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Sex, Dope & Cheap Thrills
Janis: Little Girl Blue (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Ball & Chain (feat. Janis Joplin) [Live]
Live At the Carousel Ballroom 1968
Janis Joplin: The Woodstock Experience
The Essential Janis Joplin
Box of Pearls
Janis Joplin Live At Winterland '68
Farewell Song (Live)
Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits
Joplin In Concert
The Pearl Sessions
Pearl (Legacy Edition)
I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!
Cheap Thrills
Big Brother & the Holding Company
Janis Joplin Jun 17, 2019
Janis Joplin Jun 17, 2019
“Ninguém até aquele momento viu uma garota branca cantar blues como ela cantou. E ela era uma durona do Texas, vivia muito forte, bebia bastante, usava drogas, era demais e muito dura. Mas como vocalista, sua apresentação em Monterey também foi uma das maiores apresentações de todos os tempos.” - Lou Adler Neste dia, em 1967, Janis subiu ao palco do Monterey International Pop Festival e mostrou a Monterey (e ao mundo) que ela era uma força a ser considerada. Lembre-se de Monterey aqui:
Janis Joplin Jun 17, 2019
“No one to that point had seen a White girl sing the blues like she sang it. And she was a tough Texas girl, she lived really tough, she drank tough, she did drugs, too many and too tough. But as a vocalist, her performance at Monterey was also one of the great concert performances of all time.” - Lou Adler On this day in 1967, Janis hit the stage at the Monterey International Pop Festival and showed Monterey (and the world) that she was a force to be reckoned with. Revisit Monterey here:
Janis Joplin Jun 14, 2019
Time to go Back to the Garden! We’re celebrating 50 years of Woodstock with four anniversary collections, featuring CDs, LPs, and more! The Woodstock 50th Anniversary collections are now available for pre-order:
Janis Joplin Jun 14, 2019
“Not to be missed!” – Bloomberg Beverly, MA we hope you’re ready for A NIGHT WITH JANIS JOPLIN! The show will be hitting The Cabot on September 13th + 14th! Tickets are on sale now, so hurry and grab yours—you definitely don’t want to miss this:
Janis Joplin Jun 13, 2019
¡El verano está a punto de llegar, cariño! ¡Hagamos de "Summertime” el himno oficial! Grábese a usted mismo cantando la canción mientras realiza sus actividades favoritas de verano y compártalo con el hashtag #SummertimeWithJanis—¡compartiremos nuestros favoritos! Que nadie tenga miedo de ser creativo:
Janis Joplin Jun 13, 2019
“Love in this world is so hard to find, when you have got yours and I got mine.” 🎶🎶 The ‘Down On Me’ tee is available in the Janis webstore. Grab one right here, sugar! -->
Janis Joplin Jun 12, 2019
Oh, lordy! Limited edition Janis Joplin Pinot Noir has arrived. Hailing from Oregon’s premium Willamette Valley, this wine offers layers of ripe cherry, raspberry, and strawberry flavor, plus sweet spice notes. There are only a few cases of this Pinot to share, so take a cue from Janis Joplin and Get It While You Can: 🍷
Janis Joplin Jun 12, 2019
Holly George-Warren’s definitive memoir about Janis Joplin, JANIS: HER LIFE AND MUSIC, drops October 22nd! 👑 Pre-order your copy now:
Janis Joplin Jun 11, 2019
Summer’s almost here, honey! Let’s make “Summertime” the official anthem! Record yourself singing along to the song while doing your favorite summer activity and share it with the hashtag #SummertimeWithJanis—we’ll share our favorites! Don’t be afraid to get creative, y’all:
Janis Joplin Jun 10, 2019
“All of a sudden, someone threw me in front of this rock and roll band. And I decided then and there that was it. I never wanted to do anything else.” - Janis On this day in 1966, Janis Joplin made her debut with Big Brother and the Holding Company at San Francisco’s Avalon Ballroom! What’s your favorite Big Brother & The Holding Company song? Here’s a few to choose from:
Janis Joplin Jun 08, 2019
