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Western Expansion
Jared & The Mill Jun 26, 2019
“Wilderness Call” - Acoustic video feat. Monica Martin - p/\q
Jared & The Mill Jun 25, 2019
Big thanks to Forbes for sharing our acoustic video of “Wilderness Call”! Had a blast making it!
Jared & The Mill Jun 21, 2019
Whatsup p/\q! Jared here. I’ve got something I wanna talk about, and it’s a tricky topic, but it’s something me and the guys have been trying to figure out lately… It’s hard to make the dream work with all the affordable/free access people have to music online these days. I’m in no way complaining though, our ability to make our thoughts and words more available to you is such a blessing, and we’re grateful for all the opportunities provided by Spotify and the likes in terms of growing our audience! Unfortunately though, those opportunities have their own setbacks, and as artists we live in an economic environment that doesn’t really provide a lot of income for the work we put in. So we have to learn to adapt! I’ve been working with an app called ‘BRAVO, Tip or Pay’ for several years now, it’s kinda like Venmo or Paypal, but it’s essentially safer, way more private and we never get chargebacks; anyways, the guys and I have decided it would be a great way for us to support ourselves a bit while we’re on the road, and to bring more of our work directly to the people who support us! So here’s what we’ve cooked up, if you send us any dollar amount of support through the app BRAVO Tip or Pay we’ll shoot you back a link to some content we’ve put together. Might be songs, might be photos, might be poetry, who knows?! Skys the limit. The first round of stuff we’re putting out into the world for this is a cover of “Marvin’s Room” by Drake. We love the song and have wanted to put an arrangement together for some time now. We’ll also throw in a couple thoughts we’ve written down and some high res photos Michael and a couple friends have taken on the road that you can use as a desktop, screen saver, as a poster, or just to look at on your phone when you’re missing Chuck. BRAVO tip or Pay is an app that allows you to transfer money from one party to another through the phone; however, It’s essentially safer and easier to use than the alternatives, money transferred is insured, it doesn’t require the sharing of a phone number or email address, and the company doesn’t sell any of your data, because safety and protection is paramount in their mission, and their team is fiercely committed to helping creators and artists find a way to make a financial place for themselves, and they have been incredibly generous and helpful for us in times of need in the past. Thanks for taking the time to read this (like I said, it’s a difficult subject to talk about and I appreciate your bearing with me), and thank you so so much for any and all support sent our way, it keeps our spirits high and helps us pay bills and etch out a living for ourselves, and it means the world. I’ve provided directions below if you wanna know how to get started! 1.Download “BRAVO, Tip or Pay” on your phone (for questions visit 2.Create a profile and enter your banking/card info 3.Using the search feature on your dashboard, search Jared & The Mill (Code: f2ut) 4.Send literally any amount you’d like (rounded to the nearest dollar) 5.go to your ‘messages’ tab in the menu 6.Click on the message from us! It contains a link to all the goods we’re offering 7.Rest easy knowing you’ve helped some lil road doggies find their way in this world!
Jared & The Mill Jun 06, 2019
FLAGSTAFF AZ TONIGHT 🌵 Gah damn it’s good to be back in Arizona! Before our wonderful day off at home tomorrow in Phx, you’ll find us at The Green Room with our lovers Sundressed tonight in Flagstaff. 8PM! Tickets in the link! Gonna be a party. See you soon. The desert is the best place on earth, AZ FOREVER, everything is good and nothing is sad yayyyyyyyy we’re home ❤️
Jared & The Mill Jun 05, 2019
It’s Los Alamos tonight at 6:30, and then on to Flagstaff to play a show with our boys in Sundressed tomorrow! So happy to be back in the Southwest.
Jared & The Mill Jun 03, 2019
Colorado Springs! Never been here before! We wanna meet you! Come on down to The Black Sheep at 7 for a good time with Whitacre and yours truly 😘. See ya soon!
Jared & The Mill Jun 01, 2019
Denver! It’s goin down tonight at The Bluebird Theater! To celebrate our love for your beautiful town, we brewed a beer with New Image Brewing and will be crackin it open at the show! The show starts at 9, can’t wait to see ya!
Jared & The Mill May 31, 2019
Goin live in a couple minutes, come thruuu
Jared & The Mill May 31, 2019
Salt Lake City!!! Looking to cool off after all that Utah Pride Festival goodness today?! We’ll be at The State Room tonight at 9 with our homies Whitacre! Let’s have a rock show and then party the night away in one big ol celebration of love! Can’t wait to see ya!
Jared & The Mill May 30, 2019
Phoenix!!! Been a lil while since we played a proper show for y’all! Come hang out with us at Rhythm Room! RSVP/Tickets in the link below!
Jared & The Mill May 25, 2019
BottleRock Napa Valley!!! Who’s ready?! Meet us at the Lagunitas Brewing Co stage at 2:15! Can’t wait to see see ya!
Jared & The Mill May 23, 2019
LA!! The Party is at Moroccan Lounge tonight at 7:30! Come hang with us! Our pals Wildermiss and Chief White Lightning will be playin too, that’s too much good to pass up. See ya soon!
Jared & The Mill May 20, 2019
Headed down the coast from Bend to LA today, these shows have been wonderful! Thank you so much to our big ol p/\q for making us feel so loved. Can’t wait to see ya on Wednesday LA! The party’s at Moroccan Lounge!
