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San Isabel
Live From Largo at the Coronet Theatre
The Education of a Wandering Man
Jamestown Revival Jun 14, 2019
Rise & shine! Happy ‘San Isabel’ release day. We couldn’t be more proud and excited to share this body of work with you all ( It’s been a long time coming. Maybe too long in fact, but the intention the whole time has been to give you an album that we feel sincerely good about. It took a little bit of time to gather the stories and live out the moments of this album. They’re all first hand accounts; some of which so personal that they brought tears to our eyes as we were writing them. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like it’s you that’s conceiving the words - that’s when you know you’ve got a keeper... We took to the woods to record this album. More specifically, a small cabin outside of Buena Vista, Colorado that was built by a husband and wife duo in the 90’s. It seemed like the perfect place to let these songs unfold. Jamie mefford produced the album, and our creative styles really meshed well. We didn’t plan too much out, and even the stuff we did plan we kept ourselves open to changing. The spur-of-the-moment inspiration truly dictated our days and the album at large. We kept the recordings sparse and full of space. We wanted everything that was there to really matter; to truly bring something to the table. If it didn’t, we let it go. The album cover is actually a picture that we took on the last day as we were leaving. No, we didn’t record in that abandoned old house (rather, a few miles away), but there was something about that modest little structure against the massive backdrop of the Colorado sky that felt symbolic of this album at large. Looking back, that picture feels absolutely fortuitous. We named the album after the mountain range to which the front window of that house faces. It’s the same range we had the privilege of starting at, awe struck, each morning with a cup of coffee resting squarely in our hand. As the day winds down tonight, put on your favorite pair of headphones and give this album a chance to take you there... It is with great pride and pleasure that we present to you San Isabel. Sit back relax and join us in the cabin for a bit. Listen here:
Jamestown Revival Jun 14, 2019
's cover photo
Jamestown Revival Jun 13, 2019
One more day until ‘San Isabel’ is released! @billboard was kind enough to premier the album ahead of time. Head on over to stream the entire record with the link in the bio.
Jamestown Revival Jun 13, 2019
Big thanks to the folks over at Billboard for this great premiere. Head over to their site and hear our new album 'San Isabel' a day early!
Jamestown Revival Jun 13, 2019
Our friends over at Newbury Comics have a limited stash of signed 'San Isabel' CDs! Head over to their store to grab a copy:
Jamestown Revival Jun 11, 2019
We've partnered up with the folks over at Magnolia Record Club for an exclusive colored vinyl of our new album, 'San Isabel,' coming this Friday. Only a limited number will be available. Check it out:
Jamestown Revival Jun 10, 2019
'San Isabel', out this Friday! Let the countdown begin!
Jamestown Revival Jun 07, 2019
Just 1 more week until our new album ‘San Isabel’ makes its way into the world! It’s a record that is deeply influenced by the beauty and solitude that only Colorado can offer. It certainly has a special place in our minds and we genuinely cannot wait to share it. Thanks for stickin with us along the way.
Jamestown Revival Jun 01, 2019
We’ve had many firsts over the years but playing a synagogue in our nations capital was definitely a new one. Such a beautiful and delicate setting for a show. Despite the rainy weather, folks came out and helped create quite a memorable evening. At times it was quiet enough to hear the creaking of the pews as each note seemed to hang in the air. At other times we made the rafters rattle and shake! Thank you again DC, @sixthandi & 📸@stefannagram for documenting. #sanisabeltour
Jamestown Revival May 17, 2019
This song was born out of a late night stargazing session in Joshua Tree. Conceived in the desert, but finished out in Colorado at the foot of the San Isabel Range. Mostly written and recorded all in the same day; we wanted to let this one slow-burn. Sit back, pop on your headphones, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the world for a solid 5 minutes. Listen here:
Jamestown Revival Apr 26, 2019
Round Prairie Road is a song about a piece of land out in the country that has been in Jonathan’s family since the 70's. It’s the place where we conceived the idea to start Jamestown Revival and where we wrote our first song for the band. As we spent the next 10 years of our life touring, a lot of things have changed with the land. Oil companies came to exploit their mineral rights, fences went up, and it felt like too many people had a key to the lock on that gate. It was our sacred little piece of paradise, but there was not a way to keep it unchanged - no matter how much we loved that place. Give it a listen:
Jamestown Revival Apr 18, 2019
Tour kicks off in a week. Looking forward to getting back out there!
Jamestown Revival Apr 12, 2019
"Harder Way" is a song that rings true to us every time we hit the road. It’s about your family back home, the ups and downs, and the path you’ve chosen. Most importantly; it’s about the journey... It’s the newest song from our upcoming album, and we sincerely hope you enjoy.
Jamestown Revival Mar 25, 2019
Wrapped up SXSW last week with the folks at Paste Magazine Studio in Austin and played few tracks from the new album. #PasteStudios Watch more here:
Jamestown Revival Mar 22, 2019
“This Too Shall Pass”, the 2nd track from our upcoming album, San Isabel, is available everywhere today. It’s a Simon and Garfunkel inspired tune about keepin’ on keepin’ on. Along with our new single, we have launched the pre-order of our album with some hand selected merch bundles on our web store, and a one take acoustic video of the song. We hope you enjoy the song and we look forward to seeing some familiar faces out on the road next month! Pre-order, Download or Stream here:
Jamestown Revival Mar 22, 2019
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Jamestown Revival Mar 21, 2019
Our new song “This Too Shall Pass” is premiering exclusively on Rolling Stone / Rolling Stone Country today! Hear the song and watch an acoustic ‘one take from a barn’ below - filmed by the one and only Paul Pryor.
Jamestown Revival Mar 18, 2019
Thanks to KCRW for picking "Crazy World (Judgement Day)" as #TodaysTopTune! Give it a listen:
Jamestown Revival Mar 14, 2019
's cover photo
Jamestown Revival Mar 09, 2019
Don't horse around because tickets are moving quick. Our two LA shows at the Troubadour have sold out so we’re happy to announce a third and final show added on June 17! The San Isabel Tour kicks off April 28th in Texas but we'll be hittin' both coasts and a few places in between. See y’all soon! Get tickets here:
Jamestown Revival Mar 01, 2019
We pause your regularly scheduled program of new music and shows to welcome the newest member of the band; his name is Sonny. Welcome home.
Jamestown Revival Feb 25, 2019
We wanted to sincerely thank you all for an incredible launch to our new album and tour. There was so much going on last week and we wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to see this one take performance of Crazy World. When we write songs together it’s usually in a small space and in a very intimate way; harmonies paired with an accompanying instrument. More often than not, it’s about trying to get the most out of our voices without having to overcomplicate things. We wanted to capture that for you with this video. This is One-Take From a Barn: A performance of Crazy World from top to bottom with one microphone, two voices, a guitar, and no edits. This video was shot by our dear and talented friend. This video was shot by our dear and talented friend; Mr. Paul Pryor, and mixed by the one-and-only Ryan Lipman.
Jamestown Revival Feb 22, 2019
Crazy World (Judgement Day) is a song meant for contemplation. At its core, the song is about feeling a bit helpless; feeling like there’s nothing we can do to stop the news from just repeating itself. It’s the barstool conversation you might have with a stranger as another dismal headline makes its way across the tv screen. Yeah man, it’s still a crazy world… It’s not finger-pointing in any one direction, but a call to action for everyone one of us to reflect and consider our role in this current state of affairs. Click to hear the whole song:
Jamestown Revival Feb 22, 2019
's cover photo
Jamestown Revival Feb 21, 2019
When we write songs together it’s usually in a small space and in a very intimate way; harmonies paired with an accompanying instrument. More often than not, it’s about trying to get the most out of our voices without having to overcomplicate things. Billboard was kind enough to premiere our new song “Crazy World (Judgement Day)”, click below to listen and watch.