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Catching Tales (Deluxe)
Devil May Care
Twenty Something
The Pursuit
Live At Ronnie Scott's
Catching Tales
Pointless Nostalgic
Jamie Cullum at Musikkens Hus (March 29, 2019)
Venue: Musikkens Hus (Aalborg, Denmark) Find tickets
Cheltenham Jazz Festival Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Cheltenham, UK) Find tickets
Jamie Cullum at Parkbühne Clara Zetkin Park (May 30, 2019)
Venue: Parkbühne Clara Zetkin Park (Leipzig, Germany) Find tickets
Love Supreme Jazz Festival Love Supreme Jazz Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Lewes, UK) Find tickets
Jamie Cullum at Burg Nideggen (July 5, 2019)
Venue: Burg Nideggen (Nideggen, Germany) Find tickets
Jamie Cullum at Vienna State Opera / Wiener Staatsoper (July 9, 2019)
Venue: Vienna State Opera / Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna, Austria) Find tickets
Jamie Cullum Feb 18, 2019
Wishing you all a great week from within this giant pink clam shell.
Jamie Cullum Feb 17, 2019
Oh the haircut! The jeans! The FREAKIN’ CAMCORDER?!! And Social media who!? Truly a simpler time. Great song though Ben Cullum
Jamie Cullum Feb 16, 2019
Rehearsals cooking nicely. Dusted off the Clav and got lost. #clavinet
Jamie Cullum Feb 14, 2019
This is the moment we met, many years ago, my face, captured here full of wonder. Happy Valentines Day Sophie, I love you. From your husband, still full of wonder. Xx
Jamie Cullum Feb 07, 2019
If you didn't see my post on Monday, I found a couple of gems in my studio recently... #ThrowbackThursday
Jamie Cullum Feb 06, 2019
Dear Mr Cullum. I hope you are well. It came to my attention today that you are turning 40 this year and we are seriously starting to worry about the validity of this jazz/pop, stage-craft trick. Might you consider a less structurally impactful gimmick? Perhaps biting the head off of something? A sparkly jacket? Yours faithfully, Your Knees.
Jamie Cullum Feb 04, 2019
I realised that my first “album” made with the dregs of my student loan and some gig money is 20 years old this year. I found a few still sealed copies in my studio. Shall we do a giveaway?
Jamie Cullum Jan 31, 2019
Well loved picture of Tom Waits sitting astride a well loved and used Juno 106 synth. And, bizarrely, a clothes peg. Inside my studio! Am I the only one who finds random clothes pegs around their house? 🤔
Jamie Cullum Jan 29, 2019
My response when people ask me how the new album is coming along...
Jamie Cullum Jan 28, 2019
Is that festival season I can see coming over the horizon?
Jamie Cullum Jan 26, 2019
The feeling when you finish a new song that’s been nagging you to be finished for weeks.
Jamie Cullum Jan 23, 2019
Who thinks I should add to The Song Society playlist? Which tunes are you loving at the moment? #TheSongSociety Jx
Jamie Cullum Jan 21, 2019
Comment below 👇 if you know which song I'm singing here *I'm not entirely sure myself* 😅
Jamie Cullum Jan 17, 2019
My #10YearChallenge. Same jump, better lights...
Jamie Cullum Jan 17, 2019
Now… I know this is a tough one, but I’d love to know which of these Song Society videos is your favourite! Vote using the emojis! #TheSongSociety
Jamie Cullum Jan 14, 2019
Jamie Cullum Jan 10, 2019
A throwback to chatting with a hero of mine Billy Joel 🙌 #ThrowbackThursday
Jamie Cullum Jan 08, 2019
Into my 9th year of presenting on BBC Radio 2... it’s been enriching in ways I couldn’t possibly have anticipated. Thank you, as ever for continuing to listen in all around the world. Going live in an hour, tune in!
Jamie Cullum Jan 07, 2019
You have until Sunday to get hold of the limited edition Song Society Tees...being worn here by my most excellent wife. Simply follow this link
Jamie Cullum Jan 02, 2019
Who's ready for some live shows this year? Drop your countries flag in the comments below... 🇬🇧 ⬇
Jamie Cullum Dec 31, 2018
Happy new year everyone. Grateful for this wise and beautiful woman right here who is captured here with me in a brief moment away from holiday chaos. Much love to you all and see you on the other side. Jx
Jamie Cullum Dec 29, 2018
Goals for 2019 very much reflected in my year 1 school report - “Jamie’s sense of pitch and rhythm continues to improve” I hope you’re all having a peaceful time. #schoolreport #goals
Jamie Cullum Dec 25, 2018
Brick (Ben Folds Five). This is a song, from an album (Whatever and ever Amen) that made me want to play, sing and write songs behind the piano at 16 yrs old. Whilst learning it I realised how significant the repetitive piano riff is behind the song's verse, Merry Christmas!
Jamie Cullum Dec 24, 2018
The penultimate Song Society track and it’s a new one… River by JoniMitchellcom. Hoping this one keeps you in the Christmas mood as the big day edges ever closer. Have a wonderful day!
Jamie Cullum Dec 23, 2018
The Miseducation of Ms. Lauryn Hill is a watershed album for me and I've messed around with the song Ex Factor for years. I love Drake (obviously) and this 'Nice for What' track which uses snippets of Lauryn's classic. I thought I would challenge myself to have a crack at a mashup of the two.