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Thirty One
Jana Kramer
Jana Kramer Dec 18, 2018
Sunset heart hands....make sure to listen to this weeks podcast. We door shame mike. Frosted or not frosted that is the question. Comment below !!!
Jana Kramer Dec 17, 2018
Princess Jolie.
Jana Kramer Dec 16, 2018
Besties day out with my princess @disneyland
Jana Kramer Dec 15, 2018
Time for fun! Jolie is LOVING Playfoam by @educationalinsights! It’s such a cool toy that helps her learn and sparks her imagination and curiosity. It’s super squishy and it never dries out, so the fun is endless. And I especially love that it doesn’t leave a mess! That’s a #momwin! #mygirl #playfoam #ad #wishforthesquish #educationalinsights
Jana Kramer Dec 14, 2018
It’s a Christmas miracle ! I figured out the wrap 😂
Jana Kramer Dec 13, 2018
Christmas is almost here and we’ve been busy sending out cards to our loved ones! We decided to add a little extra magic to our well-wishes this year with @Hallmark’s intricate new #PaperWonder cards. Each has its own pop-up paper craft Holiday scene inside, so they make nice décor pieces, too. Sending these out today! Have you finished sending your holiday cards? #ad
Jana Kramer Dec 13, 2018
Winter box is here and I’m clearly excited. Sarah Boyd and I made sure these @momsandbabesbox boxes were stocked with the best products! So don’t wait and go get your infant, toddler, or mom box now!!! Ships Friday! Retail value for each box is $240 dollars and over for only $49.99 (using code momsandbabes). Love y’all!!!!
Jana Kramer Dec 12, 2018
The winter boxes are here and shipping this Friday!!!!! As a new business we have learned a lot and we are SOOOO excited about this winter box because they are stocked with amazing products for all! You can get the infant box with baby and mom products, the toddler box with toddler and mom products or the mom box for just momma. The retail value for each box is $240.00 plus!!!! And you can get it for 49.99 using code momsandbabes. For even more off subscribe for 10% off!!! We really hope you love these boxes! Moms + Babes
Jana Kramer Dec 12, 2018
Family of 4.....let’s do this!!!!! 📸@Karacolleen
Jana Kramer Dec 11, 2018
All my mommas out there......You. Are. Lovely. #mombox @momsandbabesbox
Jana Kramer Dec 11, 2018
Watch the live video to see the unboxing of the winter boxes for @momsandbabesbox. Photo shown is the toddler box. These boxes are stocked you guys with amazing products. Retail value for EACH box is $240+ but you can get for 49.99 using code momsandbabes and u can get even more off if you subscribe!!!! We are so excited for these winter boxes. Head to @momsandbabesbox
Jana Kramer Dec 10, 2018
Whine down Monday!!!!! And we have two very special guests on our podcast this week 😂. (Also before someone comments about the straps in car seat, we loosened while he was sitting there. Okay cool?! Love, his mom)
Jana Kramer Dec 09, 2018
Make sure to tune into our podcast whine down tomorrow to see why we had to come in on a Sunday to record. @iheartradio #realtalk #takeyourkidstoworkday
Jana Kramer Dec 08, 2018
A few things because honestly I’m so frustrated and I need to vent this. I wanted to post this photo (showing my stomach) because I wanted to show my journey back to healthy and my goodness I’m so glad I didn’t which is why this photo is now cropped. It’s amazing the comments and how rude some people can be from my last photo I took yesterday. A few things, no I didn’t not get a tummy tuck, no I don’t have a personal chef, no I don’t have fortunes so I didn’t train everyday. Yes I had a c section, yes I am still in pain and on meds but I do have a high pain tolerance. I have had 3 stomach surgeries before this (appendix, gallbladder, and c section).. In that photo I had a belly bandit wrapped tightly, and high waisted pants and wow here I am defending myself. Why?!? If I would have posted the photo of my actual stomach in this photo I would have probably been shamed too even when I was wanting to be vulnerable with my journey. Why do we women have to compare ourselves to each other and then shame?. I say this to myself as much as I say this to y’all...why can’t it be that we are all different. Our bodies are all beautiful and crafted differently, they heal different, they react different, they simply look different. Why do we need to shame someone for not looking a certain way? Or feel bad about ourselves for looking a certain way? Can we be kinder to ourselves and know that every women has a different journey but yet we are all beautiful? Can we lift women up but not tear yourself down in the process with comparing? Let’s give that a try.....I love y’all. Back to my baby.