Good news for everyone in Greensburg, PA— A Night with Janis Joplin will be rolling into town on September 26! The Palace Theatre is the place to be, so grab your tickets now and make sure you’re in the house -->
Janis Joplin Jun 07, 2019
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of CHEAP THRILLS with the premiere debut of SEX, DOPE AND CHEAP THRILLS! When the band originally recorded CHEAP THRILLS, they intended to call it SEX, DOPE AND CHEAP THRILLS. The label vetoed that plan, but 50 years later, the intended title has been restored. SEX, DOPE AND CHEAP THRILLS features 25 previously unreleased tracks, including a rare cut of “Ball & Chain” performed live at the Winterland Ballroom in April of 1968. Also included are liner notes from Jefferson Airplane front-woman Grace Slick & Big Brother and the Holding Company drummer David Getz. Pick yours up today:
Janis Joplin Jun 07, 2019
“Lusty, powerful, and undeniably crowd-pleasing. The audience rose to their feet!” – The Huffington Post Cincinnati, it’s your turn for A Night with Janis Joplin! Who’s ready? The Aronoff Center for the Arts is THE place to be on October 1st, honey! Tickets are on sale NOW:
Janis Joplin Jun 06, 2019
Happy Birthday to Big Brother and the Holding Company’s own Peter Albin!
Janis Joplin Jun 06, 2019
Happy Birthday to Big Brother and the Holding Company’s own Peter Albin! Perfect time for some CHEAP THRILLS, man! Listen to Big Brother’s classic album right here:
Janis Joplin Jun 05, 2019
Add a lil’ piece of Janis to your closet this summer with this heavy cotton tee, which features a hand-drawn heart and ‘Peace’ by Janis herself. ✌🏻💛 Don’t wait until it’s too late, grab yours here:
Janis Joplin Jun 04, 2019
Agreed, honey! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Now let’s get inside of some essentials from Janis and sing along:
Janis Joplin Jun 03, 2019
Your inbox will be having just as much fun as Pearl is here once you sign up for the official Janis Joplin newsletter. New performances of A Night with Janis Joplin, exclusive excerpts from Holly George-Warren's new biography, and more are all on the way! You want to be the first to know what’s going on with Janis, yeah? Well, here’s your shot, man:
Janis Joplin May 31, 2019
You can kiss being out of the loop goodbye, honey! Sign up for the official Janis mailing list now to know everything going on with Pearl and more: 💌
Janis Joplin May 28, 2019
Celebrate 50 years of Woodstock with the BACK TO THE GARDEN – 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION (5 LP SET)! Featuring a “Very Best of Woodstock” track listing, this release showcases the best performances from the festival, packaged in a cigarette style rigid box with single-sleeve Stoughton jackets and a pocket for a book that features images and editorial cut down from the DEFINITIVE BOX and Reel Art Press book. Preorder yours to hear all 42 tracks:
Janis Joplin May 27, 2019
🎶"Summertime, time, time. Child, the living's easy..."🎶 Kickoff summer with 20% off in the official Janis shop! The sale ends today, so you know what to do, man: 💁‍♀️
Janis Joplin May 25, 2019
Travel back to Woodstock with the BACK TO THE GARDEN - 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION (3 CD SET)! Featuring a “Very Best of Woodstock” track listing, this 3 CD collection is packaged in a six-panel digipak, including a booklet with pictures, editorial, and liners. Preorder yours to hear all 42 tracks:
Janis Joplin May 24, 2019
We’re kicking off summertime with 20% off in the official Janis shop! Child, the living’s easy when you fill your closet with all things Janis. Sale runs through Memorial Day -> 👑
Janis Joplin May 24, 2019
Happy Birthday to the iconic, Bob Dylan! Before she was famous, a young Janis Joplin approached Bob Dylan and told him that one day she would be famous, too. Dylan replied, “Yeah, we’re all gonna be famous.” Later in 1969, Janis would record a cover of Dylan’s “Dear Landlord” while working on her album ‘I GOT DEM OL’ KOZMIC BLUES AGAIN, MAMA! Listen to Janis’ version of Dylan’s classic here: