, 2019
Portland Maine we in this Bitch...... Can someone bring us a box of lobsters & a pack of socks for these niggaz nasty ass feet. #yuckfoutour Extended w/ Aaron Cohen & Durrty Martinez. We’re live tonight at Empire.