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Jamie N Commons (EP)
Jamie N Commons Feb 21, 2019
Oh, my love, we're here again It's all for now, but this isn't the end Won't Let Go video is out now!! Have you seen it? πŸŽ₯πŸ’₯
Jamie N Commons Feb 20, 2019
Big love to the one and only Jeff Liffmann for playing some next level keys (and robot voice) this tour, and to Iain Thomson for putting up with both of us for a month! Also everyone in the Jacob Banks band and crew, you guys are the best, see ya down the road x JNC
Jamie N Commons Feb 17, 2019
Massive thank you to the wonderful Jacob Banks for having me on tour, absolute pleasure to share the stage with you and the whole crew! Thanks to everyone that came out to the shows, was so good playing some new songs and making some new friends. Until next time x JNC
Jamie N Commons Feb 15, 2019
Started off the last day of the Village tour at the legendary Third Man Records πŸŽΆπŸŽ™ See y’all tonight Nashville 🀠
Jamie N Commons Feb 14, 2019
An obvious one from the wonderful Birmingham AL! (Saturn Birmingham wins green room of the tour by a county mile! πŸ‘) x JNC - - #lynyrdskynyrd #sweethomealabama #acousticcover #cover #greenroomcover #dressingroomcover #south #bigwheels #bama #birmingham
Jamie N Commons Feb 13, 2019
A big thank you to FOX 4 News for having me on while I was in Texas!! Had a blast playing a fun acoustic version of Won't Let Go 🀠
Jamie N Commons Feb 13, 2019
"Won't Let Go" official music video is out now!!πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ Go watch and let me know what ya think
Jamie N Commons Feb 12, 2019
Can't believe there are only 3 shows left on the Village tour ☹️ y’all have been amazing. Orlando, Atlanta, Nashville... see you very soon! X JNC πŸ“·: Justin Stewart
Jamie N Commons Feb 12, 2019
NEW ORLEANS! First visit did not disappoint, hopefully back real soon! 🍻 (Jeff doing his best Jon Batiste 😜) #drjohn #suchanight #greenroomcovers #dressingroomcovers #neworleans #thebigeasy #frenchquarter #acoustic #cover
Jamie N Commons Feb 11, 2019
Out Wednesday πŸ‘€
Jamie N Commons Feb 10, 2019
Thank you Houston!! Last night was great! Here’s one from your very own Queen Bey.. see you again soon Texas 😘 x JNC - #destinyschild #saymyname #greenroomcovers #beyonce #houston #htown #paulwall
Jamie N Commons Feb 06, 2019
#Greenroomcovers Texas special edition! See you soon Austin, Dallas and Houston! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡± #deepintheheartoftexas #geneautry #cactusplants #toughonpants #dressingroomscovers #lonestar #lonestarstate
Jamie N Commons Feb 05, 2019
Nashville! I'm playing a show at The Basement on 2/19! Y'all come hang 🀠
Jamie N Commons Feb 04, 2019
Thanks so much Phoenix! Did you know Stevie Nicks was from Phoenix?? Me neither so here’s a Fleetwood Mac jam #greenroomcovers #dressingroomcovers #dreams #fleetwoodmac #stevienicks #acousticcover #thunder #raining #crescentballroom
Jamie N Commons Feb 03, 2019
#greenroomcovers SPECIAL DESERT EDITION! 🌡 β˜€οΈπŸŒ΅ #america #horsewithnoname #goodtogetoutoftherain #notneilyoung #100%notneilyoung
Jamie N Commons Feb 01, 2019
Tune in now to hear me chat with the lovely people at 88.5 FM Radio!
Jamie N Commons Jan 31, 2019
Great talking songwriting with Spindle Magazine! 🎡
Jamie N Commons Jan 31, 2019
There's no place like LA 🀠 Thanks so much to all who came out last night and a special thanks to Laura Jean Anderson for joining me on stage! Amazing night. Solana Beach up next x J πŸ“·: Ashley Osborn Photography
Jamie N Commons Jan 29, 2019
Hope y'all had a great weekend!! Excited for our LA show tomorrow πŸ‘
Jamie N Commons Jan 28, 2019
Stream Won't Let Go on Spotify! 🎧
Jamie N Commons Jan 27, 2019
Thanks San Luis Obispo! We had a little after party Madonna Inn so decided (after a few wines) this Madonna cover fits (close enough 😜). Next stop LA! Any cover recommendations? X JNC πŸ“· @ianjamesyjames #likeaprayer #madonnainn #madonna #greenroomcovers #dressingroomcovers #madgelife
Jamie N Commons Jan 25, 2019
Won't Let Go is available for you to listen to right now!! Both original and acoustic. πŸ‘ Happy Friday y'all! πŸ•Ί X JNC
Jamie N Commons Jan 24, 2019
Oh yeah, the acoustic version will be available tomorrow as well. 😜 #WontLetGo
Jamie N Commons Jan 24, 2019
If you don't let go, then I #WontLetGo 🎡 1/25
Jamie N Commons Jan 23, 2019
Jeff’s goal for this trip is to get me into Grateful Dead .. this is my favourite song so far, seemed appropriate to do it below this shrine to Jerry at the Filmore! #greenroomcovers #dressingroomcovers #fireonthemountain #sanfrancisco #greatfuldead #jerrygarcia #fillmore