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Building a Beginning
Jamie Lidell
Compass (Bonus Track Version)
iTunes Festival: London 2008
Game for Fools
Multiply Additions
When I Come Back Around
Jamie Lidell Aug 20, 2019
NEW POD ALERT! RJD2 !!! I repeat R. J. D. 2.LISTEN IN :))) For apple users: Also Spotify action:
Jamie Lidell Aug 20, 2019
WIN! GIVEAWAY TIME :) yep. You Can win a #radialengineering EXTC SA by taking part in this competition that's part of this Episode of #HOWA!
Jamie Lidell Jul 18, 2019
Had a superb time making music with BINKBEATSmusic for the FabFilter 15 year celebrations! Check this out! Really ace video of the whole thing
Jamie Lidell Apr 01, 2019
HOWA EP 41 is up with @theheavyjamz ! The badass that is Matt Sweeney.… For apple users: Also Spotify action: links a plenty! Nitty see me dive into Velvet noise. thnx @SCTTCMPBLL !
Jamie Lidell Dec 19, 2018
Top fun working with the voice with alterboy! it's a wild plugin for pitchung of course but I wanted to show a little formant action off. Slow the track. Sing it. shift it. merry christmas! 🎤 Find the full video at
Jamie Lidell Dec 19, 2018
Jamie Lidell's cover photo
Jamie Lidell Oct 03, 2018
RIGHT NOW get not only a free lesson BUT a free month of sounds with splice!!! YES thanks to @Melodicshq and @spliceofficial for making it happen. did I say FREE?!!! I DID!
Jamie Lidell Oct 02, 2018
I've joined up with @Melodicshq and @spliceofficial to create a lesson for you all. Get it for free here:
Jamie Lidell Sep 17, 2018
New sample pack alert! I spent months creating this new one for Splice Ample new sounds from a host of rare and wonderful machines like the Marshall time modulator as heard on ashes to ashes, another one bites the dust, Stevie's vocals.. Darth Vader! Huge variety on this pack. Sounds you won't have already!
Jamie Lidell Sep 13, 2018
Dropping my sample pack with @spliceofficial in 4 days! 9/17/18 A day before my birthday :) It was weeks of work to make this pack. Honing in this time on many odd boxes like the wonderfully bonkers MARSHALL TIME MODULATOR. This is the box that can be heard on #DavidBowie 's Ashes to Ashes, The voice of #DarthVader and countless #Joydivision records. Oh and #StevieWonder Get ready :)
Jamie Lidell Jul 30, 2018
👀 thanks @thefader for the exclusive on this!! New music alert !! Me and @kayastewart are @liyamusic_ this is our first song “California” link in bio !!!
Jamie Lidell Dec 18, 2017
yo!! get VIRGO!! This is still one the best sample packs I've ever Made!!! get it for a hefty discount and made some Christmas bangers!!! distributed but the fabulous That Sound Drums proud to be part of that family!
Jamie Lidell Dec 18, 2017
hello! using Tim Exile flow machine in a simple funk capacity to deliver a little night juice with this humble offering of the #prince classic forever in my life. Enjoy :)
Jamie Lidell Dec 12, 2017
EPISODE 7 of the hanging out with audiophiles podcast is up! Just in time for the Monday deadline! lol. This week I'm chatting with Sinkane and there's sampler shootout with the #mirage #sp1200 #akaiS612 #casioSK1 #PublisonIM90 #prophet2000 ! check it :)
Jamie Lidell Dec 10, 2017
new collab alert ! made this with Murray Lake and it's Out now have a listen OZ_LONDON_NASHVILLE connection :)
Jamie Lidell Dec 04, 2017
Full version of the solo loop version of my collab with @mura_masa_ NOTHING ELSE is on your youtube! TUNE IN~~!!
Jamie Lidell Dec 02, 2017
Jamie Lidell Dec 02, 2017
Now available for your listening consideration! It's just me and the band #theroyalpharaohs running a NEW live version of "Nothing Else" by the new grammy nom @MuramasaMusic
Jamie Lidell Nov 13, 2017
Episode 5 of the podcast is UP! Please say hello to a true master of his craft(s)! Mr BLAKE MILLS!! I feel very lucky to have been invited into his home to have a coffee and catch up. He’s a truly inspired gentleman and very humble man. We cover a little of the binaural history, production tips from the top. We delve into some of the sound making processes from the wonderful perfume genius record he produced and the incredible power combo that forms when he gets together with the fantastic mr Shawn Everett. I’ll be removing spectra in the nitty gritty segment and I’m very pleased to announce that the show is sponsored by Makers of incredible plugins like ozone, RX and now the futuristic NEUTRON 2 I’m giving away a copy of the NEUTRON 2 STANDARD to one lucky winner. Just share the show on soundcloud to take part :) Happy listening Happy winning! Cheers Jamie
Jamie Lidell Oct 30, 2017
EPISODE 4 of hangingoutwithaudiophiles (my podcast) is UP NOW!!! with mura masa :) Top top bloke. Great chat and I share studio secrets. How record vocals all sped up like prince. today's episode is sponsored by Goodhertz, Inc. makers of 13 badass plugins as used all over Building a Beginning !!
Jamie Lidell Oct 17, 2017
NEW PODCAST available now! I got a chance to sit and talk with the incredible DAVE STEWART of The Eurythmics!!! just head over to Also there's a competition to WIN soothe from oeksound! AND I'm giving away an exclusive max for live patch I made for Ableton live users. Remote control iTunes! jump randomly around 10000s of songs. Find hidden gems! treasures!!
Jamie Lidell Sep 29, 2017
Hi guys. Here’s a homegrown clip I made of a track from the new Lidellian EP “Extended Beginnings” over at Billboard !
Jamie Lidell Sep 20, 2017
Wow, thank you for listening to my first podcast! Look what you've all gone and done...only pushed the first episode to NUMBER 1 on the iTunes UK chart. Crazy!! And here The A.V. Club writes about it too. (sorry if you hate clown photos)
Jamie Lidell Sep 18, 2017
'Tis my birthday ! Many a funky thing going on. Podcast out! EP out! and FACT Magazine posted me and my boy in the studio!