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Jamie N Commons (EP)
Jamie N Commons Aug 23, 2019
Had the chance to record stripped down versions of a few different songs from #FeverDreams! First one for Something That You Know is out now 🎶
Jamie N Commons Aug 22, 2019
#tbt in honour of the VMAs on Monday! Still can't believe this is nominated for Video for Good 🤯 #RunawayTrain25 #VMAs
Jamie N Commons Aug 17, 2019
Speaking of Jamie Hartman, the single we wrote with the amazing Lewis Capaldi just went platinum! 🥳🥳🥳- It was probably one of the strangest writing sessions I’ve done.. I was gonna cancel as I was in the desert performing at Coachella, but I got sent a live video of Lewis singing the day before and KNEW I had to make it back to LA in time.... So I got a 2 hour Uber back from Coachella at 3am, showered, and went straight to the writing room. What followed was a day of ‘instinct’ rather than focus and analysis haha. But came out the other side with a great tune... I had never been happier to be in bed that evening 😝 - Congrats to everyone involved! @thebarnmusic @eddholloway
Jamie N Commons Aug 16, 2019
Back in writing with the crazy talented Jamie Hartman today, and new found fav Kailee Morgue - Last time me and Jamie were in we wrote ‘Hold Me While You Wait’ with Lewis Capaldi, today felt right up there on the special level, such a crazy voice in Kaliee, Check. Her. Out.- #bluesteel
Jamie N Commons Aug 14, 2019
Won't Let Go is featured on the Four Weddings and a Funeral on Hulu soundtrack! Catch the show on Hulu in the US now and listen to the 🔥 soundtrack everywhere here:
Jamie N Commons Aug 11, 2019
Listen to my new EP Fever Dreams on Spotify 🎧
Jamie N Commons Aug 09, 2019
Not only is the Fever Dreams EP out today but so is the Heartbreak video! Go give it a watch and tell me what ya think👍🕺🏻
Jamie N Commons Aug 09, 2019
'Fever Dreams' EP out now!! Really proud of these songs and hope ya like them! Let me know which is your favourite 🎶 xx JNC
Jamie N Commons Aug 09, 2019
Jamie N Commons Aug 08, 2019
Struggling for air tonight with the wonderful Noah Kahan and Death Cab for Cutie in Boulder Colorado. Singing at 5.5k feet is a bit of a struggle, but luckily enough The Fox Theatre gave us some oxygen! 🤠
Jamie N Commons Aug 05, 2019
If this is Heartbreak I should have tried it years ago 💔
Jamie N Commons Aug 03, 2019
Still can't believe this is nominated for an MTV #VMA 😱🚂 You can vote for it 10 times a day in the Video For Good category here: Watch the full video and help find #MissingKids in your area here: #RunawayTrain25
Jamie N Commons Jul 30, 2019
Throwback to performing this acoustic version of Heartbreak in ALLSAINTS LA studio 💔 listen to the non-acoustic version here
Jamie N Commons Jul 27, 2019
Me and Jeff walking to the rest of these Kodaline dates like... New Haven, Boston, Portland MA and Burlington left! 🤠✌️
Jamie N Commons Jul 22, 2019
On the road again 🎶 playing at Mercury Lounge in NYC and some shows with Kodaline this week! Be sure to grab your tix. See you soon! 🎟:
Jamie N Commons Jul 20, 2019
I wrote this song after watching The Graduate for the 100th time... the part where he interrupts the wedding at the end. A song that exists precisely at the moment of calling the whole thing off. 💔 x JNC
Jamie N Commons Jul 19, 2019
Few days behind the rest of the internet, but you asked for it... here’s ‘Old Man Jamie’... plus a bonus ‘Young K Pop Star Jamie’! ✌️ -NEW SINGLE ‘HEARTBREAK’ OUT NOW!
Jamie N Commons Jul 14, 2019
Excited to be on road again in less than two weeks! Starting with my solo show at the Mercury Lounge on the 25th then heading out with Kodaline for a few days. Grab your tickets if you haven't already and come hang 🤠 📸@jordanhefler
Jamie N Commons Jul 05, 2019
#throwback lead me home 🎶🏠
Jamie N Commons Jul 02, 2019
Singing songs in your beat up car Driving nowhere in particular 🚗 #StartAgain
Jamie N Commons Jun 28, 2019
Less than one month until the Mercury Lounge show! 🎶 🎟:
Jamie N Commons Jun 27, 2019
On 🤠 Set - 📷- @louisaworskett
Jamie N Commons Jun 26, 2019
Happy Wednesday y'all 🤠 hope the rest of your week is 🔥
Jamie N Commons Jun 21, 2019
#StartAgain is out now!! Excited to share this one with y'all. Let me know what ya think x JNC
Jamie N Commons Jun 18, 2019
Recorded a little acoustic version of Heartbreak at ALLSAINTS LA Studio 🎶 Thanks so much to AllSaints for having me! Watch the full video here: