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Dirty Computer
Dirty Computer
Q.U.E.E.N. (feat. Erykah Badu) [Remixes]
The Electric Lady
Tightrope (Remixes)
The ArchAndroid (Deluxe)
The ArchAndroid
Metropolis: The Chase Suite (Fantastic Edition)
Metropolis: The Chase Suite
Janelle Monáe Jun 26, 2019
Janelle Monáe Jun 25, 2019
Between being suffocated by insecurities , anxiety , short comings , fears , disappointments , somehow you still fight for me and for you ❤️. cc: @papermag PRIDE
Janelle Monáe Jun 22, 2019
Y’all ... What if everyone in the world was living on purpose? How could we change the world? The most powerful, deep-seated, and enduring motivator is the Power of Purpose. Today is the International Day of Purpose!!! How do you plan to live on purpose? Join me, my sis Jovian and the #DayofPurpose team by sharing what purpose means to you and how you plan to ignite change.
Janelle Monáe Jun 18, 2019
Each of my limited edition Belvedere Vodka bottles are designed and signed with love. Let’s toast to creating #ABeautifulFuture for everyone. 🤝✌🏾 learn more:
Janelle Monáe Jun 13, 2019
Happy Pride Month! Dirty Computer Pride merch is available now ❤️🌈 ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED to The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center KC Passages & Kansas City Anti-Violence Project 3 organizations that continue to do the important work by helping our LGBTQIA+ family daily. Let’s keep taking care of us this month and beyond. ❤️🌈 Shop here:
Janelle Monáe Jun 12, 2019
NYC! I’m excited to bring #DirtyComputer to Pier 17 with Josh Dean on 9/25!! Pre-sales start tomorrow 6/13 at 10am local time. Ticket Link:
Janelle Monáe Jun 11, 2019
“Peeling back my layers and inviting you to peel back yours as we continue to celebrate each other’s uniqueness . ✌🏾🌎” learn more about my limited edition Belvedere Vodka bottle here:
Janelle Monáe Jun 04, 2019
Inclusivity, Community, and Empowerment ✊🏾These are a few of the things that I believe #ABeautifulFuture holds for us, and my new Limited Edition Belvedere Vodka Bottle is a perfect reflection of this. 💙 Learn more here:
Janelle Monáe Jun 01, 2019
Thank you Ava DuVernay for sharing this important story ! I couldn’t be more proud ! #WhenTheySeeUs is now streaming on Netflix
Janelle Monáe Apr 22, 2019
Prepare yourself for the most incredible musical event of doll time! #UglyDollsMovie is in theaters May 3. Get tickets now:
Janelle Monáe Apr 18, 2019
Find out the story behind my Bob Marley Cover of "High Tide or Low Tide"for Spotify on the Under Cover Podcast. My episode is out now! Listen here:
Janelle Monáe Apr 18, 2019
Weekend 1 of #Coachella2019 in the books! ICYMI, you can relive my Coachella performance on YoutubeMusic. Play now →
Janelle Monáe Mar 28, 2019
Get ready for the biggest musical comedy of doll time! The final trailer for UglyDolls is here and don’t miss it in theaters May 3. #UglyDollsMovie
Janelle Monáe Mar 28, 2019
Can’t wait for you guys to hear “Unbreakable” and “All Dolled Up”!! The UglyDolls soundtrack pre-order is available now! Movie coming May 3rd 💗
Janelle Monáe Mar 20, 2019
Excited to be a part of 3 Days of✌🏾 ❤️ & 🎶 at #Woodstock50
Janelle Monáe Mar 10, 2019
Catch my tribute to the QUEEN Aretha Franklin, tonight at 9PM on Aretha! A GRAMMY Celebration For The Queen Of Soul 👑
Janelle Monáe Mar 05, 2019
Excited to announce I’ll be performing at Pharrell Williams’ Something In The Water Festival in Virginia Beach April 26-28! Tickets go on sale this Friday at 12p ET at #SITWfest
Janelle Monáe Feb 28, 2019
Meet Mandy, the character I voice in UglyDolls! She is seemingly perfect, but she's got a soft spot for Moxy & the gang. #UglyDollsMovie is in theaters May 3.
Janelle Monáe Feb 24, 2019
Dear Tech, I love the way you help me connect. But can you do more? Let’s talk. #DearTech #Oscars #ad
Janelle Monáe Feb 05, 2019
I'm excited for you all to meet Mandy in UglyDolls!! - coming to theaters May 3 #UglyDollsMovie
Janelle Monáe Jan 07, 2019
“let’s get screwed, I don’t care. You f#cked the world up now. We'll f#ck it all back down.” Screwed feat. Zoë Kravitz visual now available on YouTube and all streaming platforms !! 🔥
Janelle Monáe Dec 16, 2018
Exclusive NEW Dirty Computer merchandise is available for a limited time! Order now and we’ll ship before Xmas. ‬
Janelle Monáe Dec 15, 2018
2019 EUROPEAN TOUR DATES ON SALE NOW! 7/2/19 London, UK 7/3/19 Dublin, Ireland 7/4/19 Manchester, UK 7/7/19 Berlin, Germany 7/9/19 Cologne, Germany Tickets are available at
Janelle Monáe Dec 13, 2018
Surprise!!! New & Exclusive Dirty Computer merch is available ! 😊💜 You can order now and we’ll ship before xmas 🎁
Janelle Monáe Dec 12, 2018
‪NEW EUROPEAN TOUR DATES ARE HERE !!!! ‬ ‪7/2/19 London, UK‬ ‪7/3/19 Dublin, Ireland‬ ‪7/4/19 Manchester, UK‬ ‪7/7/19 Berlin, Germany‬ ‪7/9/19 Cologne, Germany‬ ‪Tickets are available at‬ ‪All dates are on sale 12/14‬!!!