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Thirty One
Jana Kramer
Jana Kramer at House of Blues - Anaheim (July 26, 2019)
Venue: House of Blues - Anaheim (Anaheim, CA, US) Find tickets
Jana Kramer at Ace of Spades (July 27, 2019)
Venue: Ace of Spades (Sacramento, CA, US) Find tickets
Jana Kramer Jun 16, 2019
Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband. Our kids are so lucky to have such an amazing daddy. Thank you for loving them with all of your heart , and showing up for them every single day. We love you so much.
Jana Kramer Jun 14, 2019
AHHHHHHHHH we just closed on our new house in NASHVILLE!!! Thanks to our amazing realtor @nickwoodardrealtor for everything! #lovewins
Jana Kramer Jun 14, 2019
Crazy to think it was every just us 3. Tomorrow we are moving into our new house as a family of 4! #beyondblessed #nashville #daretolove
Jana Kramer Jun 13, 2019
Are you ready to help end HIV in our lifetime? Well this is your chance… I had the incredible pleasure of watching the documentary @5bfilm and now all of you get to have that opportunity too. Johnson & Johnson commissioned this film to give the unsung heroes a voice, the nurses, who made real change happen in our fight against HIV, and as you can see from my face it really affected me. To give you a little background, Johnson & Johnson has a legacy in HIV that spans over 25 years and they remain committed to driving innovation across the whole continuum of HIV care: prevention, treatment and cure. @jnj #JNJ #MakeHIVHistory #ad
Jana Kramer Jun 13, 2019
When dad can’t find the baby wipes 😂. @waffleskramer (Also please leave the mommy shaming or warnings out of my comments)
Jana Kramer Jun 12, 2019
So Mike got some major heat about his dealbreaker comment and after it bothered me we talked about it and he explained himself on the podcast this week. It made sense to me with how he explained it this time around. Did you listen? What were your thoughts? Also... is he whispering sweet nothings or biting my ear ?!? #whinedown #communication
Jana Kramer Jun 10, 2019
Took me 35 years but finally found someone to hold my hand in the couples skate;). #worththewait
Jana Kramer Jun 08, 2019
Someone’s happy to be back in Nashville. Crazy to think she spent the last 2 years of her 3 years of life in LA. I watched her play outside yesterday with some of her friends in the grass and literally was like crying cause she was playing in grass 😂😂. (In LA there was fake grass in back where we rented our place from). #happyheart #nashville
Jana Kramer Jun 06, 2019
Nashville!!!!! Caussin’s are comin in hot! #babysfirstflight #movingtonashville
Jana Kramer Jun 05, 2019
NASHVILLE!!!! Who wants to whine down with us this SUNDAY?!?! Swipe up link in my stories for tickets!!! Hope to see you there!
Jana Kramer Jun 05, 2019
#CMTSongbird Supper Club was a blast and I’m excited to kick off the summer! I’ll always be ready with Pepsi #Summergram. Go grab a Pepsi bottle today and scan the QR code to get these cool AR features just like I did! #Summergram #ad
Jana Kramer Jun 04, 2019
Michael, Jolie, and I moved to California 2 years ago for a fresh start, new beginnings, and a blank page to heal. Truthfully, I was uncertain where our future was going when we first moved in. But what I’ve learned is that no matter your journey you can always grow more, learn more, and love more. Work hard for what you love and believe in. Looking at this photo and reflecting on the past 2 years it all makes sense now. We are leaving this house a family of 4 more united than ever before. #lovewins #daretolove
Jana Kramer Jun 03, 2019
Had the best time at the #SeeHerHearHer event with Pepsi There’s nothing better than being around strong, smart women and of course, listening to awesome music! Maggie Rose SeeHer CMT Music Awards #ad
Jana Kramer Jun 02, 2019
Every night before I go to bed I always go in and kiss my babies one last time...I truly think it’s one of the greatest feelings....(tonight I ended up laying in bed with her because with leaving tomorrow and not being the one to put her to bed I missed our though she’s asleep and won’t remember, I will always remember this..) #sleepingbabies #momlife
Jana Kramer Jun 02, 2019
Had a blast at Wango Tango tonight with my hot date! @iheartradio
Jana Kramer Jun 01, 2019
California! Jana's coming to Sacramento and Anaheim this July and tickets are on sale now! See all upcoming shows and get tickets here:
Jana Kramer Jun 01, 2019
“Goodbye California”.....The greatest duet I’ve ever done. @eastonallyn #whinedown
Jana Kramer May 30, 2019
Happy 6 months my sweet potato baby blue eyed boy. Btw I was told that once he was 6 months his eye color would stay what they are. How do I have a blue eyed baby?!?? Whole family has brown eyes ...
Jana Kramer May 30, 2019
New hair. New clothes. New me. Ready for Nashville!!! **Wearing all @vicidolls !!! Use my code JANA25 for 25% off for the next 24 hours!!
Jana Kramer May 29, 2019
Will you be in Nashville for CMA Fest? Take a break from the heat and join us at The Back Corner on Sunday, June 9th for a live Whine Down event! Get tickets here:
Jana Kramer May 28, 2019
The countdown officially has started. Less than a week before our big move to Nashville. #newbeginnings
Jana Kramer May 24, 2019
INCREDIBLY emotional right now as I look at this pic. When we moved into this rental in Los Angeles this was Jolie’s crib and then toddler bed...and then with our 2 miscarriages we had in this house I couldn’t imagine this photo ever....but here we are. To those women truly all works out even though in the moment it doesn’t make sense...
Jana Kramer May 23, 2019
Now that spring is finally in bloom, I’m excited to share my latest natural look from Burt's Bees. I chose the blush, liquid foundation, liquid lipstick, and nourishing mascara. You can find it all at your local Walmart or online here #ad #BurtsBeesBeauty
Jana Kramer May 23, 2019
We laughed...we cried...we drank wine....we watched the sun go down, and we toasted to 4 years.....a take away we wanted to share, wherever you are in your relationship right now, choose each other...choose to can be a beautiful ride. #daretolove
Jana Kramer May 22, 2019
Marriage hasn’t been a “piece of cake” but I wouldn’t change a thing. Happy 4 years babe. #lovewins #daretolove