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Thirty One
Jana Kramer
Jana Kramer at The Fillmore Silver Spring (October 16, 2019)
Venue: The Fillmore Silver Spring (Silver Spring, MD, US) Find tickets
Jana Kramer Aug 24, 2019
Best snuggles before work #momlife #goodenough
Jana Kramer Aug 23, 2019
You are GOOD ENOUGH. My new single is out everywhere NOW!!!This song is an anthem about choosing to embrace every part of yourself — flaws and all — and finally be ‘good enough’ for yourself! It is an honor to share it with you guys!! Tag your friends below & remember always that you are #goodenough just as you are! XOXO
Jana Kramer Aug 23, 2019
It's finally here!!! Listen to my new single, 'Good Enough,' now!
Jana Kramer Aug 23, 2019
Jana Kramer's cover photo
Jana Kramer Aug 23, 2019
Jana Kramer
Jana Kramer Aug 23, 2019
I’m SO EXCITED to announce the Pre-Save of my new song, ‘Good Enough,’ coming out TOMORROW, August 23rd!!! I hope this song empowers, strengthens, challenges, and encourages you! You can PRE-SAVE it on @spotify or PRE-ADD on @applemusic NOW and it will be automatically added to your library when released! Follow the link below:
Jana Kramer Aug 22, 2019
Dinner date with the fam in Louisiana! I have @vicidolls to thank for always keeping this mama in on the trends even in the midst of a busy film schedule!!! I am obsessed - not only chic, but comfy as ever, can I get an amen??! I've got an amazing code for you to use within the next 24 hours -- JANA25 for an entire 25% off your order?! #readysetshop
Jana Kramer Aug 21, 2019
Who’s joining us for the Whine Down Tour this fall?!?!!? We are counting down the days til we get to see all of you!!! Tag your friends below, buy your tickets, and we’ll meet you there! 😆 Visit the link in my bio to purchase tickets!
Jana Kramer Aug 20, 2019
Week 2 filming and loving every second especially working with @percydaggs. Thanks @lifetimetv for having us!!! Excited for all of you to see this Christmas love story. Who loves a good Christmas TV movie and will be watching this one?!?
Jana Kramer Aug 20, 2019
Who's going to the Whine Down tour this fall?!? Tickets on sale now and GOING FAST, so be sure you get yours now!!! We can't wait to Whine Down with you amazing people! Visit the link below:
Jana Kramer Aug 19, 2019
Exploring Louisanna with the fam. Thinking of going to New Orleans next weekend. Anything family friendly to do?
Jana Kramer Aug 19, 2019
‼️DON’T FORGET‼️ Presale tickets for the Whine Down Tour are on sale NOW!!!! VIP tickets include one of our favorite parts — a meet & greet! Grab yours TODAY before tickets go on sale to the general public tomorrow! Join the email list to get the password! WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU THERE!!!! 😝
Jana Kramer Aug 18, 2019
The art of acting. Sit around and wait ;)
Jana Kramer Aug 16, 2019
THE BIG NEWS IS OUT— We’re so excited to bring the Whine Down Tour to more cities this fall!!! We can’t wait to laugh, to cry if we have to, and connect with all of you wonderful people! Presale tickets are available TODAY - gets yours now by visiting the link in my bio & joining the email list to unlock the password! We can’t wait to see you there!
Jana Kramer Aug 15, 2019
When you’re feeling yourself....and then you’re not. 😂. WATCH TILL THE END
Jana Kramer Aug 14, 2019
It feels so good to finally be settled in our Nashville home!! We used @jossandmain to furnish just about every room, and were able to create a space for our family that's inviting, comfortable and mixes the rustic and modern styles we both love. Check out my story today for some behind the scenes peeks at the shoot and head to the link in my bio to shop our entire home! #jossandmainmakeover #partner
Jana Kramer Aug 12, 2019
First day on set and the sweetest little elf came to visit his momma! @lifetimetv
Jana Kramer Aug 10, 2019
Christmas movie bound. #setbaby
Jana Kramer Aug 09, 2019
Mike: why are we taking a photo of this Me: Because we are matching and we look cute. Please just smile. Mike: okay just filter it. Me: Duh. Awwwwww look how cute. Mike: (eye roll) Adorable
Jana Kramer Aug 09, 2019
Leaving tomorrow for 3 weeks. Gonna miss my sweet girl. She’s going to come visit for a week but I know how important staying with her routine is too. #workingmom but when she comes what’s something we should do together in Lousianna?! Any great kid ideas?
Jana Kramer Aug 08, 2019
I’m about to hit the road for the next few weeks with some exciting things in the works!! With the challenge of juggling work on the go and mom life, I try to simplify in any way that I can… that’s where the new Visible R2 phone by @zteusa comes in — has anyone tried it?! It’s designed by @visiblemobile, a new digital wireless carrier backed by Verizon. You get everything you need, and nothing that you don’t — I’m talking unlimited talk, text, data, and hotspots for only $40/month with a quality phone that simplifies the day-to-day and takes quality photos for IG. Sign up for Visible online & trade in any Android smartphone to get a free Visible R2! Check it out in my stories and thank me later!! #ad
Jana Kramer Aug 07, 2019
We escaped jail together. This date night is going down as one of our favorites. We had FUN together and did something different. Loved every second. @theescapegamenashville. Dare of the week: have a fun date night and do something totally different!!!
Jana Kramer Aug 04, 2019
Juggling. #momlife
Jana Kramer Aug 03, 2019
Ladies and gents.....we have a crawler!!!!!!!!!! #myboy #8months
Jana Kramer Aug 02, 2019
Truthfully I was about to write a caption about being crazy in love, which I am but here’s also the truth....the last month we have been more disconnected that connected. We have argued more, been less empathetic, and truthfully not the greatest of friends that we could be to each other. Maybe it has been the stresses of moving, or parenting or triggers from a different time, or maybe it’s just the season we are in. We had a lunch date the other day to try to kick the dust off and get to the root of why and quite simply the why is harder to find than I thought. Simply put marriage can be hard no matter what you’re going through but there is truly no one else I would want to go through the mud with. And here’s the greatest part of it all that leads me back to the sappy caption I wanted to write....I love him more today because he is fighting the fight along side with me and that makes me love him/us and our marriage even more. little reminder: don’t be discouraged if you and your partner are having a rough time...we all go through it...lean in with empathy.. Xoxo