Jana Kramer Dec 07, 2018
Yea....we planned it. @iheartradio #whinedown #backtowork
Jana Kramer Dec 07, 2018
And just like that she looks so old now. I’m so blessed for this munchkin and how well she is transitioning to big sister. #proudmomma. Pics of her and Jace to come !!
Jana Kramer Dec 07, 2018
Baby Jace is obsessed with his new @dockatot. He's been lounging and sleeping so cozily... I love that I can always keep him close to me. #ad This is the Deluxe+ size so it's perfect for babies under 8 months and the Grand size can grow with them until they are 3 years+. And guess what babes?! Now it’s giveaway time! - We’re giving away TWO GRAND OR DELUXE DOCKS - one to you and a friend. Includes everything I got for the new baby: Grand or Deluxe+ dock AND One Grand or Deluxe+ TravelBag (value of $400+). Contest ends at 12:00pm PST on 12/11/18. Winner will be selected at random on 12/12/18 and notified via DM by DockATot. - All you have to do to enter to win ALL THIS GOODNESS: 1. Like this photo 2. Follow me and @dockatot 3. Tag a bestie so they can win, too. - Wishing you all the best! @dockatot will contact the winner directly.. In the meantime if you can't wait, you can also use code Jana15 so you can get 15% off your order off at right now! xoxo #dockatot #giveaway #babygear #babylounger - NOTE: By entering you confirm you are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility and agree to Instagram's terms of use. This contest is not affiliated with Instagram in any way. Your Instagram account must be set to public. US shipping addresses only. No PO boxes.
Jana Kramer Dec 05, 2018
I literally can’t with these two. #fatherson
Jana Kramer Dec 05, 2018
I’m so thankful for all of your messages about the live podcast. Thank you for making me feel less crazy! I was so embarrassed and I cried when I listened to it thinkin y’all were going to think I was nuts but I am seriously blown away by how amazing y’all have been. Thank you thank you for making this momma feel better!!!! If you haven’t listened link is in bio!
Jana Kramer Dec 04, 2018
Father son love.
Jana Kramer Dec 03, 2018
I’m having a hard time captioning this photo, but I’m gonna try. Mike and I have been open about everything and we decided to be the most open and let you in on our delivery in a live podcast. I’m feeling lots of nerves having everyone listen cause it’s very vulnerable and I freaked out in the room so I feel very embarrassed to have everyone hear that but I have to believe I’m not alone in all of those emotions. So if you want to hear the road to delivery and the first cry then for sure whine down this week on the podcast. This photo was recovering in the room moments after.
Jana Kramer Dec 02, 2018
Easy to say that I have been blessed with the best birthday of my life.... 35, I see you, and I’m ready for all that’s ahead. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Love each and every one of you!! 📸@karacoleen
Jana Kramer Dec 01, 2018
Me and my sweet girl. I never knew a heart could love like this. #beyondblessed #heartfull 📸Kara Coleen Photography
Jana Kramer Nov 30, 2018
Jace. My sweet baby boy. When I found out Jace meant “healing” I knew right then that was his name. He has been every bit of healing since I found out we were being blessed with another baby. I love you so much baby boy. #mommasboy. 📸@karacoleen
Jana Kramer Nov 29, 2018
Welcome to the world Jace Joseph Caussin. Our hearts are so full. Thank you to all our friends and family and all of you who have supported Mike and I, and our growing family. We are so blessed, and a huge thank you to @avawomen for helping us grow our family. #rainbowbaby #blessed