Jared & The Mill May 20, 2019
Bend Oregon!! Get out of this da’gum weather and into some sweet sweet rock & roll tonight! We’re at Volcanic Theatre Pub with Wildermiss! Doors open at 9pm, don’t you miss this one... not this one.
Jared & The Mill May 19, 2019
Eugene Oregon!! Is this what you’re lookin for tonight? Cuz we can make that happen! Come to Sam Bonds Garage at 9:30 and hang out with us. See ya soon duders!
Jared & The Mill May 18, 2019
Thinkin bout the -SOLD OUT SHOW- tonight in Seattle! Can’t wait to see ya at Sunset Tavern! Luh you p/\q 📸: Victoria Sanders Photography
Jared & The Mill May 15, 2019
Portland! We’ve got a fun evening for ya! Before our show at Doug Fir Lounge we’ll be doing an in-store acoustic set over at Music Millennium at 7! Come grab your CD or Vinyl then and hang out with us! After that of course, we’ll be throwing it down with our homies Wildermiss at The Doug Fir Lounge at 8. Come spend some time with us! 📸: Autumn Dozier in Nashville
Jared & The Mill May 14, 2019
Boise!! Come hang with us tonight at The Olympic Venue with our homies Wildermiss and our old friend Dustin Morris Music! Doors open at 7, party time, Luh you.
Jared & The Mill May 08, 2019
We're expanding the "This Story Is No Longer Available" Tour! We just can't get enough of our big ol pack. Where will we be seeing you? who you bringin'? We're stoked! 5/14 - Boise, ID - The Olympic Venue * 5/15 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge * 5/16 - Bellingham, WA - The Firefly Lounge 5/17 - Seattle, WA - Sunset Tavern * 5/18 - Eugene, OR - Sam Bond's Garage * 5/19 - Bend, OR - Volcanic Theatre Pub * 5/22- Los Angeles, CA - Moroccan Lounge * 5/25 - Napa, CA - BottleRock Napa Valley 5/31 - Salt Lake City, UT - The State Room 6/1 - Denver, CO - The Bluebird Theater 6/2 - Colorado Springs, CO - The Black Sheep 6/6 - Flagstaff, AZ - The Green Room 6/8 & 6/9 - Rocky Pointe - Circus Mexicus - RCPM 6/16 - Manchester, TN, - Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival 7/19 - San Antonio, TX - The Rustic - San Antonio 7/20 - Houston, TX - The Rustic - Houston 7/21 - Baton Rouge, LA - Dyson House Listening Room 7/25 - Asheville, NC - The Grey Eagle 7/27 - Charlotte, NC - U.S. National Whitewater Center 7/30 - Virginia Beach, VA - Elevation27 7/31 - Columbia, MD - The Soundry 8/1 - Asbury Park, NJ - Asbury Park Brewery 8/7 - Buffalo, NY - The 9Th Ward 8/8 - Rochester, NY - Three Heads Brewing 8/9 - Cleveland, OH - The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern 8/10 - Yorkville, IL - The Law Office Pub & Music Hall 8/14 - Davenport, IA - Triple Crown Whiskey Bar and Racoon Motel 8/15 - Lincoln, NE - Duffy's Tavern _ * with Wildermiss
Jared & The Mill May 07, 2019
Yo! We got super secret news for you guys tomorrow and it might involve n%w s#%ws that are yet to be announced and not on the image above. We’ll be #n the r#%d again in late J%ly and throughout Au#%st. Stay tuned for n#w sh#%s tomorrow 🌹
Jared & The Mill May 05, 2019
Anchorage!! Who we seein tonight?!? Party at Williwaw Social starts at 8! Blackwater Railroad Company starts soon after so get here!! Luh you.
Jared & The Mill May 04, 2019
Alaska! We saw whales and sea otters yesterday! It was the actual coolest!! Come hang with us in Homer tonight at Alice's Champagne Palace! Doors open at 8.
Jared & The Mill Apr 23, 2019
‪I’m streaming from Twitch at 7pm PST tonight! Come hang out, ask questions, harass me, whatever. Luh you p/\q‬ ‪‬
Jared & The Mill Apr 22, 2019
Over the past couple of days being home, I’ve thought a lot about this last leg of tour. It was a collection of some of the most thrilling and rewarding shows we’ve ever had the pleasure of playing, and you’re the reason. It was so fulfilling to hear you sing our songs to us, to see the love you all share, and to get to know you a little better. This photo was captured by my friend Victoria Sanders in Chicago, after what felt like a hundred shows in a row. My voice was beaten without rest for weeks, and we were all incredibly tired from having to be ‘on’ for many many days. You can see how exhausted I was; but, what you can’t see is how incredibly excited I was to play at Lincoln Hall. It’s a venue I’ve dreamed of singing in for years, and we were there because of our pack, our incredible community that takes care of us and keeps us high when we would otherwise be low. Thank you so much to everybody who has bought a ticket, showed a song to their friend, or told me a story of how my words have helped them… without you this would be fruitless. Keep Howlin’ p/\q.
Jared & The Mill Apr 20, 2019
Are you in the Anchorage area of Alaska and worried that you might not have plans for May 3rd and 4th?! Don’t you worry! We’ll be headed your way and playin some music for you! Can’t wait to see y’all up there!