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Modern Kosmology
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Le Rose De Fer/Intiaani Kesa¨
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Seven Day Smile
Seven Day Smile
Jane Weaver Feb 21, 2019
#tbt in the loft with brunette locks wearing my favourite dress ❤️ photo by @bec_lupton ⚡️
Jane Weaver Feb 19, 2019
Special thanks to @fire_records for my record gifts from labelmates @thelemonheadsofficial #howegelb #halfjapanese plus #blackmirror soundtrack by #danielpemberton ⚡️❤️🤘👍
Jane Weaver Feb 18, 2019
OUR Synth player Raz is 50% AOTMP and has new gear out to share here : \/
Jane Weaver Feb 13, 2019
The Lemonheads last night 🤘⚡️❤️first saw them at a rammed Manchester Boardwalk in the early 1990’s, Evan is such a great songwriter and last night was also testament to the fact that I’m much better at recalling Lemonheads lyrics than my own 😂
Jane Weaver Feb 07, 2019
Accidental Flash Foto @thisisgorilla @beakbristol ⚡️🤘
Jane Weaver Feb 04, 2019
#dreamteam #reunited @evestudiosmanchester #loopsinthesecretsociety
Jane Weaver Feb 03, 2019
Not a big smoker, but who can resist having a cheeky one over this historical bin outside of perhaps one of the worlds worst hotels in Folkestone 🤘
Jane Weaver Feb 02, 2019
Hotel cat in Amsterdam.
Jane Weaver Feb 01, 2019
Me and Daphne ❤️❤️ #sproodle
Jane Weaver Feb 01, 2019
Me and my puppy #sproodle ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jane Weaver Feb 01, 2019
This evening I will be playing records with @seancanty at @coloursmayvary in Leeds for @mrandyvotel exhibition of wonderful fakeloric paintings ⚡️👍
Jane Weaver Jan 31, 2019
Leeds this Friday, paintings by Andy Votel Dj'ing by me and Sean Canty (Demdike Stare)!
Jane Weaver Jan 30, 2019
Fun gig times 🤘balcony view #johnmaus in Leipzig @transcentury_update #17 ❤️
Jane Weaver Jan 29, 2019
Wandering the streets of #bialystok #poland @halfwayfestival last year, our reps were such sweethearts too 💕
Jane Weaver Jan 25, 2019
Jane Weaver Jan 25, 2019
#tbt @bluedotfestival the lovely @nadineshah ties my sons laces 😂
Jane Weaver Jan 25, 2019
#tbt @focuswales ⚡️need to get a North Wales visit in soon! #happyplace
Jane Weaver Jan 17, 2019
#tbt All dressed up @thecurtainldn for @aimawards nomination, I loved wearing this fabulous outfit courtesy of @sachaknight @rachelthomasdavies (hair and makeup by @bella.anselmo) ⚡️⚡️⚡️😘😘😘
Jane Weaver Jan 15, 2019
This area needs organ-ising #organjokes #philicorda
Jane Weaver Jan 13, 2019
Hiking in Edale today was pretty challenging, flooded pathways, sheets of rain and blustery wind but when the mist clears and you can see the end point in the distance ..all is good! 👍 @pjpmcr makes us do this every year as a band endurance test I’m sure! Happy Birthday PJP x
Jane Weaver Jan 09, 2019
Just found my little booklet for #guiliettadeglispiriti #julietofthespirits #fellini #ninorota
Jane Weaver Jan 02, 2019
Sleepy #sproodle
Jane Weaver Dec 30, 2018
Nana Mouskouri and Demis Roussos playing music for your pleasure right now! At @headrowhouse LEEDS! #joinus
Jane Weaver Dec 30, 2018
It’s been a while❤️ #doves
Jane Weaver Dec 26, 2018
She should have her own tv show..