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Sex, Dope & Cheap Thrills
Janis: Little Girl Blue (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Live At the Carousel Ballroom 1968
Ball & Chain (feat. Janis Joplin) [Live]
Janis Joplin: The Woodstock Experience
The Essential Janis Joplin
Box of Pearls
Janis Joplin Live At Winterland '68
Farewell Song (Live)
Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits
Joplin In Concert
The Pearl Sessions
Pearl (Legacy Edition)
I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!
Cheap Thrills
Big Brother & the Holding Company
Janis Joplin Apr 19, 2019
“SEX, DOPE & CHEAP THRILLS is certainly the greatest and closest representation of what Big Brother and the Holding Company was as a band and I would add to that argument that Big Brother/Janis as a band, and as a sound, was the embodiment of the San Francisco, psychedelic, counterculture of the 1960s.” - Dave Getz 🚨Bring home one the 50th anniversary edition of one of the most important albums of ‘69 now: 🚨
Janis Joplin Apr 18, 2019
Happy Birthday to producer and pioneer, Paul Rothchild! Paul was the producer behind Janis’ PEARL album and multiple albums from The Doors. Play PEARL loud in honor of Paul today:
Janis Joplin Apr 16, 2019
At this weekend’s conference at the MoPop museum in Seattle, Holly George-Warren gave attendees a sneak preview of JANIS - HER LIFE & MUSIC! George-Warren’s definitive biography about the Queen of Rock & Roll will be out October 15, but you can pre-order yours now here:
Janis Joplin Apr 15, 2019
Happy Birthday to one of Janis Joplin’s favorite artists and greatest influences, Bessie Smith. "No one ever hit me so hard. Bessie made me want to sing." - Janis Who inspires you?
Janis Joplin Apr 14, 2019
Missed out on the 50th anniversary edition of JANIS JOPLIN: WOODSTOCK SUNDAY AUGUST 17, 1969 yesterday? Well, you’re in luck, honey! There’s a limited number of the 2-LP set available on the official Janis site, so head over and grab yours now! They won’t always be there, so get ‘em while you can: Want to be the first to know about new releases? Join the official Janis mailing list while you're on the site!
Janis Joplin Apr 13, 2019
Today’s the day! The 50th anniversary edition of JANIS JOPLIN: WOODSTOCK SUNDAY AUGUST 17, 1969 is available on limited 2-LP today—exclusively for Record Store Day​! Pick up a copy now at your local record store: Already grabbed your copy? Show us! Share a photo of it with the hashtag #JanisRSD!
Janis Joplin Apr 13, 2019
On this day in 1968, Janis kicked off a two-night run at Winterland Ballroom leading Big Brother and the Holding Company! The show was their first in San Francisco following the band’s east coast tour run with B.B. King, Albert King, and more. LIVE AT WINTERLAND ‘68 was recorded on both nights and is available on CD! Get yours now:
Janis Joplin Apr 12, 2019
Who attended the Janis concert in April of '69?
Janis Joplin Apr 11, 2019
April 13th is right around the corner, honey! In case you missed it, we’re celebrating Record Store Day 2019 with a very special exclusive release — The 50th anniversary edition of JANIS JOPLIN: WOODSTOCK SUNDAY AUGUST 17, 1969, available on limited 2-LP. Find it at your local record store on Saturday:
Janis Joplin Apr 10, 2019
Who else feels this way, honey? 🙋🏻
Janis Joplin Apr 08, 2019
“If you've got a today, you don't wear it tomorrow.” - Janis Believe me—you’re going to want to wear this new tie dye Janis tee today, tomorrow, and the next day! Don’t drag your feet. Get yours right here!
Janis Joplin Apr 07, 2019
Happy Birthday to the one and only, Billie Holiday! “Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin, they are so subtle, they could milk you with two notes. They could go no farther than from an A to a B and they could make you feel like they told you the whole universe.” - Janis Celebrate Billie’s birthday with this playlist featuring Billie, Aretha, and more of Janis’ influences:
Janis Joplin Apr 05, 2019
You’ll never find a throw more perfect for you than this one, darlin’! Let Pearl keep you warm with this new throw blanket. Head on over to the official Janis site to pick yours up now:
Janis Joplin Apr 04, 2019
Happy Birthday to blues legend, Muddy Waters! “Playing is just about feeling. Playing isn't necessarily about misery. Playing isn't necessarily about happiness… That’s the only reason I can sing is because I just close my eyes and let all those things that are inside just come out.” - Janis on playing the blues Muddy’s contribution to the blues helped influenced Janis and countless other artists. Let’s celebrate the father of Chicago blues’ birthday with this playlist featuring Muddy, Janis, and more:
Janis Joplin Apr 01, 2019
Janis is always there when you need her. Sign up for the official Janis newsletter here:
Janis Joplin Mar 29, 2019
Janis sure sang with SOUL! Here's a look at her top 5 biggest influences. How does Janis inspire you?
Janis Joplin Mar 27, 2019
We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of the legendary tattoo artist, Lyle Tuttle. Tuttle left his lasting mark on Janis + many other artists like The Allman Brothers and Joan Baez. His contributions to tattooing and helping to push tattoos towards mainstream acceptance will never be forgotten. - Team Janis
Janis Joplin Mar 27, 2019
What does Janis’ music mean to you?
Janis Joplin Mar 25, 2019
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Janis Joplin Mar 22, 2019
Trust me honey, you’re going to feel just like a queen in this super soft ‘67 t-shirt. Get it while you can: 👑
Janis Joplin Mar 21, 2019
The 50th-anniversary edition of JANIS JOPLIN: WOODSTOCK SUNDAY AUGUST 17, 1969 will be available on limited 2-LP exclusively for Record Store Day on April 13! You’re going to want to add this one to your collection, honey! Find your local record store here:
Janis Joplin Mar 20, 2019
🎸50 years ago today, Kozmic Blues Band opened a 4-day stint performing in San Francisco, playing at Winterland Ballroom. 🎸 The shows also featured Savoy Brown and psychedelic light shows by Brotherhood of Light. Feast your eyes on the original poster for the performances right here, man!
Janis Joplin Mar 20, 2019
Janis Joplin Mar 18, 2019
In 1970, Janis honored this Blues singer by donating a headstone after her grave was unmarked for 30+ years.
Janis Joplin Mar 16, 2019
50 years ago today, Janis appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show with the Kozmic Blues Band for the first and only time. 📺 Janis’ performances of “Raise Your Hand” and “Maybe” were amazing and marked the first time people witnessed a woman performing psychedelic rock on national television. Watch Janis’ performance of “Maybe” right here: